2010 AFC Cup

2010 AFC Cup
Tournament details
Dates 23 February – 6 November 2010
Teams 26+5 (from 17 associations)
Final positions
Champions Syria Al-Ittihad (1st title)
Runners-up Kuwait Al-Qadsia
Tournament statistics
Matches played 111
Goals scored 338 (3.05 per match)
Attendance 782,483 (7,049 per match)
Top scorer(s) Brazil Afonso Alves (9 goals)

The 2010 AFC Cup was the 7th edition of the AFC Cup, playing between clubs from nations who are members of the Asian Football Confederation. As in previous years, Nike provided the official ball for all matches with a new Nike Total 90 Ascente model used throughout the season.

With the Asian Football Confederation currently reviewing the format of the AFC Champions League between 2009 and 2010 season, significant changes were made in the way the competition is run, the teams that will qualify for the AFC Cup is also expected to be from different countries compared to the previous editions.


The preliminary qualification scheme for the AFC 2010 was released in 2008.[1] A total of 33 clubs were due to participate in the 2010 AFC Cup (eventually reduced to 31).

Qualifying play-off (2 teams)

The teams were from the following associations:

However, the qualifying play-off was not needed and both teams advanced automatically in the group stage after FIFA's suspension of the Iraqi Football Association was not lifted by 6 January 2010.
Group stage (32 teams)
Both teams from Iraq were disqualified after FIFA's suspension on the Iraq Football Association was not lifted on 6 January 2010.

Qualifying teams

The following is the list of participants confirmed by the AFC.[2]

West Asia (Groups A–E)
Team Qualifying method App Last App
Bahrain Al-Riffa 2008–09 Bahrain Classification Soccer League runners-up 1st
India Kingfisher East Bengal 2009–10 Indian Federation Cup winners 4th 2008
Jordan Al-Wahdat 2008–09 Jordan League champions
2008–09 Jordan FA Cup winners
5th 2009
Jordan Shabab Al-Ordon 2008–09 Jordan League runners-up 3rd 2008
Kuwait Al-Kuwait1 2009 AFC Cup winners
2009 Kuwait Emir Cup winners
2nd 2009
Kuwait Al-Qadsia 2008–09 Kuwaiti Premier League champions 1st
Kuwait Kazma 2008–09 Kuwaiti Premier League runners-up 1st
Lebanon Al-Nejmeh 2008–09 Lebanese Premier League champions 5th 2007
Lebanon Al-Ahed 2008–09 Lebanese FA Cup winners 4th 2009
Oman Al-Nahda 2008–09 Omani League champions 2nd 2008
Oman Saham 2009 Sultan Qaboos Cup winners 1st
Qatar Al-Rayyan2 2008–09 Qatar Stars League 3rd place 1st
Syria Al-Ittihad 2008–09 Syrian Premier League runners-up 1st
Syria Al-Jaish 2008–09 Syrian Premier League 3rd place 2nd 2004
Uzbekistan Nasaf Qarshi2 2009 Uzbek League 3rd place 1st
Yemen Al-Hilal 2008–09 Yemeni League champions 4th 2009
Yemen Al-Ahli 2009 Yemeni President Cup winners 2nd 2008
Syria Al-Karamah SC 2010 AFC Champions League qualifying play-off losers 2nd 2009
India Churchill Brothers 2010 AFC Champions League qualifying play-off losers 1st
East Asia (Groups F–H)
Team Qualifying method App Last App
Hong Kong South China 2008–09 Hong Kong First Division League champions 3rd 2009
Hong Kong NT Realty Wofoo Tai Po 2009 Hong Kong FA Cup winners 1st
Indonesia Persiwa Wamena3 2008–09 Indonesia Super League runners-up 1st
Malaysia Selangor 2009 Super League Malaysia champions 2nd 2006
Maldives VB Sports Club 2009 Dhivehi League champions 2nd 2009
Maldives Victory SC 2009 Maldives FA Cup winners 3rd 2008
Singapore Geylang United 2009 Singapore Cup winners 2nd 2004
Thailand Thai Port 2009 Thai FA Cup winners 1st
Vietnam Bình Dương 2009 V-League runners-up 2nd 2009
Indonesia Sriwijaya FC 2010 AFC Champions League qualifying play-off losers 1st
Vietnam SHB Đà Nẵng 2010 AFC Champions League qualifying play-off losers 1st
Thailand Muangthong United 2010 AFC Champions League qualifying play-off losers 1st

