United States House of Representatives elections, 1942

United States House of Representatives elections, 1942
United States
November 3, 1942[1]

All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Sam Rayburn Joseph Martin Merlin Hull
Party Democratic Republican Progressive
Leader's seat Texas-4th Massachusetts-14th Wisconsin-9th
Last election 267 seats 162 seats 3 seats
Seats won 222 209 2
Seat change Decrease 45 Increase 47 Decrease 1
Popular vote 13,181,759 14,271,483 185,114
Percentage 47.0% 50.8% 0.7%
Swing Decrease 4.4% Increase 5.2% Decrease 0.3%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Rich T. Buckler Vito Marcantonio
Party Farmer–Labor American Labor
Leader's seat Minnesota-9th New York-20th
Last election 1 seat 1 seat
Seats won 1 1
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 151,684 91,283
Percentage 0.5% 0.3%
Swing Decrease 0.1% Decrease 0.4%

Speaker before election

Sam Rayburn

Elected Speaker

Sam Rayburn

The 1942 United States House of Representatives elections was held in the middle of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's third term.

The main factor that led to the Republican gains during this election cycle was concern over World War II and American involvement.[2]

Roosevelt's Democratic Party lost 45 seats, retaining only a slender majority even though they lost the popular vote by over 1 million votes (3.9%). This would not occur again until 1952, when the party who won the popular vote did not also win the majority of the House of Representatives.

Overall results

222 1 1 2 209
Democratic AL FL P Republican
Party Total
Republican 209 Increase 47 48.0% 50.8% 14,271,483
Democratic 222 Decrease 45 51.0% 47.0% 13,181,759
Progressive 2 Decrease 1 0.4% 0.7% 186,982
Farmer-Labor 1 Steady 0.2% 0.5% 151,684
American Labor 1 Steady 0.2% 0.3% 91,283
Independent 0 Decrease 1 0.0% 0.2% 67,333
Socialist 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 37,390
Communist 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 29,659
Prohibition 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 25,413
Townsend 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 9,843
Socialist Labor 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 1,963
National Recovery 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 1,705
Win the War 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 120
Liberal 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 114
Social Reconstruction 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 114
Independent-Labor 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 75
Others 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 17,444
Totals 435 Steady 100.0% 100.0% 28,074,364

Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk

Popular vote
American Labor
House seats
American Labor

[[Image:78 us house membership.png|thumb|400px|

House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80+% to 100% Democratic
  80+% to 100% Republican
  60+% to 80% Democratic
  60+% to 80% Republican
  up to 60% Democratic
  up to 60% Republican


[[Image:78 us house changes.png|thumb|400px|

Change in seats
  6+ Democratic gain
  6+ Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  no net change


Separate elections

Some special elections were held on dates other than in November.

Date District Reason Results Candidates
August 25, 1942 California 17 Lee E. Geyer (D) died October 11, 1941 Democratic hold[3]
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November.
Cecil R. King (D) 58.02%
John A. Shidler (D) 19.67%
Harold A. Sparling (D) 11.53%
John T. Rawls (I) 8.79%

November elections

Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama 1 Frank W. Boykin Democratic 1935 Re-elected Frank W. Boykin (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2 George M. Grant Democratic 1938 Re-elected George M. Grant (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3 Henry B. Steagall Democratic 1914 Re-elected Henry B. Steagall (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4 Sam Hobbs Democratic 1934 Re-elected Sam Hobbs (D) Unopposed
Alabama 5 Joe Starnes Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joe Starnes (D) Unopposed
Alabama 6 Pete Jarman Democratic 1936 Re-elected Pete Jarman (D) Unopposed
Alabama 7 Carter Manasco Democratic 1941 Re-elected Carter Manasco (D) Unopposed
Alabama 8 John Sparkman Democratic 1936 Re-elected John Sparkman (D) Unopposed
Alabama 9 Luther Patrick Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
John P. Newsome (D) 95.6%
C. R. Holliman (R) 4.1%
Rob F. Hall (C) 0.3%


Arizona received a second representative in reapportionment; it continued to elect both representatives at large rather than drawing districts.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona At-large John R. Murdock Democratic 1936 Re-elected Richard F. Harless (D) 36.6%
John R. Murdock (D) 36.3%
George R. Darnell (R) 15.0%
Joseph S. Jencks, Jr. (R) 11.8%
Morris Graham (C) 0.2%
Arizona At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 Ezekiel C. Gathings Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ezekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Wilbur Mills Democratic 1938 Re-elected Wilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3 Clyde T. Ellis Democratic 1938 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
J. William Fulbright (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 4 William Fadjo Cravens Democratic 1939 Re-elected William Fadjo Cravens (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 5 David D. Terry Democratic 1933 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Brooks Hays (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 6 William F. Norrell Democratic 1938 Re-elected William F. Norrell (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 7 Oren Harris Democratic 1940 Re-elected Oren Harris (D) Unopposed


