United States House of Representatives elections, 1930

United States House of Representatives elections, 1930
United States
November 4, 1930[1]

All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader John Nance Garner Bertrand Snell Paul Kvale
Party Democratic Republican Farmer–Labor
Leader's seat Texas-15th New York-31st Minnesota-7th
Last election 164 seats 270 seats 1 seat
Seats won 216 after election (218 at opening of Congress) 218 after election (217 at opening of Congress) 1
Seat change Increase 52 Decrease 52 Steady

Speaker before election

Nicholas Longworth

Elected Speaker

John Nance Garner

The 1930 United States House of Representatives elections was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1930 which occurred in the middle of President Herbert Hoover's term.

During the election cycle, the nation was entering its second year of the Great Depression. Hoover was perceived[2] as doing little to solve the crisis, and his personal popularity was extremely low. His Republican Party was initially applauded for instituting protectionist economic policies, which were intended to limit imports to stimulate the domestic market. However, after the passage of the heavily damaging Smoot Hawley Tariff, a policy that was bitterly opposed by the Democratic Party, Republican policies began to fall out of favor as the majority view.

Democrats gained a total of 52 seats in the 1930 election. Although the Republicans retained a narrow majority after the polls closed, they lost a number of special elections following the deaths of 19 representatives and representatives-elect prior to the reconvening of Congress.[3] This resulted in the Democrats having a one-seat majority at the opening of the legislature, which then rose to a four-seat majority after the first month of the session. The Republicans would not control the chamber again until 1946.

This was the first of four consecutive House elections in the Depression in which Democrats made enormous gains, achieving a cumulative gain of 170 seats.

Overall results

218 1 216
Republican FL Democratic

Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk

House seats
House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80.1-100% Republican
  80.1-100% Democratic
  60.1-80% Republican
  60.1-80% Democratic
  up to 60% Republican
  up to 60% Democratic
  6+ Republican gain
  6+ Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  1-2 Progressive gain
  no net change

Separate elections

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November elections


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama 1 John McDuffie Democratic 1918 Re-elected John McDuffie (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2 J. Lister Hill Democratic 1923 Re-elected J. Lister Hill (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3 Henry B. Steagall Democratic 1914 Re-elected Henry B. Steagall (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4 Lamar Jeffers Democratic 1921 Re-elected Lamar Jeffers (D) 68.5%
E. D. Banks (R) 31.5%
Alabama 5 Lafayette L. Patterson Democratic 1928 Re-elected Lafayette L. Patterson (D) Unopposed
Alabama 6 William B. Oliver Democratic 1914 Re-elected William B. Oliver (D) Unopposed
Alabama 7 Miles C. Allgood Democratic 1922 Re-elected Miles C. Allgood (D) 61.1%
John B. Isbell (R) 38.9%
Alabama 8 Edward B. Almon Democratic 1914 Re-elected Edward B. Almon (D) Unopposed
Alabama 9 George Huddleston Democratic 1914 Re-elected George Huddleston (D) 81.0%
Hollis B. Parrish (R) 19.0%
Alabama 10 William B. Bankhead Democratic 1916 Re-elected William B. Bankhead (D) 64.2%
Charles P. Lunsford (R) 35.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona At-large Lewis W. Douglas Democratic 1926 Re-elected Lewis W. Douglas (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 William J. Driver Democratic 1920 Re-elected William J. Driver (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Pearl Peden Oldfield Democratic 1929 Retired
Democratic hold
John E. Miller (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3 Claude Fuller Democratic 1928 Re-elected Claude Fuller (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 4 Otis Wingo Democratic 1912 Died in office
Democratic hold
Effiegene Locke Wingo (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 5 Heartsill Ragon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Heartsill Ragon (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 6 David Delano Glover Democratic 1928 Re-elected David Delano Glover (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 7 Tilman B. Parks Democratic 1920 Re-elected Tilman B. Parks (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Clarence F. Lea Democratic 1916 Re-elected Clarence F. Lea (D) Unopposed
California 2 Harry Lane Englebright Republican 1926 Re-elected Harry Lane Englebright (R) Unopposed
California 3 Charles F. Curry Republican 1912 Died in office
Republican hold
Charles F. Curry, Jr. (R-W/I) 53.4%
J. M. Inman (R) 33.0%
Frank H. Buck (D) 11.3%
Katherine Braddock (I) 2.2%
E. M. Turner (I) 0.1%
California 4 Florence Prag Kahn Republican 1925 Re-elected Florence Prag Kahn (R) Unopposed
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican 1926 Re-elected Richard J. Welch (R) Unopposed
California 6 Albert E. Carter Republican 1924 Re-elected Albert E. Carter (R) Unopposed
California 7 Henry E. Barbour Republican 1918 Re-elected Henry E. Barbour (R) Unopposed
California 8 Arthur M. Free Republican 1920 Re-elected Arthur M. Free (R) Unopposed
California 9 William E. Evans Republican 1926 Re-elected William E. Evans (R) Unopposed
California 10 Joe Crail Republican 1926 Re-elected Joe Crail (R) 75.0%
John F. Dockweiler (D) 25.0%
California 11 Philip D. Swing Republican 1920 Re-elected Philip D. Swing (R) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 William R. Eaton Republican 1928 Re-elected William R. Eaton (R) 50.3%
Lawrence Lewis (D) 48.1%
W. R. Duke (FL) 1.0%
Louis A. Zetlin (C) 0.5%
Colorado 2 Charles Bateman Timberlake Republican 1914 Re-elected Charles Bateman Timberlake (R) 59.3%
O. E. Webb (D) 40.7%
Colorado 3 Guy Urban Hardy Republican 1918 Re-elected Guy Urban Hardy (R) 60.7%
Guy M. Weybright (D) 39.3%
Colorado 4 Edward Thomas Taylor Democratic 1908 Re-elected Edward Thomas Taylor (D) 66.9%
Webster S. Whinnery (R) 33.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 E. Hart Fenn Republican 1920 Retired
Democratic gain
Augustine Lonergan (D) 50.3%
Clarence W. Seymour (R) 49.7%
Connecticut 2 Richard P. Freeman Republican 1914 Re-elected Richard P. Freeman (R) 53.4%
William C. Fox (D) 46.6%
Connecticut 3 John Q. Tilson Republican 1914 Re-elected John Q. Tilson (R) 52.1%
James A. Shanley (D) 46.3%
Davis (S) 1.3%
Schlossberg (C) 0.3%
Connecticut 4 Schuyler Merritt Republican 1916 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William L. Tierney (D) 49.7%
Schuyler Merritt (R) 48.2%
George R. Moffatt (S) 1.8%
Mrasco (C) 0.4%
Connecticut 5 James P. Glynn Republican 1924 Died in office
Republican hold
Edward W. Goss (R) 50.5%
Martin E. Gormley (D) 49.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large Robert G. Houston Republican 1924 Re-elected Robert G. Houston (R) 55.7%
John P. Le Fevre (D) 44.1%
Arnold WIlliams (I) 0.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 Herbert J. Drane Democratic 1916 Re-elected Herbert J. Drane (D) 67.7%
L. E. Womack (R) 32.3%
Florida 2 Robert A. Green Democratic 1924 Re-elected Robert A. Green (D) Unopposed
Florida 3 Tom A. Yon Democratic 1926 Re-elected Tom A. Yon (D) Unopposed
Florida 4 Ruth Bryan Owen Democratic 1928 Re-elected Ruth Bryan Owen (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 Charles Gordon Edwards Democratic 1924 Re-elected Charles Gordon Edwards (D) Unopposed
Georgia 2 Edward E. Cox Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward E. Cox (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3 Charles R. Crisp Democratic 1912 Re-elected Charles R. Crisp (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4 William C. Wright Democratic 1918 Re-elected William C. Wright (D) Unopposed
Georgia 5 Robert Ramspeck Democratic 1929 Re-elected Robert Ramspeck (D) Unopposed
Georgia 6 Samuel Rutherford Democratic 1924 Re-elected Samuel Rutherford (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7 Malcolm C. Tarver Democratic 1926 Re-elected Malcolm C. Tarver (D) Unopposed
Georgia 8 Charles H. Brand Democratic 1916 Re-elected Charles H. Brand (D) 93.2%
W. N. Philips (I) 6.8%
Georgia 9 Thomas Montgomery Bell Democratic 1904 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
John S. Wood (D) 100.0%
Thomas S. Bell (D) 0.0%
Georgia 10 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 11 William C. Lankford Democratic 1918 Re-elected William C. Lankford (D) 81.8%
Henry J. Carswell (R) 18.2%
Georgia 12 William W. Larsen Democratic 1916 Re-elected William W. Larsen (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 Burton L. French Republican 1916 Re-elected Burton L. French (R) 64.9%
Compton I. White (D) 35.1%
Idaho 2 Addison T. Smith Republican 1912 Re-elected Addison T. Smith (R) 63.2%
W. F. Alworth (D) 36.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 Oscar Stanton De Priest Republican 1928 Re-elected Oscar Stanton De Priest (R) 58.4%
Harry Baker (D) 41.2%
Others 0.4%
Illinois 2 Morton D. Hull Republican 1923 Re-elected Morton D. Hull (R) 54.3%
Michael C. Walsh (D) 44.9%
Others 0.8%
Illinois 3 Elliott W. Sproul Republican 1920 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Edward A. Kelly (D) 58.1%
Elliott W. Sproul (R) 41.8%
Others 0.1%
Illinois 4 Thomas A. Doyle Democratic 1923 Retired
Democratic hold
Harry P. Beam (D) 69.3%
Frank G. Zelezinski (R) 30.5%
Others 0.2%
Illinois 5 Adolph J. Sabath Democratic 1906 Re-elected Adolph J. Sabath (D) 66.1%
Frank V. Kara (R) 33.3%
Others 0.5%
Illinois 6 James T. Igoe Democratic 1926 Re-elected James T. Igoe (D) 66.7%
Henry R. Lundblad (R) 32.7%
Others 0.6%
Illinois 7 M. Alfred Michaelson Republican 1920 Lost renomination
Democratic gain
Leonard W. Schuetz (D) 54.5%
James C. Moreland (R) 44.4%
Others 1.2%
Illinois 8 Stanley H. Kunz Democratic 1920 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Peter C. Granata (R) 51.8%
Stanley H. Kunz (D) 48.1%
Others 0.05%
Illinois 9 Frederick A. Britten Republican 1912 Re-elected Frederick A. Britten (R) 99.4%
Others 0.6%
Illinois 10 Carl R. Chindblom Republican 1918 Re-elected Carl R. Chindblom (R) 50.8%
John E. Hesse (D) 49.1%
C. Emil Leidberg (American) 0.09%
Illinois 11 Frank R. Reid Republican 1922 Re-elected Frank R. Reid (R) 63.1%
Elmer P. Schaefer (D) 36.8%
Walter F. Benn (American) 0.1%
Illinois 12 John T. Buckbee Republican 1926 Re-elected John T. Buckbee (R) 76.1%
Richard J. O'Halloran (D) 23.9%
Others 0.08%
Illinois 13 William Richard Johnson Republican 1924 Re-elected William Richard Johnson (R) 70.2%
John A. Ascher (D) 29.8%
Others 0.04%
Illinois 14 John Clayton Allen Republican 1924 Re-elected John Clayton Allen (R) 56.9%
William H. Hartzell (D) 43.1%
Illinois 15 Edward John King Republican 1914 Died in office
Republican hold
Burnett M. Chiperfield (R) 56.5%
J. Hays Paxton (D) 43.5%
Others 0.08%
Illinois 16 William E. Hull Republican 1922 Re-elected William E. Hull (R) 52.8%
Edwin S. Carr (D) 47.2%
Others 0.04%
Illinois 17 Homer W. Hall Republican 1926 Re-elected Homer W. Hall (R) 58.4%
C. S. Schneider (D) 41.6%
Illinois 18 William P. Holaday Republican 1922 Re-elected William P. Holaday (R) 56.8%
Charles R. Hill (D) 43.2%
Illinois 19 Charles Adkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Charles Adkins (R) 55.4%
Charles M. Borchers (D) 44.6%
Illinois 20 Henry T. Rainey Democratic 1922 Re-elected Henry T. Rainey (D) 64.9%
William J. Thornton (R) 35.1%
Illinois 21 Frank M. Ramey Republican 1928 Retired
Democratic gain
J. Earl Major (D) 57.1%
Roger E. Chapin (R) 42.8%
Others 0.05%
Illinois 22 Edward M. Irwin Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Charles A. Karch (D) 50.3%
Edward M. Irwin (R) 49.7%
Others 0.03%
Illinois 23 William W. Arnold Democratic 1922 Re-elected William W. Arnold (D) 62.6%
Joe Frank Allen (R) 37.4%
Illinois 24 Thomas Sutler Williams Republican 1914 Resigned to become judge
Democratic gain
Claude V. Parsons (D) 50.0%
James V. Heidinger (R) 50.0%
Others 0.01%
Illinois 25 Edward E. Denison Republican 1914 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Kent E. Keller (D) 52.6%
Edward E. Denison (R) 47.4%
Illinois At-large seat A Richard Yates, Jr. Republican 1918 Re-elected William H. Dieterich (D) 27.0%
Richard Yates, Jr. (R) 25.1%
Walter Nesbit (D) 24.7%
Frank L. Smith (R) 22.6%
Emil Z. Levitin (S) 0.2%
Morris A. Gold (S) 0.2%
William S. Feinberg (American) 0.03%
John W. McLain (American) 0.03%
I. J. Brown (Liberty) 0.02%
Charles A. Reinhart (Liberty) 0.02%
Illinois At-large seat B Ruth Hanna McCormick Republican 1922 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic gain


