Sriwijaya F.C.

Sriwijaya F.C.
Full name Sriwijaya Football Club
  • Elang Andalas
    (The Andalas Eagles)
  • Laskar Wong Kito
    (Our Warriors)
Founded 1976 (1976) (as Persijatim Jakarta Timur)
Ground Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium
Ground Capacity 36,000
Owner PT Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri
President Dodi Reza Alex
Head coach Widodo Cahyono Putro
League Indonesia Soccer Championship A
2014 Indonesia Super League, 6th in First Round of West Zone
Website Club home page

Sriwijaya F.C. is an Indonesian football club based in Palembang, South Sumatra. The club was founded in 1976 and currently competes in the Indonesia Soccer Championship A. Sriwijaya plays their home matches in the Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium.

In 2008, Sriwijaya became the first team in the history of Indonesian football to achieve the double by winning both 2007–08 Liga Indonesia Premier Division and 2008 Piala Indonesia in the same season. Sriwijaya then won the 2009 Piala Indonesia and the 2010 Piala Indonesia, which made them the first team to win the Piala Indonesia three years in a row.


The club was founded in 1976 .[1] In 2002, the club moved their home base to Solo, Central Java, and changed their name to Persijatim Solo FC due to a financial crisis. But in Solo, the financial crisis was still haunting them. Luckily, in 2004, the Government of South Sumatra wanted a Palembang-based team to compete in the top division of Indonesian football. They also did not want the Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium to be abandoned, after the 2004 National Games just ended. So, they decided to buy Persijatim. The club then changed names to Sriwijaya FC and moved their home base to Palembang, South Sumatra. [2] [3] The name Sriwijaya is thought to come from the ancient Srivijaya Empire, an empire that used to rule the land in the old days. The club is owned by PT Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri.[4]

They are the first team that have done a double in Indonesia by winning both 2007–08 Liga Indonesia Premier Division and 2008 Piala Indonesia in the same season.[5][6] This double winner achievement was also their first titles since the foundation of the club. The years that followed saw Sriwijaya again winning the Piala Indonesia in 2009 and 2010, setting up a record as the first team to have won the Piala Indonesia three years in a row. They also managed to win the 2011-12 Indonesia Super League, as well as the 2010 and 2012 Indonesian Inter Island Cup.[7]


They play their home matches in Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium.[8]


The meaning of the team crest is breakdowned by several part of the crest. The first circle describes the clubs strength with unity and peace. The words Sumatera Selatan shows that its owned by South Sumatra government. Bersatu Teguh is a representation of the supporters and the clubs wholeness. The Garuda image shows power and thoughness. Behind the main logo, Mount Dempo and Ampera Bridge can be seen, both seen as South Sumatra's pride and determination.[9]


Their supporter groups are called S-Mania, Singa Mania and Sumselmania.[10]


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For the reserve team, see Sriwijaya F.C. U-21.

Current squad

As of September 18th 2016[14]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Indonesia DF Supardi Nasir
4 Brazil DF Mauricio Leal
6 South Korea MF Yoo Hyun-goo
7 Indonesia FW Airlangga Sutjipto
8 Indonesia MF Reza Erlangga
9 Brazil FW Alberto Gonçalves
10 Brazil FW Hilton Moreira
11 Indonesia DF Zalnando
12 Indonesia GK Teja Paku Alam
13 Indonesia DF Achmad Jufriyanto
14 Indonesia MF Untung Wibowo
15 Indonesia MF Firman Utina
18 Indonesia FW Slamet Budiyono
19 Indonesia MF Manda Cingi
No. Position Player
20 Indonesia DF Andes Adinata
21 Indonesia GK Yogi Triana
22 Indonesia DF Wildansyah
23 Indonesia MF Muhammad Ridwan
24 Indonesia MF Ichsan Kurniawan
26 Indonesia DF Fachrudin Aryanto
28 Indonesia DF Ngurah Nanak
29 Indonesia FW Talaohu Musafri
31 Indonesia MF Try Hamdani Goentara
37 Indonesia FW Rizky Ramadhana
77 Indonesia MF Hapit Ibrahim
88 Indonesia FW Yogi Novrian
91 Indonesia FW Anis Nabar
99 Indonesia FW Mariando Uropmabin

All time topscorers

Year Player Caps Goals
2007–12 Saint Kitts and Nevis Keith Gumbs 145 74
2008–09 Cameroon Claude Parfait Ngon A Djam 34 22
2007–10 Liberia Zah Rahan Krangar 100 22
2011–13 Brazil Hilton Moreira 45 27
2007–10 Nigeria Anoure Obiora Richard 91 21
2009, 2010–11 Indonesia Budi Sudarsono 37 14


Year Manager
2005 Australia Erick William
2005 Indonesia Jenny Wardin
2005–2006 Indonesia Suimin Diharja
2007–2010 Indonesia Rahmad Darmawan
2010–2011 Bulgaria Ivan Kolev
2011–2013 Indonesia Kas Hartadi[15]
2013–2014 Indonesia Subangkit[15]
2014–2016 Indonesia Benny Dollo[16]
2016–Present Indonesia Widodo Cahyono Putro[17]



National Leagues

National Cups


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