1 Al-Kuwait failed to fulfil the criteria set by AFC to compete in the 2010 AFC Champions League, and so directly enter the 2010 AFC Cup.[3]

2 Nasaf Qarshi were due to host Al-Rayyan in the qualifying play-off, with the winner advancing to the group stage (Group E). However, both teams advanced automatically to the group stage after the two teams from Iraq, Arbil (Group C) and Najaf (Group B), were disqualified after FIFA's suspension on the Iraq Football Association was not lifted on 6 January 2010.[4] As a result, the tournament was reduced to 31 teams.

3 Negeri Sembilan FA (second representative of Malaysia) withdrew, and was replaced by Persiwa Wamena.


The 2010 AFC Cup will have the same format as the 2009 AFC Cup.

Date[5] Event
7 December Draw for qualifying play-off and group stage
23 January Qualifying play-off (eventually not played)
8 February Draw for ACL play-off losers in group stage[6]
23–24 February Group stage Matchday 1
16–17 March Group stage Matchday 2
23–24 March Group stage Matchday 3
6–7 April Group stage Matchday 4
20–21 April Group stage Matchday 5
Date Event
27–28 April Group stage Matchday 6
11–12 May Round of 16
25 May Draw for remaining rounds[7]
14 September Quarter-finals 1st leg
21 September Quarter-finals 2nd leg
5 October Semi-finals 1st leg
19 October Semi-finals 2nd leg
6 November Final

Group stage

The draw for the group stage was held on 7 December 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.[8] The ACL play-off losers were placed in their groups on 8 February 2010.[9]

Each club plays double round-robin (home and away) against fellow three group members, a total of 6 matches each. Clubs receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. The clubs are ranked according to points and tie breakers are in following order:

  1. Greater number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;
  2. Goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned; (Away goals do not apply)
  3. Greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned; (Away goals do not apply)
  4. Goal difference in all the group matches;
  5. Greater number of goals scored in all the group matches;
  6. Kicks from the penalty mark if only two teams are involved and they are both on the field of play;
  7. Fewer score calculated according to the number of yellow and red cards received in the group matches; (1 point for each yellow card, 3 points for each red card as a consequence of two yellow cards, 3 points for each direct red card, 4 points for each yellow card followed by a direct red card)
  8. Drawing of lots.

Winners and runners-up of each group will qualify for the next round.

Group A

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Syria Al-Karamah 6420124+814
Jordan Shabab Al-Ordon 6330135+812
Oman Saham 612351165
Yemen Al-Ahli 6015313101
Al-Ahli 01 22 01
Al-Karamah 20 20 11
Saham 10 14 00
Shabab Al-Ordon 61 22 31

Group B

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kuwait Al-Kuwait 4220135+88
India Churchill Brothers 421161047
Yemen Al-Hilal 40133741
Al-Hilal 02 12
Al-Kuwait 22 71
Churchill Brothers 10 22

Group C

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kuwait Kazma 641163+313
Uzbekistan Nasaf Qarshi 6321124+811
Syria Al-Jaish 6222108+28
Lebanon Al-Ahed 6015518131
Al-Ahed 11 12 04
Al-Jaish 63 01 11
Kazma 10 01 00
Nasaf Qarshi 40 21 12

Group D

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Kuwait Al-Qadsia 6420145+914
Syria Al-Ittihad 6312108+210
Lebanon Al-Nejmeh 6312128+410
India Kingfisher East Bengal 6006520150
Al-Ittihad 42 00 21
Al-Nejmeh 10 13 30
Al-Qadsia 30 11 41
Kingfisher East Bengal 14 04 23

Group E

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Qatar Al-Rayyan 6501167+915
Bahrain Al-Riffa 641175+213
Jordan Al-Wihdat 621381027
Oman Al-Nahda 600631290
Al-Nahda 02 01 13
Al-Rayyan 32 02 30
Al-Riffa 10 14 21
Al-Wahdat 20 24 00

Group F

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Indonesia Sriwijaya 6411173+1413
Vietnam Bình Dương 6411142+1213
Malaysia Selangor 611471694
Maldives Victory SC 6114219174
Bình Dương 40 21 30
Selangor 00 04 50
Sriwijaya 10 61 50
Victory SC 05 21 00