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 Harry E. Rowbottom Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John W. Boehne, Jr. (D) 53.9%
Harry E. Rowbottom (R) 46.1%
Indiana 2 Arthur H. Greenwood Democratic 1922 Re-elected Arthur H. Greenwood (D) 59.5%
Ray S. Sisson (R) 40.5%
Indiana 3 James W. Dunbar Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Eugene B. Crowe (D) 50.1%
James W. Dunbar (R) 49.9%
Indiana 4 Harry C. Canfield Democratic 1922 Re-elected Harry C. Canfield (D) 57.1%
Scott Thompson (R) 42.9%
Indiana 5 Noble J. Johnson Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Courtland C. Gillen (D) 51.4%
Noble J. Johnson (R) 48.6%
Indiana 6 Richard N. Elliott Republican 1918 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William H. Larrabee (D) 51.8%
Richard N. Elliott (R) 48.2%
Indiana 7 Louis Ludlow Democratic 1928 Re-elected Louis Ludlow (D) 61.7%
Archibald M. Hall (R) 37.8%
William O. Fogleson (S) 0.4%
Indiana 8 Albert H. Vestal Republican 1916 Re-elected Albert H. Vestal (R) 50.0%
Claude C. Ball (D) 50.0%
Indiana 9 Fred S. Purnell Republican 1916 Re-elected Fred S. Purnell (R) 50.2%
Harry L. Matlock (D) 49.8%
Indiana 10 William R. Wood Republican 1914 Re-elected William R. Wood (R) 53.3%
Charles J. Murphy (D) 46.7%
Indiana 11 Albert R. Hall Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Glenn Griswold (D) 51.3%
Albert R. Hall (R) 48.7%
Indiana 12 David Hogg Republican 1924 Re-elected David Hogg (R) 52.3%
Thomas P. Riddle (D) 47.7%
Indiana 13 Andrew J. Hickey Republican 1918 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Samuel B. Pettengill (D) 51.3%
Andrew J. Hickey (R) 48.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 William F. Kopp Republican 1920 Re-elected William F. Kopp (R) 63.3%
Max A. Conrad (D) 36.4%
Louis J. Kehoe (I) 0.3%
Iowa 2 F. Dickinson Letts Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Bernhard M. Jacobsen (D) 55.4%
F. Dickinson Letts (R) 44.6%
Iowa 3 Thomas J. B. Robinson Republican 1922 Re-elected Thomas J. B. Robinson (R) 63.0%
W. L. Beecher (D) 37.0%
Iowa 4 Gilbert N. Haugen Republican 1898 Re-elected Gilbert N. Haugen (R) 59.1%
Wilbur L. Peck (D) 40.9%
Iowa 5 Cyrenus Cole Republican 1921 Re-elected Cyrenus Cole (R) 53.8%
H. M. Cooper (D) 46.2%
Iowa 6 C. William Ramseyer Republican 1914 Re-elected C. William Ramseyer (R) 60.6%
S. F. McConnell (D) 39.4%
Iowa 7 Cassius C. Dowell Republican 1914 Re-elected Cassius C. Dowell (R) 76.4%
Carl Evans (D) 23.6%
Iowa 8 Lloyd Thurston Republican 1924 Re-elected Lloyd Thurston (R) 51.5%
James Pearson (D) 48.5%
Iowa 9 Charles Edward Swanson Republican 1928 Re-elected Charles Edward Swanson (R) 57.1%
June M. Fickel (D) 42.2%
Carl C. Carlsen (I) 0.7%
Iowa 10 Lester J. Dickinson Republican 1918 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Fred C. Gilchrist (R) 66.1%
Paul Anderson (D) 33.2%
A. L. Moen (I) 0.7%
Iowa 11 Ed H. Campbell Republican 1928 Re-elected Ed H. Campbell (R) 73.8%
Fordyce W. Bisbee (D) 26.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 William P. Lambertson Republican 1928 Re-elected William P. Lambertson (R) Unopposed
Kansas 2 Ulysses Samuel Guyer Republican 1926 Re-elected Ulysses Samuel Guyer (R) 56.7%
Chauncey B. Little (D) 43.3%
Kansas 3 William H. Sproul Republican 1922 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Harold C. McGugin (R) 52.7%
Earl Knight (D) 47.3%
Kansas 4 Homer Hoch Republican 1918 Re-elected Homer Hoch (R) 58.4%
James E. Hilkey (D) 41.6%
Kansas 5 James G. Strong Republican 1918 Re-elected James G. Strong (R) 53.9%
Clyde Short (D) 46.1%
Kansas 6 Charles I. Sparks Republican 1928 Re-elected Charles I. Sparks (R) 61.6%
Robert Good (D) 38.4%
Kansas 7 Clifford R. Hope Republican 1926 Re-elected Clifford R. Hope (R) 61.1%
A. S. Allphin (D) 38.9%
Kansas 8 William Augustus Ayres Democratic 1922 Re-elected William Augustus Ayres (D) 74.7%
Stella B. Haines (R) 25.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 William Voris Gregory Democratic 1926 Re-elected William Voris Gregory (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 2 David Hayes Kincheloe Democratic 1914 Resigned when appointed judge
Democratic hold
Glover H. Cary (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 3 John William Moore Democratic 1929 Re-elected John William Moore (D) 99.7%
Fred Jones (I) 0.3%
Kentucky 4 John D. Craddock Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Cap R. Carden (D) 52.3%
John D. Craddock (R) 47.7%
Kentucky 5 Maurice H. Thatcher Republican 1922 Re-elected Maurice H. Thatcher (R) 97.9%
Charles W. Marrett (Soc-Lab) 2.1%
Kentucky 6 J. Lincoln Newhall Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Brent Spence (D) 56.9%
J. Lincoln Newhall (R) 34.1%
Blaine McLaughlin (I) 8.6%
John J. Thobe (S) 0.4%
Kentucky 7 Robert Blackburn Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Virgil Chapman (D) 57.8%
Robert Blackburn (R) 42.2%
Kentucky 8 Lewis L. Walker Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Ralph Waldo Emerson Gilbert (D) 57.5%
Lewis L. Walker (R) 42.5%
Kentucky 9 Elva R. Kendall Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Fred M. Vinson (D) 59.7%
Elva R. Kendall (R) 40.3%
Kentucky 10 Katherine Langley Republican 1926 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Andrew J. May (D) 52.9%
Katherine Langley (R) 47.1%
Kentucky 11 Charles Finley Republican 1930 Re-elected Charles Finley (R) 66.3%
Will Ward Duffield (D) 33.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 James O'Connor Democratic 1918 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Joachim O. Fernandez (D) 95.8%
John B. Murphy (R) 4.2%
Louisiana 2 James Zacharie Spearing Democratic 1924 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Paul H. Maloney (D) 97.2%
Henry J. Veith (R) 2.8%
Louisiana 3 Numa F. Montet Democratic 1929 Re-elected Numa F. Montet (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 4 John N. Sandlin Democratic 1920 Re-elected John N. Sandlin (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 5 Riley Joseph Wilson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Riley Joseph Wilson (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 Bolivar E. Kemp Democratic 1924 Re-elected Bolivar E. Kemp (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 René Louis DeRouen Democratic 1927 Re-elected René Louis DeRouen (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 James Benjamin Aswell Democratic 1912 Re-elected James Benjamin Aswell (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 Carroll L. Beedy Republican 1920 Re-elected Carroll L. Beedy (R) 61.4%
Thomas F. Locke (D) 38.6%
Maine 2 Wallace H. White, Jr. Republican 1916 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Donald B. Partridge (R) 56.2%
Albert Beliveau (D) 43.8%
Maine 3 John E. Nelson Republican 1922 Re-elected John E. Nelson (R) 64.3%
Leo D. Lamond (D) 35.7%
Maine 4 Donald F. Snow Republican 1928 Re-elected Donald F. Snow (R) 66.0%
Clinton C. Stevens (D) 34.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 T. Alan Goldsborough Democratic 1920 Re-elected T. Alan Goldsborough (D) 57.3%
A. Stengle Marine (R) 42.7%
Maryland 2 Linwood L. Clark Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William P. Cole, Jr. (D) 59.3%
Linwood L. Clark (R) 40.7%
Maryland 3 Vincent Luke Palmisano Democratic 1926 Re-elected Vincent Luke Palmisano (D) 53.4%
John Philip Hill (R) 45.1%
Samuel M. Neistadt (S) 1.5%
Maryland 4 J. Charles Linthicum Democratic 1910 Re-elected J. Charles Linthicum (D) 65.0%
W. O. Atwood (R) 35.0%
Maryland 5 Stephen W. Gambrill Democratic 1924 Re-elected Stephen W. Gambrill (D) 65.3%
A. Kingsley Love (R) 34.7%
Maryland 6 Frederick N. Zihlman Republican 1916 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
David J. Lewis (D) 53.6%
Frederick N. Zihlman (R) 46.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 Allen T. Treadway Republican 1912 Re-elected Allen T. Treadway (R) 54.9%
Hugh McLean (D) 45.1%
Massachusetts 2 William J. Granfield Democratic 1930 Re-elected William J. Granfield (D) 55.5%
Joshua L. Brooks (R) 44.5%
Massachusetts 3 Frank H. Foss Republican 1924 Re-elected Frank H. Foss (R) 57.1%
Frank W. Barr (D) 42.9%
Massachusetts 4 George R. Stobbs Republican 1924 Retired
Republican hold
Pehr G. Holmes (R) 54.7%
David Goldstein (D) 45.3%
Massachusetts 5 Edith Nourse Rogers Republican 1925 Re-elected Edith Nourse Rogers (R) 66.3%
Joseph M. Halloran (D) 33.7%
Massachusetts 6 Abram Andrew Republican 1921 Re-elected Abram Andrew (R) 76.4%
Charles D. Smith (D) 23.6%
Massachusetts 7 William P. Connery, Jr. Democratic 1922 Re-elected William P. Connery, Jr. (D) 67.6%
Charles W. Lovett (R) 32.4%
Massachusetts 8 Frederick W. Dallinger Republican 1926 Re-elected Frederick W. Dallinger (R) 56.6%