Three new seats were added in reapportionment, increasing the delegation from 20 to 23 seats. Two of the new seats were won by Democrats, one by a Republican. One Republican and one Democratic incumbents lost re-election, and one vacancy was won by a Republican. Therefore, both Democrats and Republicans increased by 2 seats.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Clarence F. Lea Democratic 1916 Re-elected Clarence F. Lea (D) 93.2%
Albert J. Lima (C) 6.8%
California 2 Harry Lane Englebright Republican 1926 Re-elected Harry Lane Englebright (R) Unopposed
California 3 Frank H. Buck Democratic 1932 Died in office
Republican gain
J. Leroy Johnson (R) 54.5%
Joseph B. O'Neill (D) 45.5%
California 4 Thomas Rolph Republican 1940 Re-elected Thomas Rolph (R) 98.3%
Archie Brown (W/I) 1.7%
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican 1926 Re-elected Richard J. Welch (R) 92.7%
Walter R. Lambert (C) 7.3%
California 6 Albert E. Carter Republican 1924 Re-elected Albert E. Carter (R) 92.6%
Clarence Paton (C) 7.3%
William H. Hollander (W/I) 0.2%
California 7 John H. Tolan Democratic 1934 Re-elected John H. Tolan (D) Unopposed
California 8 Jack Z. Anderson Republican 1938 Re-elected Jack Z. Anderson (R) 99.9%
Elizabeth Nicholas (W/I) 0.1%
California 9 Bertrand W. Gearhart Republican 1934 Re-elected Bertrand W. Gearhart (R) Unopposed
California 10 Alfred J. Elliott Democratic 1937 Re-elected Alfred J. Elliott (D) Unopposed
California 11 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
George E. Outland (D) 50.7%
A. J. Dingeman (R) 49.3%
California 12 Jerry Voorhis Democratic 1936 Re-elected Jerry Voorhis (D) 56.8%
Robert P. "Bob" Shuler (R) 43.2%
California 13 Charles Kramer Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Norris Poulson (R) 49.5%
Charles Kramer (D) 42.4%
Calvert S. Wilson (Townsend) 8.1%
California 14 Thomas F. Ford Democratic 1932 Re-elected Thomas F. Ford (D) 67.0%
Herbert L. Herberts (R) 33.0%
California 15 John M. Costello Democratic 1934 Re-elected John M. Costello (D) 86.2%
B. Tarkington Dowden (Proh) 9.9%
Philip Gardner (C) 3.9%
California 16 Leland M. Ford Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Will Rogers, Jr. (D) 53.7%
Leland M. Ford (R) 45.4%
Allen L. Ryan (C) 0.9%
California 17 Cecil R. King Democratic August 25, 1942 Re-elected Cecil R. King (D) Unopposed
California 18 William Ward Johnson Republican 1940 Re-elected William Ward Johnson (R) 56.8%
Francis H. Gentry (D) 43.2%
California 19 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Chet Holifield (D) 63.1%
Carlton H. Casjens (R) 36.9%
California 20 John Carl Hinshaw
Redistricted from 11th
Republican 1938 Re-elected John Carl Hinshaw (R) 48.4%
Joseph O. Donovan (D) 42.9%
Virgil G. Hinshaw (Proh) 5.3%
Janie Berle McCarty (Townsend) 2.7%
Orla E. Lair (C) 0.6%
California 21 Harry R. Sheppard
Redistricted from 19th
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harry R. Sheppard (D) 96.6%
Arthur E. Isham (W/I) 3.4%
California 22 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
John J. Phillips (R) 57.6%
N. E. West (D) 42.4%
California 23 Edouard Izac
Redistricted from 20th
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Edouard Izac (D) 50.5%
James B. Abbey (R) 49.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 Lawrence Lewis Democratic 1932 Re-elected Lawrence Lewis (D) 53.4%
Olaf S. Jacobson (R) 46.0%
Ward Rodgers (S) 0.6%
Colorado 2 William S. Hill Republican 1940 Re-elected William S. Hill (R) 67.7%
Julian E. Hall (D) 31.7%
William E. Randall (S) 0.6%
Colorado 3 John Chenoweth Republican 1940 Re-elected John Chenoweth (R) 62.7%
J. C. Jarrett (D) 37.3%
Colorado 4 Robert F. Rockwell Republican 1941 Re-elected Robert F. Rockwell (R) 58.8%
Elizabeth E. Pellet (D) 41.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 Herman P. Kopplemann Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William J. Miller (R) 51.4%
Herman P. Kopplemann (D) 48.6%
Connecticut 2 William J. Fitzgerald Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John D. McWilliams (R) 51.4%
William J. Fitzgerald (D) 48.6%
Connecticut 3 James A. Shanley Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ranulf Compton (R) 51.7%
James A. Shanley (D) 48.3%
Connecticut 4 Le Roy D. Downs Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Clare Boothe Luce (R) 46.2%
Le Roy D. Downs (D) 41.9%
David Mansell (S) 11.3%
Lester P. Barlow (Soc-Lab) 0.7%
Connecticut 5 Joseph E. Talbot Republican 1942 Re-elected Joseph E. Talbot (R) 53.6%
William A. Patten (D) 45.7%
Edward M. Ryan (Prog) 0.8%
Connecticut At-large Lucien J. Maciora Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
B. J. Monkiewicz (R) 49.8%
Lucien J. Maciora (D) 45.3%
John W. Ring (S) 4.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large Philip A. Traynor Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Earle D. Willey (R) 53.6%
Philip A. Traynor (D) 45.8%
Charles A. Kirk (Proh) 0.7%