Group G

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Hong Kong South China 6411125+713
Thailand Muangthong United 6321127+511
Maldives VB Sports Club 63031211+19
Indonesia Persiwa Wamena 6015821131
Muangthong United 41 01 31
Persiwa Wamena 22 02 23
South China 00 63 31
VB Sports Club 23 40 10

Group H

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Vietnam SHB Đà Nẵng 6420126+614
Thailand Thai Port 632185+311
Singapore Geylang United 60427924
Hong Kong NT Realty Wofoo Tai Po 602431072
Geylang United 11 11 01
NT Realty Wofoo Tai Po 11 12 01
SHB Đà Nẵng 32 30 00
Thai Port 22 20 23

Knockout stage

Round of 16

The matches were played on 11 and 12 May 2010.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Al-Karamah Syria 10 Uzbekistan Nasaf Qarshi
Kazma Kuwait 11 (aet)
(65 p)
Jordan Shabab Al-Ordon
Al-Rayyan Qatar 11 (aet)
(24 p)
Thailand Muangthong United
South China Hong Kong 13 Bahrain Al-Riffa
Al-Kuwait Kuwait 11 (aet)
(45 p)
Syria Al-Ittihad
Al-Qadsia Kuwait 21 India Churchill Brothers
Sriwijaya Indonesia 14 Thailand Thai Port
SHB Đà Nẵng Vietnam 43 (aet) Vietnam Bình Dương


The draw for the remaining rounds was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25 May 2010.[10] Because of the country protection rule, if there are two clubs from the same country, they will not face each other in the quarter-finals. Therefore, the two clubs from Syria, Kuwait, and Thailand may not be drawn with each other in the quarter-finals.[11]

The first legs were played on 14 and 15 September, and the second legs were played on 21 and 22 September 2010.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Al-Riffa Bahrain 83 Vietnam SHB Đà Nẵng 30 53
Al-Karamah Syria 12 Thailand Muangthong United 10 02
Thai Port Thailand 03 Kuwait Al-Qadsia 00 03
Al-Ittihad Syria 42 Kuwait Kazma 32 10


The first legs were played on 5 October, and the second legs were played on 19 October 2010.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Muangthong United Thailand 12 Syria Al-Ittihad 10 02
Al-Riffa Bahrain 34 Kuwait Al-Qadsia 20 14


Main article: 2010 AFC Cup Final

The final will be played on 6 November 2010. It is a one-leg match originally set to be played at the host stadium of one of the finalists, but was changed to a larger capacity stadium one week before the final.[12]

6 November 2010
19:00 (UTC+3)
Al-Qadsia Kuwait 1 – 1 (a.e.t.) Syria Al-Ittihad
Al Enezi  29' Report Dyab  53'
(penalty takers may not be in correct order)
Al Ansari
Al Bloushi
Al Khatib
Al Mejmed
2–4 (penalty takers may not be in correct order)
2010 Winners
First Title


Top goalscorers

Rank Player Club MD1 MD2 MD3 MD4 MD5 MD6 R16 QF1 QF2 SF1 SF2  F  Total
1 Brazil Afonso Alves Qatar Al-Rayyan 3 2 2 1 1 9
2 Argentina Gastón Merlo Vietnam Đà Nẵng 1 1 1 2 3 8
3 Qatar Fábio César Montezine Qatar Al-Rayyan 1 2 2 2 7
Vietnam Huỳnh Kesley Alves Vietnam Bình Dương 1 3 2 1 7
Kuwait Bader Al-Mutwa Kuwait Al Qadsia 2 1 1 1 1 1 7
5 Kuwait Khaled Al-Azemi Kuwait Al Kuwait 2 4 6
7 Brazil Leonardo Ferreira da Silva Hong Kong South China 2 1 2 5
Saint Kitts and Nevis Keith Gumbs Indonesia Sriwijaya 2 1 2 5
Maldives Ali Ashfaq Maldives VB Sports Club 1 1 1 1 1 5
Nigeria Anoure Obiora Indonesia Sriwijaya 3 1 1 5
Bahrain Abdulrahman Mubarak Bahrain Al-Riffa 1 1 1 1 1 5


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