John P. Brennan (D) 43.4%
Massachusetts 9 Charles L. Underhill Republican 1920 Re-elected Charles L. Underhill (R) 50.7%
Joseph J. Borgatti (D) 49.3%
Massachusetts 10 John J. Douglass Democratic 1924 Re-elected John J. Douglass (D) 87.3%
Edward L. Donnelly (R) 12.7%
Massachusetts 11 George H. Tinkham Republican 1914 Re-elected George H. Tinkham (R) 63.0%
John J. Kelleher (D) 37.0%
Massachusetts 12 John William McCormack Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) 76.7%
Samuel Abrams (R) 23.3%
Massachusetts 13 Robert Luce Republican 1918 Re-elected Robert Luce (R) 55.9%
Donald M. Hill (D) 44.1%
Massachusetts 14 Richard B. Wigglesworth Republican 1928 Re-elected Richard B. Wigglesworth (R) 57.3%
Edward G. Morris (D) 42.7%
Massachusetts 15 Joseph William Martin, Jr. Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 64.1%
William J. Murphy (D) 35.9%
Massachusetts 16 Charles L. Gifford Republican 1922 Re-elected Charles L. Gifford (R) 69.6%
John D. W. Bodfish (D) 30.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 Robert H. Clancy Republican 1926 Re-elected Robert H. Clancy (R) 82.2%
William M. Donnelly (D) 16.3%
Anthony Gerlach (Workers) 1.5%
Michigan 2 Earl C. Michener Republican 1918 Re-elected Earl C. Michener (R) 58.0%
Edward Frensdorf (D) 41.9%
William Nowell (Workers) 0.1%
Michigan 3 Joseph L. Hooper Republican 1925 Re-elected Joseph L. Hooper (R) 71.1%
Rosslyn L. Sowers (D) 28.9%
Michigan 4 John C. Ketcham Republican 1920 Re-elected John C. Ketcham (R) 66.1%
Roman I. Jarvis (D) 33.9%
Michigan 5 Carl E. Mapes Republican 1912 Re-elected Carl E. Mapes (R) 98.7%
Arnold Ziegler (Workers) 1.3%
Michigan 6 Grant M. Hudson Republican 1922 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Seymour H. Person (R) 70.2%
Patrick H. O'Brien (D) 28.2%
Philip Raymond (Workers) 0.9%
Axel O. Londal (S) 0.6%
Others 0.08%
Michigan 7 Louis C. Cramton Republican 1912 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Jesse P. Wolcott (R) 94.3%
Emerald B. Dixon (D) 5.7%
Others 0.07%
Michigan 8 Bird J. Vincent Republican 1922 Re-elected Bird J. Vincent (R) 67.4%
Michael J. Hart (D) 32.6%
Michigan 9 James C. McLaughlin Republican 1906 Re-elected James C. McLaughlin (R) 75.0%
Loren N. O'Brien (D) 25.0%
Michigan 10 Roy O. Woodruff Republican 1920 Re-elected Roy O. Woodruff (R) 78.8%
Henry C. Haller (D) 21.2%
Michigan 11 Frank P. Bohn Republican 1926 Re-elected Frank P. Bohn (R) 100.0%
Others 0.03%
Michigan 12 W. Frank James Republican 1914 Re-elected W. Frank James (R) 98.1%
Edwin Mutila (D) 1.9%
Others 0.01%
Michigan 13 Clarence J. McLeod Republican 1922 Re-elected Clarence J. McLeod (R) 78.8%
Walter I. McKenzie (D) 19.3%
Philip Bart (Workers) 1.1%
Arthur Rubinstein (S) 0.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 Victor Christgau Republican 1928 Re-elected Victor Christgau (R) 65.0%
Matt Fitzpatrick (FL) 35.0%
Minnesota 2 Frank Clague Republican 1920 Re-elected Frank Clague (R) 53.7%
L. A. Fritsche (FL) 46.3%
Minnesota 3 August H. Andresen Republican 1924 Re-elected August H. Andresen (R) 48.0%
F. H. Shoemaker (FL) 28.4%
Joseph J. Moriarity (D) 23.5%
Minnesota 4 Melvin J. Maas Republican 1926 Re-elected Melvin J. Maas (R) 66.5%
Claus V. Hammerstrom (FL) 22.1%
Frank Munger (D) 9.0%
A. W. Anderson (I) 2.3%
Minnesota 5 William I. Nolan Republican 1929 Re-elected William I. Nolan (R) 61.3%
Silas M. Bryan (D) 35.6%
Rebecca G. Reeve (I) 3.1%
Minnesota 6 Harold Knutson Republican 1916 Re-elected Harold Knutson (R) 60.6%
John Knutsen (FL) 26.8%
P. J. Russell (D) 12.6%
Minnesota 7 Paul John Kvale Farmer-Labor 1929 Re-elected Paul John Kvale (FL) 81.2%
Frank Hopkins (R) 18.8%
Minnesota 8 William A. Pittenger Republican 1928 Re-elected William A. Pittenger (R) 63.3%
William L. Carss (FL) 32.9%
Walter Harju (I) 3.8%
Minnesota 9 Conrad Selvig Republican 1926 Re-elected Conrad Selvig (R) 53.3%
Knud Wefald (FL) 46.7%
Minnesota 10 Godfrey G. Goodwin Republican 1924 Re-elected Godfrey G. Goodwin (R) 49.5%
Erling Swenson (FL) 48.0%
David I. Moses (I) 2.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 John E. Rankin Democratic 1920 Re-elected John E. Rankin (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 2 Wall Doxey Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wall Doxey (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3 William Madison Whittington Democratic 1924 Re-elected William Madison Whittington (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 4 Jeff Busby Democratic 1922 Re-elected Jeff Busby (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 5 Ross A. Collins Democratic 1920 Re-elected Ross A. Collins (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 6 Robert S. Hall Democratic 1928 Re-elected Robert S. Hall (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 7 Percy E. Quin Democratic 1912 Re-elected Percy E. Quin (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 8 James W. Collier Democratic 1908 Re-elected James W. Collier (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Milton A. Romjue Democratic 1922 Re-elected Milton A. Romjue (D) 61.8%
J. Frank Culler (R) 38.2%
Missouri 2 Ralph F. Lozier Democratic 1922 Re-elected Ralph F. Lozier (D) 62.8%
Pearl Gehrig (R) 37.1%
Elias R. Anderson (S) 0.1%
Missouri 3 Jacob L. Milligan Democratic 1922 Re-elected Jacob L. Milligan (D) 58.9%
H. F. Lawrence (R) 41.1%
Missouri 4 David W. Hopkins Republican 1929 Re-elected David W. Hopkins (R) 50.8%
Romulus E. Culver (D) 49.2%
Missouri 5 Edgar C. Ellis Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Joseph B. Shannon (D) 64.3%
Edgar C. Ellis (R) 35.7%
Joseph G. Hodges (S) 0.07%
Missouri 6 Thomas Jefferson Halsey Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clement C. Dickinson (D) 54.9%
Thomas Jefferson Halsey (R) 45.0%
Charles H. Harrison (S) 0.1%
Missouri 7 John William Palmer Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Samuel C. Major (D) 51.8%
John William Palmer (R) 48.2%
Missouri 8 William L. Nelson Democratic 1924 Re-elected William L. Nelson (D) 57.9%
E. J. Melton (R) 42.1%
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 62.4%
Frank H. Hollman (R) 37.4%
Harry Shumaker (S) 0.1%
Missouri 10 Henry F. Niedringhaus Republican 1926 Re-elected Henry F. Niedringhaus (R) 99.8%
Theodore Baeff (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
Missouri 11 John J. Cochran Democratic 1926 Re-elected John J. Cochran (D) 99.8%
Joseph Spalti (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
Missouri 12 Leonidas C. Dyer Republican 1914 Re-elected Leonidas C. Dyer (R) 99.8%
Charles Kuchan (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
Missouri 13 Charles Edward Kiefner Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clyde Williams (D) 53.1%
Charles Edward Kiefner (R) 46.9%
Missouri 14 Dewey J. Short Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James F. Fulbright (D) 51.6%
Dewey J. Short (R) 48.4%
Missouri 15 Joe J. Manlove Republican 1922 Re-elected Joe J. Manlove (R) 57.8%
Frank H. Lee (D) 41.9%
Alvin C. Elliff (S) 0.3%
Missouri 16 Rowland Louis Johnston Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William Edward Barton (D) 52.4%
Rowland Louis Johnston (R) 47.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 John M. Evans Democratic 1922 Re-elected John M. Evans (D) 56.1%
Mark D. Fitzgerald (R) 42.6%
J. P. Cavanaugh (S) 0.8%
Charles Squires (FL) 0.4%
Montana 2 Scott Leavitt Republican 1922 Re-elected Scott Leavitt (R) 52.8%
Tom Stout (D) 45.3%
James Ostby (FL) 1.4%
Jacob M. Kruse (S) 0.3%
Wayne La Grange (C) 0.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 John H. Morehead Democratic 1922 Re-elected John H. Morehead (D) 63.9%
Ralph S. Moseley (R) 36.1%
Nebraska 2 Willis G. Sears Republican 1922 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Howard M. Baldrige (R) 50.6%
Edward R. Burke (D) 49.4%
Nebraska 3 Edgar Howard Democratic 1922 Re-elected Edgar Howard (D) 69.3%
H. Halderson (R) 30.7%
Nebraska 4 Charles H. Sloan Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John N. Norton (D) 55.9%
Charles H. Sloan (R) 44.1%
Nebraska 5 Fred G. Johnson Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Ashton C. Shallenberger (D) 55.6%
Fred G. Johnson (R) 44.4%
Nebraska 6 Robert G. Simmons Republican 1922 Re-elected Robert G. Simmons (R) 72.8%
John McCoy (D) 27.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large Samuel S. Arentz Republican 1924 Re-elected Samuel S. Arentz (R) 54.4%
Maurice J. Sullivan (D) 45.6%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Fletcher Hale Republican 1924 Re-elected Fletcher Hale (R) 56.1%
Napoleon J. Dyer (D) 43.9%
New Hampshire 2 Edward Hills Wason Republican 1914 Re-elected Edward Hills Wason (R) 59.7%
Eaton D. Sargent (D) 40.3%