Florida received a 6th seat in reapportionment; it added an at-large district to its 5 districts rather than redrawing them.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 J. Hardin Peterson Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. Hardin Peterson (D) Unopposed
Florida 2 Robert A. Green Democratic 1932 Ran in at-large district
Democratic hold
Emory H. Price (D) Unopposed
Florida 3 Robert L. F. Sikes Democratic 1940 Re-elected Robert L. F. Sikes (D) Unopposed
Florida 4 Pat Cannon Democratic 1938 Re-elected Pat Cannon (D) 81.4%
Bert Leigh Acker (R) 18.6%
Florida 5 Joe Hendricks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Joe Hendricks (D) 70.9%
Emory Akerman (R) 29.1%
Florida At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Robert A. Green (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 Hugh Peterson Democratic 1934 Re-elected Hugh Peterson (D) 98.2%
H. W. Sheppard (I) 1.8%
Georgia 2 Edward E. Cox Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward E. Cox (D) 100.0%
Joe Baker (I) 0.03%
Georgia 3 Stephen Pace Democratic 1936 Re-elected Stephen Pace (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4 Albert Sidney Camp Democratic 1939 Re-elected Albert Sidney Camp (D) 100.0%
Roscoe Pickett (I) 0.04%
Georgia 5 Robert Ramspeck Democratic 1929 Re-elected Robert Ramspeck (D) 96.0%
Henry A. Alexander (R) 4.0%
Georgia 6 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7 Malcolm C. Tarver Democratic 1926 Re-elected Malcolm C. Tarver (D) Unopposed
Georgia 8 John S. Gibson Democratic 1940 Re-elected John S. Gibson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 9 B. Frank Whelchel Democratic 1934 Re-elected B. Frank Whelchel (D) 71.0%
Roscoe Pickett (I) 29.0%
Georgia 10 Paul Brown Democratic 1933 Re-elected Paul Brown (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 Compton I. White Democratic 1932 Re-elected Compton I. White (D) 54.1%
H. C. Baldridge (R) 45.9%
Idaho 2 Henry C. Dworshak Republican 1938 Re-elected Henry C. Dworshak (R) 54.8%
Ira H. Masters (D) 45.2%


Illinois was reapportioned from 27 representatives to 26; it went from electing 2 at-large representatives to 1 without redrawing the other districts.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 Arthur W. Mitchell Democratic 1934 Retired
Democratic hold
William L. Dawson (D) 52.8%
William E. King (R) 47.2%
Illinois 2 Raymond S. McKeough Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
William A. Rowan (D) 50.8%
Thomas J. Downs (R) 49.2%
Illinois 3 Edward A. Kelly Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Fred E. Busbey (R) 51.3%
Edward A. Kelly (D) 48.7%
Illinois 4 Harry P. Beam Democratic 1930 Retired to become judge of municipal court of Chicago
Democratic hold
Martin Gorski (D) 78.7%
Arthur J. Rutshaw (R) 21.3%
Illinois 5 Adolph J. Sabath Democratic 1906 Re-elected Adolph J. Sabath (D) 72.2%
Clem Graver (R) 27.8%
Illinois 6 A. F. Maciejewski Democratic 1938 Retired
Democratic hold
Thomas J. O'Brien (D) 57.4%
Raymond E. Trafelet (R) 42.6%
Illinois 7 Leonard W. Schuetz Democratic 1930 Re-elected Leonard W. Schuetz (D) 50.3%
James C. Moreland (R) 49.7%
Illinois 8 Leo Kocialkowski Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Thomas S. Gordon (D) 78.8%
Rena E. Pikiel (R) 21.2%
Illinois 9 Charles S. Dewey Republican 1940 Re-elected Charles S. Dewey (R) 51.3%
Irwin N. Walker (D) 48.7%
Illinois 10 George A. Paddock Republican 1940 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Ralph E. Church (R) 63.0%
Jack Bairstow (D) 37.0%
Illinois 11 Chauncey W. Reed Republican 1934 Re-elected Chauncey W. Reed (R) 71.0%
Joseph S. Perry (D) 29.0%
Illinois 12 Noah M. Mason Republican 1936 Re-elected Noah M. Mason (R) 71.4%
Tony R. Berrettini (D) 28.6%
Illinois 13 Leo E. Allen Republican 1932 Re-elected Leo E. Allen (R) 79.4%
Michael M. Kinney (D) 20.6%
Illinois 14 Anton J. Johnson Republican 1938 Re-elected Anton J. Johnson (R) 59.3%
Robert M. Harper (D) 40.7%
Illinois 15 Robert B. Chiperfield Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert B. Chiperfield (R) 62.1%
Montgomery B. Carrott (D) 37.9%
Illinois 16 Everett Dirksen Republican 1932 Re-elected Everett Dirksen (R) 68.8%
James D. Carrigan (D) 31.2%
Illinois 17 Leslie C. Arends Republican 1934 Re-elected Leslie C. Arends (R) 72.4%
Frank Gillespie (D) 27.6%
Illinois 18 Jessie Sumner Republican 1938 Re-elected Jessie Sumner (R) 62.4%
Fred E. Butcher (D) 37.6%
Illinois 19 William H. Wheat Republican 1938 Re-elected William H. Wheat (R) 57.3%
Alfred D. Huston (D) 42.7%
Illinois 20 James M. Barnes Democratic 1938 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Sid Simpson (R) 51.0%
James M. Barnes (D) 49.0%
Illinois 21 George Evan Howell Republican 1940 Re-elected George Evan Howell (R) 58.1%
William P. Roberts (D) 41.9%
Illinois 22 Edwin M. Schaefer Democratic 1932 Retired
Republican gain
Calvin D. Johnson (R) 55.7%
Harry C. Odum (D) 44.3%
Illinois 23 Laurence F. Arnold Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles W. Vursell (R) 52.7%
Laurence F. Arnold (D) 47.3%
Illinois 24 James V. Heidinger Republican 1940 Re-elected James V. Heidinger (R) 58.4%
Leroy Barham (D) 41.6%
Illinois 25 C. W. Bishop Republican 1940 Re-elected C. W. Bishop (R) 55.1%
Kent E. Keller (D) 44.9%
Illinois At-large Stephen A. Day Republican 1940 Re-elected Stephen A. Day (R) 51.3%
Benjamin S. Adamowski (D) 48.3%
Elizabeth Stephens Carr (Proh) 0.4%


