The Navhind Times

The Navhind Times is an English language newspaper in Goa.[1] Established in 1961, after India conquered the former Portuguese colony, it was Goa's first English newspaper, and was owned by the Dempo Brothers, including the elder Vasantarao Dempo. They were involved in mining business. The publication hired two editors Lambert Mascarenhas and T.V. Parvate.[2] Mascarenhas remained its editor in early 1960s, before starting Goa Today magazine in 1966. He was awarded Gomant Vibhushan Award, the highest civilian award of Goa in 2014.[3][4]

Based in Panaji, the capital of Goa,[5] it is the largest selling newspaper, amongst the three locally published English newspapers in the state. The other two being O Heraldo (The Herald) and Gomantak Times successively.[6][7]


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