New Jersey

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 Charles A. Wolverton Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Wolverton (R) 79.1%
Francis G. Homan (D) 19.8%
Herman F. Niessner (S) 1.0%
William Hartman (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 2 Isaac Bacharach Republican 1914 Re-elected Isaac Bacharach (R) 79.7%
Hans Froelicher, Jr. (D) 20.1%
Florian Ambrosch (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 3 Harold G. Hoffman Republican 1926 Retired when appointed state motor vehicle commissioner
Democratic gain
William H. Sutphin (D) 51.1%
Thomas M. Gopsill (R) 48.5%
Raymond Dildine (Repeal Volstead Act) 0.2%
Anthony German (C) 0.2%
Louis W. Nimschke (I) 0.03%
New Jersey 4 Charles A. Eaton Republican 1924 Re-elected Charles A. Eaton (R) 57.6%
Charles Browne (D) 41.9%
Joseph Winsiewski (C) 0.5%
New Jersey 5 Ernest R. Ackerman Republican 1918 Re-elected Ernest R. Ackerman (R) 65.3%
Warren N. Gaffney (D) 33.9%
Harry L. Nelson (S) 0.5%
Morris Langler (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 6 Randolph Perkins Republican 1920 Re-elected Randolph Perkins (R) 56.5%
Archibald C. Hart (D) 42.8%
Henry J. Cox (S) 0.6%
Charles Dzevetzko (C) 0.1%
New Jersey 7 George N. Seger Republican 1922 Re-elected George N. Seger (R) 53.7%
Harry Joelson (D) 45.0%
J. Anthony Novak (S) 0.6%
Morris Kushinsky (C) 0.4%
John C. Butterworth (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 8 Fred A. Hartley, Jr. Republican 1928 Re-elected Fred A. Hartley, Jr. (R) 50.4%
Paul J. Moore (D) 49.4%
Albert Heder (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 9 Franklin W. Fort Republican 1924 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Peter Angelo Cavicchia (R) 53.8%
Daniel F. Minahan (D) 45.4%
Harry J. Sutton (S) 0.6%
Domenick Fiaiani (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 10 Frederick R. Lehlbach Republican 1914 Re-elected Frederick R. Lehlbach (R) 66.6%
Edward W. Simms (D) 32.3%
George Carey (S) 0.8%
Samuel D. Levine (C) 0.3%
New Jersey 11 Oscar L. Auf der Heide Democratic 1924 Re-elected Oscar L. Auf der Heide (D) 73.0%
Irving W. Taft (R) 26.3%
Michael Rappoport (S) 0.5%
John Zatko (C) 0.2%
Nicol Gerold (Soc-Lab) 0.08%
New Jersey 12 Mary Teresa Norton Democratic 1924 Re-elected Mary Teresa Norton (D) 75.9%
Douglas D. T. Story (R) 23.7%
Archibald Craig (S) 0.3%
Nathaniel Honig (C) 0.09%