Indiana was redrawn from 12 districts to 11 after reapportionment; most of the districts underwent minor boundary changes, and the old 11th district was divided up, distributing Madison County to the 5th, Hancock County to the 10th, and consolidating the parts of Marion County in the old 11th and Indianapolis-based 12th into a new 11th.[4] This forced incumbents William H. Larrabee and Raymond S. Springer to run against each other in a district drawn mainly from Springer's old district.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 William T. Schulte Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Ray J. Madden (D) 53.6%
Samuel W. Cullison (R) 46.4%
Indiana 2 Charles A. Halleck Republican 1935 Re-elected Charles A. Halleck (R) 61.2%
Emmett Ferguson (D) 38.8%
Indiana 3 Robert A. Grant Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert A. Grant (R) 55.2%
Lewis J. Murphy (D) 44.8%
Indiana 4 George W. Gillie Republican 1938 Re-elected George W. Gillie (R) 61.0%
Samuel C. Cleland (D) 39.0%
Indiana 5 Forest A. Harness Republican 1938 Re-elected Forest A. Harness (R) 55.7%
Edward C. Hays (D) 44.3%
Indiana 6 Noble J. Johnson Republican 1938 Re-elected Noble J. Johnson (R) 58.1%
Floyd I. McMurray (D) 41.9%
Indiana 7 Gerald W. Landis Republican 1938 Re-elected Gerald W. Landis (R) 56.9%
O. A. Noland (D) 43.1%
Indiana 8 John W. Boehne, Jr. Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles M. La Follette (R) 53.7%
John W. Boehne, Jr. (D) 46.3%
Indiana 9 Earl Wilson Republican 1940 Re-elected Earl Wilson (R) 55.9%
Roy Huckleberry (D) 44.1%
Indiana 10 Raymond S. Springer Republican 1938 Re-elected Raymond S. Springer (R) 57.4%
William H. Larrabee (D) 42.6%
William H. Larrabee
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Indiana 11 Louis Ludlow
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1928 Re-elected Louis Ludlow (D) 50.3%
Howard M. Meyer (R) 49.7%


Iowa was redistricted from 9 to 8 districts, with the most substantial changes being merging the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th districts in northeastern Iowa down to 2 districts.[4]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 Thomas E. Martin Republican 1938 Re-elected Thomas E. Martin (R) 61.4%
Vern W. Nall (D) 36.7%
John A. Huglin (National Recovery) 1.9%
Iowa 2 Henry O. Talle
Redistricted from 4th
Republican 1938 Re-elected Henry O. Talle (R) 57.4%
William S. Jacobsen (D) 42.6%
William S. Jacobsen Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Iowa 3 John W. Gwynne Republican 1934 Re-elected John W. Gwynne (R) 60.7%
William D. Kearney (D) 39.3%
Iowa 4 Karl M. Le Compte
Redistricted from 5th
Republican 1938 Re-elected Karl M. Le Compte (R) 64.5%
Thomas L. Curran (D) 35.5%
Iowa 5 Paul Cunningham
Redistricted from 6th
Republican 1940 Re-elected Paul Cunningham (R) 63.2%
E. Frank Fox (D) 36.8%
Iowa 6 Fred C. Gilchrist
Redistricted from 8th
Republican 1930 Re-elected Fred C. Gilchrist (R) 60.3%
Edward Breen (D) 39.7%
Iowa 7 Ben F. Jensen Republican 1938 Re-elected Ben F. Jensen (R) 64.2%
Jess Alton (D) 35.8%
Iowa 8 Vincent F. Harrington
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1936 Resigned to serve in Army Air Corps
Republican gain
Charles B. Hoeven (R) 64.6%
Walter T. Mahoney (D) 35.4%


