Sahab district

For the South Asian title, see Sahib.
Country Jordan
Governorate Amman Governorate
Time zone UTC + 2

Sahab (Arabic:سحاب) is a district number 23 out of 27 in Amman in the Kingdom of Jordan, south east of the capital Amman. Sahab is well known for its Industrial Estate, the Islamic Cemetery and the Kahf of Raqeem site mentioned in the Qur'an (Surat al-Kahf). The earliest inhabitants in Sahab have immigrated mostly from Egypt during the era of the Ottoman Empire in the 1850s. Two major clans first inhabited the city, called masarwat sahab(مصاروة سحاب): zyood (الزيود), and maharmah (المحارمة) and taharwah (الطهاروة ). A minority of migrant Egyptian workforce live and work in the area. Recently a Chinese workforce started settling in the area working in textile factories in the industrial estate.

Famous places in Sahab

Coordinates: 31°52′N 36°00′E / 31.867°N 36.000°E / 31.867; 36.000

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