New Mexico

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large Albert G. Simms Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Dennis Chavez (D) 55.7%
Albert G. Simms (R) 44.1%
John Whitley (S) 0.3%

New York

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 Robert L. Bacon Republican 1922 Re-elected Robert L. Bacon (R) 58.4%
James S. Shevlin (D) 38.9%
Sofus W. Christensen (S) 2.7%
New York 2 William F. Brunner Democratic 1928 Re-elected William F. Brunner (D) 67.5%
James C. MacDevitt (R) 28.0%
Tucker P. Smith (S) 3.8%
Harry A. Meyer (C) 0.7%
New York 3 George W. Lindsay Democratic 1922 Re-elected George W. Lindsay (D) 75.1%
James A. Campbell (R) 18.9%
Joseph A. Weil (S) 5.3%
Fred Biedenkapp (C) 0.8%
New York 4 Thomas H. Cullen Democratic 1918 Re-elected Thomas H. Cullen (D) 79.8%
Charles A. Walter (R) 17.6%
Abraman Zucker (S) 2.3%
Jack Johnstone (C) 0.3%
New York 5 Loring M. Black, Jr. Democratic 1922 Re-elected Loring M. Black, Jr. (D) 63.4%
Henry C. Reiners (R) 32.3%
Joseph N. Cohen (S) 4.3%
New York 6 Andrew Lawrence Somers Democratic 1924 Re-elected Andrew Lawrence Somers (D) 47.0%
Joseph G. Myerson (R) 30.1%
Norman Thomas (S) 22.1%
Earl Browder (C) 0.8%
New York 7 John F. Quayle Democratic 1922 Re-elected John F. Quayle (D) 65.0%
Louis W. Arnold, Jr. (R) 25.8%
Benjamin Jackson (S) 8.0%
Clarence Hathaway (C) 1.2%
New York 8 Patrick J. Carley Democratic 1926 Re-elected Patrick J. Carley (D) 57.1%
Benjamin Ammerman (R) 26.0%
Baruch C. Vladeck (S) 16.9%
New York 9 David J. O'Connell Democratic 1922 Re-elected David J. O'Connell (D) 58.9%
William Koch (R) 34.0%
Wilhemus B. Robinson (S) 7.1%
New York 10 Emanuel Celler Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 58.0%
George J. Beldock (R) 28.2%
Abraham I. Shiplacoff (S) 12.4%
Moissaye Joseph Olgin (C) 1.4%
New York 11 Anning S. Prall Democratic 1923 Re-elected Anning S. Prall (D) 71.1%
Wilbur F. Wakeman (R) 26.5%
Walter H. Dearing (S) 2.4%
New York 12 Samuel Dickstein Democratic 1922 Re-elected Samuel Dickstein (D) 79.0%
Gustave J. Landau (R) 14.7%
Marx Lewis (S) 5.2%
Vern Smith (C) 1.1%
New York 13 Christopher D. Sullivan Democratic 1916 Re-elected Christopher D. Sullivan (D) 76.6%
Michael R. Matteo (R) 18.8%
Domenico Saudino (S) 4.7%
New York 14 William Irving Sirovich Democratic 1926 Re-elected William Irving Sirovich (D) 47.3%
Jacob Panken (S) 25.9%
Edward E. Spafford (R) 25.3%
Alexander Trachtenberg (I) 1.5%
New York 15 John J. Boylan Democratic 1922 Re-elected John J. Boylan (D) 81.3%
Alexander Todd (R) 16.4%
Leonard C. Kaye (S) 2.3%
New York 16 John J. O'Connor Democratic 1923 Re-elected John J. O'Connor (D) 72.1%
Irwin Ira Rackoff (R) 24.7%
Hilda G. Claessens (S) 3.2%
New York 17 Ruth Baker Pratt Republican 1928 Re-elected Ruth Baker Pratt (R) 43.3%
Louis B. Brodsky (D) 41.8%
Heywood Broun (S) 14.9%
New York 18 Martin J. Kennedy Democratic 1930 Re-elected Martin J. Kennedy (D) 77.0%
Patrick S. Hickey (R) 18.4%
Edward F. Cassidy (S) 4.6%
New York 19 Sol Bloom Democratic 1923 Re-elected Sol Bloom (D) 66.9%
Julius D. Tobias (R) 28.2%
G. August Gerber (S) 4.5%
Max Bedacht (C) 0.4%
New York 20 Fiorello H. LaGuardia Republican 1922 Re-elected Fiorello H. LaGuardia (R) 52.1%
Vincent H. Auleta (D) 42.8%
Frank Poree (S) 4.3%
Robert Minor (C) 0.9%
New York 21 Joseph A. Gavagan Democratic 1929 Re-elected Joseph A. Gavagan (D) 60.2%
Mortimer Kraus (R) 34.3%
Frank R. Crosswaith (S) 5.2%
James W. Ford (C) 0.3%
New York 22 Anthony J. Griffin Democratic 1918 Re-elected Anthony J. Griffin (D) 73.9%
William E. Devlin (R) 20.7%
Andrew A. McLean (S) 5.4%
New York 23 Frank Oliver Democratic 1922 Re-elected Frank Oliver (D) 67.1%
George M. Fayles (R) 19.7%
Samuel Orr (S) 11.9%
Israel Amter (C) 1.3%
New York 24 James M. Fitzpatrick Democratic 1926 Re-elected James M. Fitzpatrick (D) 57.0%
Benjamin L. Fairchild (R) 34.3%
Louis Weil (S) 8.7%
New York 25 J. Mayhew Wainwright Republican 1922 Retired
Republican hold
Charles D. Millard (R) 50.3%
Thomas George Barnes (D) 34.2%
John H. Holzworth (Repeal Volstead Act) 13.8%
John P. Muller (S) 1.7%
New York 26 Hamilton Fish, Jr. Republican 1920 Re-elected Hamilton Fish, Jr. (R) 61.1%
John K. Sague (D) 35.2%
Albert W. Brower (S) 3.7%
New York 27 Harcourt J. Pratt Republican 1924 Re-elected Harcourt J. Pratt (R) 52.9%
Guernsey T. Cross (D) 45.4%
Bertha P. Weyl (S) 1.7%
New York 28 Parker Corning Democratic 1922 Re-elected Parker Corning (D) 63.5%
Laura B. Treadwell (R) 34.7%
Robert H. Ritchey (S) 1.8%
New York 29 James S. Parker Republican 1912 Re-elected James S. Parker (R) 58.5%
Theodore A. Knapp (D) 40.2%
John H. Sullivan (S) 1.3%
New York 30 Frank Crowther Republican 1918 Re-elected Frank Crowther (R) 52.1%
Izetta Jewel Miller (D) 45.4%
Charles W. Noonan (S) 2.5%
New York 31 Bertrand Snell Republican 1915 Re-elected Bertrand Snell (R) 61.8%
Rufus A. Prescott (D) 37.1%
Jeannette Marks (S) 1.1%
New York 32 Francis D. Culkin Republican 1928 Re-elected Francis D. Culkin (R) 66.6%
Walter W. Wilcox (D) 31.9%
James A. Manson (S) 1.5%
New York 33 Frederick M. Davenport Republican 1924 Re-elected Frederick M. Davenport (R) 50.3%
James J. Loftis (D) 49.7%
New York 34 John D. Clarke Republican 1926 Re-elected John D. Clarke (R) 68.2%
James F. Byrne (D) 31.8%
New York 35 Clarence E. Hancock Republican 1927 Re-elected Clarence E. Hancock (R) 57.6%
Frederick B. Northup (D) 39.9%
Henry Hotze (S) 2.4%
New York 36 John Taber Republican 1922 Re-elected John Taber (R) 63.3%
Joseph P. Craugh (D) 34.9%
Elmer Pierce (S) 1.9%
New York 37 Gale H. Stalker Republican 1922 Re-elected Gale H. Stalker (R) 59.4%
Julian P. Bretz (D) 38.4%
Hezekiah D. Wilcox (S) 2.2%
New York 38 James L. Whitley Republican 1928 Re-elected James L. Whitley (R) 55.3%
Nelson E. Spencer (D) 41.4%
Harry Hoffman (S) 3.3%
New York 39 Archie D. Sanders Republican 1916 Re-elected Archie D. Sanders (R) 55.8%
James M. Dwyer (D) 41.2%
William Hilsdorf (S) 3.0%
New York 40 S. Wallace Dempsey Republican 1914 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Walter Gresham Andrews (R) 63.1%
Roland Crangle (D) 28.0%
Frank C. Perkins (I) 5.3%
Thomas Justice (S) 3.6%
New York 41 Edmund F. Cooke Republican 1928 Re-elected Edmund F. Cooke (R) 48.9%
Henry F. Jerge (D) 46.8%
Fred Weinheimer (S) 4.2%
New York 42 James M. Mead Democratic 1918 Re-elected James M. Mead (D) 65.6%
Frank A. Dorn (R) 31.8%
Clara Haushammer (S) 2.6%
New York 43 Daniel A. Reed Republican 1918 Re-elected Daniel A. Reed (R) 70.6%
Mattie C. Dellone (D) 26.8%
Herman Guntner (D) 2.6%