Kansas was reapportioned from 7 districts to 6, with the central Kansas 4th district losing territory on its north and gaining most of the old 5th district around Wichita.[4]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 William P. Lambertson Republican 1928 Re-elected William P. Lambertson (R) 59.2%
John E. Barrett (D) 40.8%
Kansas 2 Ulysses Samuel Guyer Republican 1926 Re-elected Ulysses Samuel Guyer (R) 59.1%
Herbert L. Drake (D) 40.9%
Kansas 3 Thomas Daniel Winter Republican 1938 Re-elected Thomas Daniel Winter (R) 59.8%
William E. Murphy (D) 40.2%
Kansas 4 Edward Herbert Rees Republican 1936 Re-elected Edward Herbert Rees (R) 55.7%
John Mills Houston (D) 44.3%
John Mills Houston
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Kansas 5 Clifford R. Hope
Redistricted from 7th
Republican 1926 Re-elected Clifford R. Hope (R) 66.6%
S. S. Alexander (D) 33.4%
Kansas 6 Frank Carlson Republican 1934 Re-elected Frank Carlson (R) 64.2%
Lud W. Strnad (D) 35.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Noble Jones Gregory Democratic 1936 Re-elected Noble Jones Gregory (D) 67.5%
Walter L. Prince (R) 32.5%
Kentucky 2 Beverly M. Vincent Democratic 1937 Re-elected Beverly M. Vincent (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 3 Emmet O'Neal Democratic 1934 Re-elected Emmet O'Neal (D) 55.2%
Jouett Ross Todd (R) 44.8%
Kentucky 4 Edward W. Creal Democratic 1935 Re-elected Edward W. Creal (D) 55.7%
Don V. Drye (R) 44.3%
Kentucky 5 Brent Spence Democratic 1930 Re-elected Brent Spence (D) 53.5%
Lewis R. Kimberly (R) 34.9%
Ed Wimmer (I) 11.0%
Jerome Bihl (I) 0.7%
Kentucky 6 Virgil Chapman Democratic 1930 Re-elected Virgil Chapman (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 7 Andrew J. May Democratic 1930 Re-elected Andrew J. May (D) 50.6%
Elmer E. Gabbard (R) 49.4%
Kentucky 8 Joe B. Bates Democratic 1930 Re-elected Joe B. Bates (D) 56.0%
F. A. Easterling (R) 44.0%
Kentucky 9 John M. Robsion Republican 1934 Re-elected John M. Robsion (R) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 F. Edward Hebert Democratic 1940 Re-elected F. Edward Hebert (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 2 Hale Boggs Democratic 1940 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Paul H. Maloney (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 3 James R. Domengeaux Democratic 1940 Re-elected James R. Domengeaux (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 4 Overton Brooks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Overton Brooks (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 5 Newt V. Mills Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Charles E. McKenzie (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 Jared Y. Sanders, Jr. Democratic 1940 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
James H. Morrison (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 Vance Plauche Democratic 1940 Retired
Democratic hold
Henry D. Larcade, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 A. Leonard Allen Democratic 1936 Re-elected A. Leonard Allen (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 James C. Oliver Republican 1936 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Robert Hale (R) 57.0%
Louis J. Brann (D) 43.0%
Maine 2 Margaret Chase Smith Republican 1940 Re-elected Margaret Chase Smith (R) 67.6%
Bradford D. Redonnett (D) 32.4%
Maine 3 Frank Fellows Republican 1940 Re-elected Frank Fellows (R) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 David Jenkins Ward Democratic 1939 Re-elected David Jenkins Ward (D) 55.9%
William H. Lloyd (R) 44.1%
Maryland 2 William P. Cole, Jr. Democratic 1930 Resigned when appointed to United States Customs Court
Democratic hold
Harry Streett Baldwin (D) 62.2%
George R. Norris (R) 37.8%
Maryland 3 Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. Democratic 1938 Re-elected Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. (D) 73.2%
Edward S. Panetti (R) 26.8%
Maryland 4 John Ambrose Meyer Democratic 1940 Lost renomination
Republican gain
Daniel Ellison (R) 50.9%
John M. Wyatt (D) 49.1%
Maryland 5 Lansdale Sasscer Democratic 1939 Re-elected Lansdale Sasscer (D) 66.7%
John N. Torvestad (R) 33.3%
Maryland 6 Katharine Byron Democratic 1941 Retired
Republican gain
James Glenn Beall (R) 59.5%
E. Brooke Lee (D) 40.5%


Massachusetts was reapportioned from 15 districts down to 14, with the most affected incumbent being Thomas H. Eliot of the former 9th, whose western Boston suburbs were moved into the 10th and 4th while his Cambridge residence was pulled into the more urban 11th,[4] where he was defeated in the primary by Jim Curley.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 Allen T. Treadway Republican 1912 Re-elected Allen T. Treadway (R) 56.7%
Frank Gurley (D) 40.9%
Charles H. Daniels (S) 2.4%
Massachusetts 2 Charles R. Clason Republican 1936 Re-elected Charles R. Clason (R) 61.6%
John J. Granfield (D) 38.4%
Massachusetts 3 Joseph E. Casey Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Philip Philbin (D) 50.4%
Alfred Woollacott (R) 49.6%
Massachusetts 4 Pehr G. Holmes Republican 1930 Re-elected Pehr G. Holmes (R) 57.2%
John S. Sullivan (D) 42.8%
Massachusetts 5 Edith Nourse Rogers Republican 1925 Re-elected Edith Nourse Rogers (R) Unopposed
Massachusetts 6 George J. Bates Republican 1936 Re-elected George J. Bates (R) 75.3%
James D. Burns (D) 24.7%
Massachusetts 7 Thomas J. Lane Democratic 1941 Re-elected Thomas J. Lane (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 8 Arthur D. Healey Democratic 1932 Resigned when appointed to United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts
Republican gain
Angier Goodwin (R) 56.2%
Frederick T. McDermott (D) 43.8%
Massachusetts 9 Charles L. Gifford
Redistricted from 15th
Republican 1922 Re-elected Charles L. Gifford (R) 58.8%
George F. Backus (D) 41.2%
Massachusetts 10 George H. Tinkham Republican 1914 Retired
Republican hold
Christian Herter (R) 51.1%
William A. Carey (D) 48.9%
Massachusetts 11 Thomas A. Flaherty Democratic 1937 Retired
Democratic hold
James Michael Curley (D) 69.3%
Vincent Mottola (R) 30.7%
Thomas H. Eliot
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1940 Lost renomination
Democratic loss
Massachusetts 12 John William McCormack Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) 78.7%
Francis P. O'Neill (R) 21.3%
Massachusetts 13 Richard B. Wigglesworth Republican 1928 Re-elected Richard B. Wigglesworth (R) 59.3%
Francis H. Foy (D) 40.7%
Massachusetts 14 Joseph William Martin, Jr. Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 59.4%
Terrance J. Lomax, Jr. (D) 40.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 Rudolph G. Tenerowicz Democratic 1938 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
George G. Sadowski (D) 78.0%
John B. Sosnowski (R) 22.0%
Michigan 2 Earl C. Michener Republican 1934 Re-elected Earl C. Michener (R) 63.1%
Redmond M. Burr (D) 36.3%
Adelaide Sewell (Proh) 0.6%
Michigan 3 Paul W. Shafer Republican 1936 Re-elected Paul W. Shafer (R) 65.7%
Harold E. Steinbacher (D) 32.6%
George A. Brown (Proh) 1.7%
Michigan 4 Clare E. Hoffman Republican 1934 Re-elected Clare E. Hoffman (R) 68.6%
Dean Morley (D) 30.7%
Ora H. Fox (Proh) 0.7%
Michigan 5 Bartel J. Jonkman Republican 1940 Re-elected Bartel J. Jonkman (R) 54.0%
Herman J. Wierenga (D) 45.0%
Fenno E. Densmore (Proh) 1.0%
Michigan 6 William W. Blackney Republican 1938 Re-elected William W. Blackney (R) 57.6%
David M. Martin (D) 41.6%
Daniel T. Perrine (Proh) 0.8%
Michigan 7 Jesse P. Wolcott Republican 1930 Re-elected Jesse P. Wolcott (R) 67.3%
LeRoy S. Wilson (D) 32.7%
Michigan 8 Fred L. Crawford Republican 1934 Re-elected Fred L. Crawford (R) 66.9%
Michael J. Hart (D) 32.1%
James L. Hazeldine (Proh) 0.9%
Michigan 9 Albert J. Engel Republican 1934 Re-elected Albert J. Engel (R) 65.4%
Arnold B. Coxhill (D) 34.0%
Alfred T. Halsted (Proh) 0.6%
Michigan 10 Roy O. Woodruff Republican 1920 Re-elected Roy O. Woodruff (R) 60.1%
John E. Morrison (D) 39.3%
Gustav W. Malm (Proh) 0.5%
Michigan 11 Frederick Van Ness Bradley Republican 1938 Re-elected Frederick Van Ness Bradley (R) 58.0%
Paul L. Adams (D) 42.0%
Michigan 12 Frank Eugene Hook Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John B. Bennett (R) 51.5%
Frank Eugene Hook (D) 45.6%
Andrew Asikainen (Proh) 2.9%
Michigan 13 George D. O'Brien Democratic 1940 Re-elected George D. O'Brien (D) 51.1%
Clarence J. McLeod (R) 48.9%
Michigan 14 Louis C. Rabaut Democratic 1934 Re-elected Louis C. Rabaut (D) 58.7%
Claude G. McDonald (R) 41.3%
Michigan 15 John D. Dingell, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John D. Dingell, Sr. (D) 64.6%
Ivan L. Bowman (R) 35.4%
Michigan 16 John Lesinski, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Lesinski, Sr. (D) 58.5%
Robert W. Ford (R) 41.5%
Michigan 17 George A. Dondero Republican 1932 Re-elected George A. Dondero (R) 56.8%
Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt (D) 43.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 August H. Andresen Republican 1934 Re-elected August H. Andresen (R) 66.2%
Harold R. Atwood (D) 33.8%
Minnesota 2 Joseph P. O'Hara Republican 1940 Re-elected Joseph P. O'Hara (R) 70.0%
R. J. Neunsinger (D) 16.2%
Charles D. Peterson (FL) 13.8%
Minnesota 3 Richard Pillsbury Gale Republican 1940 Re-elected Richard Pillsbury Gale (R) 49.0%
Charles Munn (FL) 32.9%
William J. Gallagher (D) 18.1%
Minnesota 4 Melvin J. Maas Republican 1934 Re-elected Melvin J. Maas (R) 65.1%
William Mahoney (FL) 24.2%
Edward K. Delaney (D) 9.8%
Rose Tillotson (C) 0.9%
Minnesota 5 Oscar Youngdahl Republican 1938 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Walter Judd (R) 63.8%
Joseph Gilbert (FL) 19.5%
Thomas P. Ryan (D) 16.7%
Minnesota 6 Harold Knutson Republican 1934 Re-elected Harold Knutson (R) 57.1%
E. Thomas O'Brien (D) 42.6%
Harry O'Brien (I) 0.3%
Frank O'Brien (I) 0.002%
Minnesota 7 H. Carl Andersen Republican 1938 Re-elected H. Carl Andersen (R) 54.8%
Theodore S. Slen (D) 24.9%
Francis H. Shoemaker (FL) 20.3%
Minnesota 8 William Alvin Pittenger Republican 1938 Re-elected William Alvin Pittenger (R) 58.2%
Rudolph Rautio (FL) 24.5%
E. J. Larsen (D) 11.6%
S. B. Ruohoniemi (D) 5.8%
Minnesota 9 Rich T. Buckler Farmer-Labor 1934 Retired
Farmer-Labor hold
Harold Hagen (FL) 50.4%
John W. Padden (R) 49.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 John E. Rankin Democratic 1920 Re-elected John E. Rankin (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 2 Jamie L. Whitten Democratic 1941 Re-elected Jamie L. Whitten (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3 William Madison Whittington Democratic 1924 Re-elected William Madison Whittington (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 4 Aaron L. Ford Democratic 1934 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Thomas Abernethy (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 5 Ross A. Collins Democratic 1936 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
W. Arthur Winstead (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 6 William M. Colmer Democratic 1932 Re-elected William M. Colmer (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 7 Dan R. McGehee Democratic 1934 Re-elected Dan R. McGehee (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Milton A. Romjue Democratic 1922 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Samuel W. Arnold (R) 55.5%
Milton A. Romjue (D) 44.5%
Missouri 2 William L. Nelson Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Max Schwabe (R) 50.4%
William L. Nelson (D) 49.6%
Missouri 3 Richard M. Duncan Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William C. Cole (R) 56.4%
Richard M. Duncan (D) 43.6%
Missouri 4 C. Jasper Bell Democratic 1934 Re-elected C. Jasper Bell (D) 60.5%
John W. Mitchell (R) 39.5%
Missouri 5 Joe Shannon Democratic 1930 Retired
Democratic hold
Roger C. Slaughter (D) 50.9%
Ralph B. Innis (R) 48.9%
W. F. Rinck (S) 0.2%
Missouri 6 Philip A. Bennett Republican 1940 Re-elected Philip A. Bennett (R) 54.5%
Sam M. Wear (D) 45.5%
Missouri 7 Dewey Short Republican 1934 Re-elected Dewey Short (R) 63.5%
Ralph C. Max (D) 36.5%
Missouri 8 Clyde Williams Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William P. Elmer (R) 51.5%
Clyde Williams (D) 48.5%
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 54.6%
Carl E. Starkloff (R) 45.2%
Elmer E. Morrow (Proh) 0.3%
Missouri 10 Orville Zimmerman Democratic 1934 Re-elected Orville Zimmerman (D) 56.7%
Merrill Spitler (R) 43.3%
Missouri 11 John B. Sullivan Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Louis E. Miller (R) 50.4%
John B. Sullivan (D) 49.6%
Missouri 12 Walter C. Ploeser Republican 1940 Re-elected Walter C. Ploeser (R) 57.0%
Martin L. Neaf (D) 43.0%
Missouri 13 John J. Cochran Democratic 1926 Re-elected John J. Cochran (D) 61.3%
D. E. Horn (R) 38.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 Jeannette Rankin Republican 1940 Retired
Democratic gain
Mike Mansfield (D) 59.0%
Howard K. Hazelbaker (R) 39.5%
Leverne Hamilton (S) 1.5%
Montana 2 James F. O'Connor Democratic 1936 Re-elected James F. O'Connor (D) 52.0%
F. F. Haynes (R) 46.4%
Earl McConnell (S) 1.6%