North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Lindsay C. Warren Democratic 1924 Re-elected Lindsay C. Warren (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 2 John H. Kerr Democratic 1923 Re-elected John H. Kerr (D) 93.4%
E. Dana Dickens (R) 6.6%
North Carolina 3 Charles L. Abernethy Democratic 1922 Re-elected Charles L. Abernethy (D) 66.4%
William G. Mebane (R) 33.6%
North Carolina 4 Edward W. Pou Democratic 1900 Re-elected Edward W. Pou (D) 73.4%
John C. Matthews (R) 26.6%
North Carolina 5 Charles Manly Stedman Democratic 1910 Died in office
Democratic hold
Franklin Wills Hancock, Jr. (D) 61.3%
John F. Reynolds (R) 38.7%
North Carolina 6 J. Bayard Clark Democratic 1928 Re-elected J. Bayard Clark (D) 71.3%
C. Edward Taylor (R) 28.7%
North Carolina 7 William C. Hammer Democratic 1920 Died in office
Democratic hold
Walter Lambeth (D) 59.0%
Colin G. Spencer (R) 41.0%
North Carolina 8 Robert L. Doughton Democratic 1910 Re-elected Robert L. Doughton (D) 60.1%
Edward F. Wakefield (R) 39.9%
North Carolina 9 Charles A. Jonas Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Alfred L. Bulwinkle (D) 53.8%
Charles A. Jonas (R) 46.2%
North Carolina 10 George M. Pritchard Republican 1928 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic gain
Zebulon Weaver (D) 56.2%
Brownlow Jackson (R) 43.8%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota 1 Olger B. Burtness Republican 1920 Re-elected Olger B. Burtness (R) 74.6%
J. E. Garvey (D) 25.4%
North Dakota 2 Thomas Hall Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas Hall (R) 55.7%
P. W. Lanier (D) 42.2%
Alfred Knutson (C) 2.1%
North Dakota 3 James H. Sinclair Republican 1918 Re-elected James H. Sinclair (R) 77.8%
Reuben H. Leavitt (D) 18.8%
Andrew Omholt (C) 3.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Nicholas Longworth Republican 1914 Re-elected Nicholas Longworth (R) 51.8%
John W. Pattison (D) 48.2%
Ohio 2 William E. Hess Republican 1928 Re-elected William E. Hess (R) 50.3%
Charles Sawyer (D) 49.7%
Ohio 3 Roy G. Fitzgerald Republican 1920 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Byron B. Harlan (D) 50.8%
Roy G. Fitzgerald (R) 49.2%
Ohio 4 John L. Cable Republican 1928 Re-elected John L. Cable (R) 53.4%
Gainor Jennings (D) 46.6%
Ohio 5 Charles J. Thompson Republican 1918 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Frank C. Kniffin (D) 51.4%
Charles J. Thompson (R) 48.6%
Ohio 6 Charles C. Kearns Republican 1914 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James G. Polk (D) 52.7%
Charles Cyrus Kearns (R) 47.3%
Ohio 7 Charles Brand Republican 1922 Re-elected Charles Brand (R) 56.4%
John L. Zimmerman, Jr. (D) 43.6%
Ohio 8 Grant E. Mouser Republican 1928 Re-elected Grant E. Mouser (R) 51.3%
Carl W. Smith (D) 48.7%
Ohio 9 William W. Chalmers Republican 1924 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Wilbur M. White (R) 57.6%
Scott Stahl (D) 42.4%
Ohio 10 Thomas A. Jenkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas A. Jenkins (R) 62.4%
H. L. Crary (D) 37.6%
Ohio 11 Mell G. Underwood Democratic 1922 Re-elected Mell G. Underwood (D) 64.0%
Ned Thacher (R) 36.0%
Ohio 12 John C. Speaks Republican 1920 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Arthur P. Lamneck (D) 57.5%
John C. Speaks (R) 42.5%
Ohio 13 Joseph E. Baird Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William L. Fiesinger (D) 52.0%
Joseph E. Baird (R) 48.0%
Ohio 14 Francis Seiberling Republican 1928 Re-elected Francis Seiberling (R) 50.3%
Dow W. Harter (D) 49.7%
Ohio 15 C. Ellis Moore Republican 1918 Re-elected C. Ellis Moore (R) 51.2%
H. R. McClintock (D) 48.8%
Ohio 16 Charles B. McClintock Republican 1928 Re-elected Charles B. McClintock (R) 52.0%
William R. Thom (D) 48.0%
Ohio 17 William M. Morgan Republican 1920 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Charles West (D) 51.4%
William M. Morgan (R) 48.6%
Ohio 18 B. Frank Murphy Republican 1918 Re-elected B. Frank Murphy (R) 60.4%
Emerson Campbell (D) 39.6%
Ohio 19 John G. Cooper Republican 1914 Re-elected John G. Cooper (R) 56.9%
W. B. Kilpatrick (D) 43.1%
Ohio 20 Charles A. Mooney Democratic 1922 Re-elected Charles A. Mooney (D) 75.3%
Max D. Gustin (R) 24.7%
Ohio 21 Robert Crosser Democratic 1922 Re-elected Robert Crosser (D) 51.3%
George H. Bender (R) 48.6%
Gustave F. Ebding (I) 0.2%
Ohio 22 Chester C. Bolton Republican 1928 Re-elected Chester C. Bolton (R) 56.8%
Edward F. Carran (D) 34.8%
Helen Green (I) 8.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 Charles O'Connor Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Wesley E. Disney (D) 50.2%
Charles O'Connor (R) 49.8%
Oklahoma 2 William W. Hastings Democratic 1922 Re-elected William W. Hastings (D) 61.5%
E. L. Kirby (R) 38.5%
Oklahoma 3 Wilburn Cartwright Democratic 1926 Re-elected Wilburn Cartwright (D) 80.4%
Palestine Brice (R) 19.6%
Oklahoma 4 Tom D. McKeown Democratic 1922 Re-elected Tom D. McKeown (D) 69.7%
M. L. Matson (R) 30.3%
Oklahoma 5 Ulysses S. Stone Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Fletcher B. Swank (D) 58.7%
Ulysses S. Stone (R) 41.3%
Oklahoma 6 Jed Johnson Democratic 1926 Re-elected Jed Johnson (D) 71.6%
Ann W. Dillard (R) 28.4%
Oklahoma 7 James V. McClintic Democratic 1914 Re-elected James V. McClintic (D) 78.2%
R. C. Holt (R) 21.8%
Oklahoma 8 Milton C. Garber Republican 1922 Re-elected Milton C. Garber (R) 60.4%
H. B. King (D) 39.3%
Richard J. Shive (I) 0.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 Willis C. Hawley Republican 1906 Re-elected Willis C. Hawley (R) 55.5%
William A. Delzell (D) 44.5%
Oregon 2 Robert R. Butler Republican 1928 Re-elected Robert R. Butler (R) 66.0%
Robert E. Bradford (D) 34.0%
Oregon 3 Franklin F. Korell Republican 1927 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Charles H. Martin (D) 55.1%
Franklin F. Korell (R) 39.7%
Peter Streiff, Jr. (S) 5.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 James M. Beck Republican 1927 Re-elected James M. Beck (R) 78.9%
John P. Mulrenan (D) 20.5%
John H. Miller (C) 0.6%
Others 0.003%
Pennsylvania 2 George S. Graham Republican 1912 Re-elected George S. Graham (R) 84.6%
Charles S. Hill (D) 15.0%
Fred Rentz (C) 0.4%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 3 Harry C. Ransley Republican 1920 Re-elected Harry C. Ransley (R) 84.4%
Edward P. Carroll (D) 15.2%
Roy H. Hudson (C) 0.3%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 4 Benjamin M. Golder Republican 1924 Re-elected Benjamin M. Golder (R) 78.0%
Thomas J. Carroll (D) 20.8%
Joseph Schwartz (S) 1.2%
Others 0.02%
Pennsylvania 5 James J. Connolly Republican 1920 Re-elected James J. Connolly (R) 76.6%
Frank W. Dougherty (Lab) 22.9%
Leo P. Lemley (C) 0.6%
Others 0.007%
Pennsylvania 6 George A. Welsh Republican 1922 Re-elected George A. Welsh (R) 76.1%
John P. Boylan (D) 23.9%
Others 0.005%
Pennsylvania 7 George P. Darrow Republican 1914 Re-elected George P. Darrow (R) 77.5%
Robert V. Bolger (D) 22.5%
Others 0.005%
Pennsylvania 8 James Wolfenden Republican 1928 Re-elected James Wolfenden (R) 80.5%
Harry D. Wescott (D) 19.5%
Pennsylvania 9 Henry Winfield Watson Republican 1914 Re-elected Henry Winfield Watson (R) 73.0%
John F. Headly (D) 27.0%
Others 0.01%
Pennsylvania 10 J. Roland Kinzer Republican 1930 Re-elected J. Roland Kinzer (R) 77.3%
William A. Brinkman (D) 22.7%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 11 Laurence H. Watres Republican 1922 Retired
Democratic gain
Patrick J. Boland (D) Unopposed
Pennsylvania 12 Charles Murray Turpin Republican 1929 Re-elected Charles Murray Turpin (R) 57.8%
John T. Kmetz (D) 42.2%
Pennsylvania 13 George F. Brumm Republican 1928 Re-elected George F. Brumm (R) 92.3%
William Wilhelm (D) 7.7%
Pennsylvania 14 Charles J. Esterly Republican 1928 Retired
Democratic gain
Norton Lewis Lichtenwalner (D) 52.4%
Robert Grey Bushong (R) 34.3%
Andrew P. Bower (S) 13.3%
Others 0.004%
Pennsylvania 15 Louis T. McFadden Republican 1914 Re-elected Louis T. McFadden (R) 72.6%
Frank J. Price (D) 27.4%
Others 0.005%
Pennsylvania 16 Edgar R. Kiess Republican 1912 Died in office
Republican hold
Robert F. Rich (R) 75.5%
J. Drew Fague (D) 24.5%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 17 Frederick W. Magrady Republican 1924 Re-elected Frederick W. Magrady (R) 60.5%
Samuel M. Shipman (D) 39.5%
Pennsylvania 18 Edward M. Beers Republican 1922 Re-elected Edward M. Beers (R) 68.0%
T. Z. Minehart (D) 32.0%
Others 0.005%
Pennsylvania 19 Isaac Hoffer Doutrich Republican 1926 Re-elected Isaac Hoffer Doutrich (R) 79.4%
Harold V. McNair (D) 20.6%
Others 0.006%
Pennsylvania 20 James Russell Leech Republican 1926 Re-elected James Russell Leech (R) 54.9%
George E. Wolfe (D) 45.1%
Pennsylvania 21 J. Banks Kurtz Republican 1922 Re-elected J. Banks Kurtz (R) 71.8%
Bernard J. Clark (D) 28.2%
Others 0.003%
Pennsylvania 22 Franklin Menges Republican 1924 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Harry L. Haines (D) 54.4%
Franklin Menges (R) 44.2%
Harry W. Logeman (S) 1.1%
Others 0.3%
Pennsylvania 23 James Mitchell Chase Republican 1926 Re-elected James Mitchell Chase (R) 70.8%
Maxwell J. Moore (D) 29.2%
Pennsylvania 24 Samuel Austin Kendall Republican 1918 Re-elected Samuel Austin Kendall (R) 67.6%
Milton M. Brooke (D) 32.4%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 25 Henry Wilson Temple Republican 1912 Re-elected Henry Wilson Temple (R) 69.8%
James S. Pates (D) 30.2%
Others 0.003%
Pennsylvania 26 J. Howard Swick Republican 1926 Re-elected J. Howard Swick (R) 100.0%
Others 0.008%
Pennsylvania 27 Nathan Leroy Strong Republican 1916 Re-elected Nathan Leroy Strong (R) 79.1%
D. R. Tomb (D) 20.9%
Others 0.002%
Pennsylvania 28 Thomas Cunningham Cochran Republican 1926 Re-elected Thomas Cunningham Cochran (R) 70.9%
Guy Thorne (D) 29.1%
Pennsylvania 29 Milton W. Shreve Republican 1918 Re-elected Milton W. Shreve (R) 54.5%
Charles N. Crosby (D) 45.5%
Others 0.01%
Pennsylvania 30 William R. Coyle Republican 1928 Re-elected William R. Coyle (R) 50.8%
Everett Kent (D) 49.2%
Pennsylvania 31 Adam M. Wyant Republican 1920 Re-elected Adam M. Wyant (R) 70.5%
James M. Cramer (D) 27.2%
Harry Eckard (S) 2.4%
Pennsylvania 32 Stephen Geyer Porter Republican 1910 Died in office
Republican hold
Edmund Frederick Erk (R) 82.6%
Edward S. Michalowski (D) 16.6%
E. J. Horacek (C) 0.8%
Others 0.02%
Pennsylvania 33 Melville Clyde Kelly Republican 1916 Re-elected Melville Clyde Kelly (R) 96.4%
William Adams (S) 3.5%
Others 0.02%
Pennsylvania 34 Patrick J. Sullivan Republican 1928 Re-elected Patrick J. Sullivan (R) 97.6%
Max Jenkins (C) 2.4%
Others 0.06%
Pennsylvania 35 Harry A. Estep Republican 1926 Re-elected Harry A. Estep (R) 81.6%
John Murphy (D) 18.3%
Others 0.05%
Pennsylvania 36 Guy E. Campbell Republican 1916 Re-elected Guy E. Campbell (R) 99.9%
Others 0.06%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Clark Burdick Republican 1918 Re-elected Clark Burdick (R) 57.5%
Samuel W. Smith, Jr. (D) 42.5%
Rhode Island 2 Richard S. Aldrich Republican 1922 Re-elected Richard S. Aldrich (R) 54.7%
Arthur L. Conaty (D) 45.3%
Rhode Island 3 Jeremiah E. O'Connell Democratic 1928 Resigned when appointed an associate justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court
Democratic hold
Francis Condon (D) 56.4%
William R. Fortin (R) 43.6%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 Thomas S. McMillan Democratic 1924 Re-elected Thomas S. McMillan (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 2 Butler B. Hare Democratic 1924 Re-elected Butler B. Hare (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 3 Frederick H. Dominick Democratic 1916 Re-elected Frederick H. Dominick (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 4 John J. McSwain Democratic 1920 Re-elected John J. McSwain (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 5 William Francis Stevenson Democratic 1917 Re-elected William Francis Stevenson (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 6 Allard H. Gasque Democratic 1922 Re-elected Allard H. Gasque (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 7 Hampton P. Fulmer Democratic 1920 Re-elected Hampton P. Fulmer (D) Unopposed