Redistricted from 5 districts down to 4; the 4th and 1st districts were merged into each other, with the other three districts all gaining some territory on the south.[4]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 Carl T. Curtis
Redistricted from 4th
Republican 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Curtis (R) 66.6%
Ralph G. Brooks (D) 30.0%
Claude C. Earley (I) 3.4%
Oren S. Copeland Republican 1940 Lost renomination
Republican loss
Nebraska 2 Charles F. McLaughlin Democratic 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Howard Buffett (R) 53.2%
Charles F. McLaughlin (D) 46.8%
Nebraska 3 Karl Stefan Republican 1934 Re-elected Karl Stefan (R) 66.6%
George Hally (D) 29.3%
Paul Burke (I) 4.0%
Nebraska 4 Harry B. Coffee
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1934 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican gain
Arthur L. Miller (R) 67.1%
Tom Lanigan (D) 32.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large James G. Scrugham Democratic 1932 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Maurice J. Sullivan (D) 53.6%
Ernest L. Brooks (R) 46.4%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Arthur B. Jenks Republican 1938 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Chester Earl Merrow (R) 52.1%
Thomas A. Murray (D) 47.9%
New Hampshire 2 Foster Waterman Stearns Republican 1938 Re-elected Foster Waterman Stearns (R) 58.4%
Henry J. Proulx (D) 41.6%