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Charles A. Christopherson Republican 1918 Re-elected Charles A. Christopherson (R) 84.7%
Henry Bormann (I) 15.3%
South Dakota 2 Royal C. Johnson Republican 1914 Re-elected Royal C. Johnson (R) 52.4%
Fred H. Hildebrandt (D) 47.0%
Einow Niva (I) 0.7%
South Dakota 3 William Williamson Republican 1920 Re-elected William Williamson (R) 55.8%
Theodore B. Werner (D) 44.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 B. Carroll Reece Republican 1920 Lost re-election Oscar B. Lovette (R) 53.4%
B. Carroll Reece (R) 46.6%
Tennessee 2 J. Will Taylor Republican 1918 Re-elected J. Will Taylor (R) 55.6%
E. E. Patton (Ind Rep) 41.6%
J. Brown (I) 2.9%
Tennessee 3 Sam D. McReynolds Democratic 1922 Re-elected Sam D. McReynolds (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 4 Cordell Hull Democratic 1922 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
John Ridley Mitchell (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 5 Ewin L. Davis Democratic 1918 Re-elected Ewin L. Davis (D) 92.0%
George Motlow (R) 8.0%
Tennessee 6 Joseph W. Byrns, Sr. Democratic 1908 Re-elected Joseph W. Byrns, Sr. (D) 93.3%
E. L. Bradbury (I) 6.7%
Tennessee 7 Edward Everett Eslick Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward Everett Eslick (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Gordon Browning Democratic 1922 Re-elected Gordon Browning (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 9 Jere Cooper Democratic 1928 Re-elected Jere Cooper (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 10 Hubert Fisher Democratic 1916 Retired
Democratic hold
E. H. Crump (D) 93.7%
Herbert L. Harper (R) 3.9%
Thomas B. Collier (D) 2.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) 94.7%
Thomas A. Clarke (R) 5.3%
Texas 2 John C. Box Democratic 1918 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Martin Dies, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Texas 3 Morgan G. Sanders Democratic 1920 Re-elected Morgan G. Sanders (D) Unopposed
Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic 1912 Re-elected Sam Rayburn (D) 88.8%
Floyd Harry (R) 11.2%
Texas 5 Hatton W. Sumners Democratic 1914 Re-elected Hatton W. Sumners (D) 88.1%
Clinton S. Bailey (R) 11.9%
Texas 6 Luther A. Johnson Democratic 1922 Re-elected Luther A. Johnson (D) Unopposed
Texas 7 Clay Stone Briggs Democratic 1918 Re-elected Clay Stone Briggs (D) Unopposed
Texas 8 Daniel E. Garrett Democratic 1920 Re-elected Daniel E. Garrett (D) Unopposed
Texas 9 Joseph J. Mansfield Democratic 1916 Re-elected Joseph J. Mansfield (D) 87.6%
George Seydler (R) 12.4%
Texas 10 James P. Buchanan Democratic 1912 Re-elected James P. Buchanan (D) Unopposed
Texas 11 Oliver H. Cross Democratic 1928 Re-elected Oliver H. Cross (D) Unopposed
Texas 12 Fritz G. Lanham Democratic 1919 Re-elected Fritz G. Lanham (D) Unopposed
Texas 13 Guinn Williams Democratic 1922 Re-elected Guinn Williams (D) 91.1%
W. C. Witcher (R) 8.9%
Texas 14 Harry M. Wurzbach Republican 1930 Re-elected Harry M. Wurzbach (R) 59.3%
Henry B. Dielman (D) 40.7%
Texas 15 John Nance Garner Democratic 1902 Re-elected John Nance Garner (D) 77.5%
Carlos G. Watson (R) 22.5%
Texas 16 Claude Benton Hudspeth Democratic 1918 Retired
Democratic hold
R. Ewing Thomason (D) 84.1%
Mitchell Waldrop (R) 15.9%
Texas 17 Thomas L. Blanton Democratic 1930 Re-elected Thomas L. Blanton (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 John Marvin Jones Democratic 1916 Re-elected John Marvin Jones (D) 93.2%
S. E. Fish (R) 6.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 Don B. Colton Republican 1920 Re-elected Don B. Colton (R) 60.8%
Joseph Ririe (D) 38.7%
A. W. Clemons (S) 0.5%
Utah 2 Elmer O. Leatherwood Republican 1920 Died in office
Republican hold
Frederick C. Loofbourow (R) 44.3%
Joshua H. Paul (D) 42.4%
George N. Lawrence (Liberty) 13.0%
Otto E. Parsons (S) 0.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont 1 Elbert S. Brigham Republican 1924 Retired
Republican hold
John E. Weeks (R) 58.0%
Joseph A. McNamara (D) 42.0%
Others 0.01%
Vermont 2 Ernest Willard Gibson Republican 1923 Re-elected Ernest Willard Gibson (R) 81.2%
James Cosgrove (D) 18.8%
Others 0.01%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 S. Otis Bland Democratic 1918 Re-elected S. Otis Bland (D) 91.0%
W. A. Rowe (Orig Dem) 8.8%
Others 0.2%
Virginia 2 Menalcus Lankford Republican 1928 Re-elected Menalcus Lankford (R) 54.4%
Joseph T. Deal (D) 45.6%
Others 0.01%
Virginia 3 Andrew Jackson Montague Democratic 1912 Re-elected Andrew Jackson Montague (D) 87.4%
R. Houston Brett (Ind Rep) 12.2%
Others 0.4%
Virginia 4 Patrick H. Drewry Democratic 1920 Re-elected Patrick H. Drewry (D) 99.9%
Others 0.07%
Virginia 5 Joseph Whitehead Democratic 1924 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Thomas G. Burch (D) 99.9%
Others 0.06%
Virginia 6 Clifton A. Woodrum Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clifton A. Woodrum (D) 99.6%
Others 0.4%
Virginia 7 Jacob A. Garber Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John W. Fishburne (D) 58.4%
Jacob A. Garber (R) 41.6%
Others 0.07%
Virginia 8 R. Walton Moore Democratic 1919 Retired
Democratic hold
Howard W. Smith (D) 79.3%
F. M. Brooks (R) 19.4%
Others 1.3%
Virginia 9 Joseph Crockett Shaffer Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John W. Flannagan, Jr. (D) 55.6%
Joseph Crockett Shaffer (R) 44.4%
Virginia 10 Henry St. George Tucker III Democratic 1922 Re-elected Henry St. George Tucker III (D) 85.9%
Carney K. Rosser (I) 7.4%
M. J. Putnam (I) 6.7%
Others 0.02%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 John Franklin Miller Republican 1916 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Ralph A. Horr (R) 55.8%
Charles G. Heifner (D) 41.0%
Jared Heardlick (Soc-Lab) 2.2%
John Laurie (C) 1.0%
Washington 2 Lindley H. Hadley Republican 1914 Re-elected Lindley H. Hadley (R) 89.7%
William J. Bouck (FL) 6.4%
August Toellner (I) 2.5%
L. J. Ady (C) 1.3%
Washington 3 Albert Johnson Republican 1912 Re-elected Albert Johnson (R) 100.0%
Homer Bowan (D) 0.005%
Washington 4 John W. Summers Republican 1918 Re-elected John W. Summers (R) 100.0%
H. C. Davis (R) 0.003%
H. H. Wende (R) 0.003%
Washington 5 Samuel B. Hill Democratic 1923 Re-elected Samuel B. Hill (D) 74.3%
T. W. Symons, Jr. (R) 25.7%

West Virginia

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Carl G. Bachmann Republican 1924 Re-elected Carl G. Bachmann (R) 56.1%
Robert L. Ramsay (D) 43.9%
West Virginia 2 Frank L. Bowman Republican 1924 Re-elected Frank L. Bowman (R) 50.8%
Jennings Randolph (D) 49.2%
West Virginia 3 John M. Wolverton Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Lynn Hornor (D) 51.4%
John M. Wolverton (R) 48.6%
West Virginia 4 James A. Hughes Republican 1926 Died in office
Republican hold
Robert Lynn Hogg (R) 53.8%
Mary M. Johnson (D) 46.2%
West Virginia 5 Hugh Ike Shott Republican 1928 Re-elected Hugh Ike Shott (R) 52.2%
T. J. Lilly (D) 47.8%
West Virginia 6 Joe L. Smith Democratic 1928 Re-elected Joe L. Smith (D) 56.6%
Fred O. Blue (R) 43.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Henry A. Cooper Republican 1920 Re-elected Henry A. Cooper (R) 95.7%
William C. Kiernan (Ind Dem) 4.3%
Wisconsin 2 Charles A. Kading Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Kading (R) 71.5%
A. A. Nowak (D) 28.5%
Wisconsin 3 John M. Nelson Republican 1920 Re-elected John M. Nelson (R) 95.1%
Frank J. Antoine (Ind Dem) 4.9%
Wisconsin 4 John C. Schafer Republican 1922 Re-elected John C. Schafer (R) 46.6%
William F. Quick (S) 36.2%
William J. Kershaw (D) 15.5%
Joseph A. Hansen (Proh) 0.9%
John Kasun (Ind Com) 0.8%
Wisconsin 5 William H. Stafford Republican 1928 Re-elected William H. Stafford (R) 42.2%
James P. Sheehan (S) 40.4%
Thomas O'Malley (D) 16.8%
Raymond Hansborough (Ind Com) 0.7%
Wisconsin 6 Florian Lampert Republican 1918 Died in office
Democratic gain
Michael Reilly (D) 50.2%
Philip Lehner (R) 49.0%
Leonard L. Gudex (S) 0.7%
Wisconsin 7 Merlin Hull Republican 1928 Lost re-election
Lost renomination
Gardner R. Withrow (R) 82.3%
Merlin Hull (R) 14.6%
Oliver Needham (Proh) 3.1%
Wisconsin 8 Edward E. Browne Republican 1912 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Gerald J. Boileau (R) 79.1%
William F. Collins (D) 20.9%
Wisconsin 9 George J. Schneider Republican 1922 Re-elected George J. Schneider (R) Unopposed
Wisconsin 10 James A. Frear Republican 1912 Re-elected James A. Frear (R) 97.5%
Wesley Vasey (Proh) 2.5%
Wisconsin 11 Hubert H. Peavey Republican 1922 Re-elected Hubert H. Peavey (R) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large Vincent Carter Republican 1928 Re-elected Vincent Carter (R) 64.7%
John P. Rusk (D) 35.3%


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