New Jersey

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 Charles A. Wolverton Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Wolverton (R) 61.4%
Ralph W. Wescott (D) 38.1%
Phebe Sharp Baner (Proh) 0.5%
New Jersey 2 Elmer H. Wene Democratic 1940 Re-elected Elmer H. Wene (D) 53.0%
Benjamin D. Foulois (R) 47.0%
New Jersey 3 William H. Sutphin Democratic 1930 Lost re-election
Republican gain
James C. Auchincloss (R) 53.4%
William H. Sutphin (D) 46.6%
New Jersey 4 D. Lane Powers Republican 1932 Re-elected D. Lane Powers (R) 63.8%
William H. Thompson, Jr. (D) 36.0%
William C. Kauffman (S) 0.1%
Manuel Cantor (C) 0.06%
New Jersey 5 Charles A. Eaton Republican 1924 Re-elected Charles A. Eaton (R) 64.7%
J. Ellis Kirkham (D) 34.5%
Charles K. Ely (Proh) 0.9%
New Jersey 6 Donald H. McLean Republican 1932 Re-elected Donald H. McLean (R) 57.8%
George R. Walsh (D) 40.4%
Margaret Cameron Lowe (Proh) 1.8%
New Jersey 7 J. Parnell Thomas Republican 1936 Re-elected J. Parnell Thomas (R) 68.8%
Emil M. Wulster (D) 31.2%
New Jersey 8 Gordon Canfield Republican 1940 Re-elected Gordon Canfield (R) 66.6%
Irving Abramson (D) 33.0%
Edward Lun (Soc-Lab) 0.3%
Henry George Linke (I) 0.09%
Savilla K. Dormida (Proh) 0.08%
New Jersey 9 Frank C. Osmers, Jr. Republican 1938 Retired to serve in Army
Republican hold
Harry Lancaster Towe (R) 61.7%
Frank H. Hennessy (D) 38.3%
New Jersey 10 Fred A. Hartley, Jr. Republican 1928 Re-elected Fred A. Hartley, Jr. (R) 53.0%
Frederic Bigelow (D) 44.9%
Albert Bowden (Proh) 1.6%
James Pica (S) 0.2%
Michael J. Caruso (Win the War) 0.2%
Jay Anyon (C) 0.2%
New Jersey 11 Albert L. Vreeland Republican 1938 Retired to serve in Army
Republican hold
Frank Sundstrom (R) 58.9%
William Freiday (D) 38.1%
Gertrude Lubin (S) 2.5%
Wesley U. Morris (Proh) 0.4%
New Jersey 12 Robert W. Kean Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert W. Kean (R) 60.8%
Joseph Siegler (D) 36.2%
Frieda Norman (C) 2.3%
Rubye Smith (S) 0.4%
John P. Wagner (Proh) 0.2%
Salvatore DeCarlo (Lib) 0.2%
New Jersey 13 Mary Teresa Norton Democratic 1924 Re-elected Mary Teresa Norton (D) 79.6%
Raymond J. Cuddy (R) 20.4%
New Jersey 14 Edward J. Hart Democratic 1934 Re-elected Edward J. Hart (D) 78.9%
Otto A. Trankler (R) 21.1%

New Mexico

Reapportioned from 1 representative to 2; both of the representatives were elected at large.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large Clinton Presba Anderson Democratic 1940 Re-elected Clinton Presba Anderson (D) 30.2%
Antonio M. Fernandez (D) 27.8%
William A. Sutherland (R) 21.1%
Reese P. Fullerton (R) 20.9%
New Mexico At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain

New York

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 Leonard W. Hall Republican 1938 Re-elected Leonard W. Hall (R) 68.1%
Rene A. Carreau (D) 28.8%
Sabino Dewey (American Labor) 3.2%
New York 2 William Bernard Barry Democratic 1935 Re-elected William Bernard Barry (D) 50.3%
William D. Rawlins (R) 38.3%
William F. Brunner (American Labor) 11.4%
New York 3 Joseph L. Pfeifer Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joseph L. Pfeifer (D) 59.6%
Samuel Rosenthal (R) 28.6%
Joseph A. Weil (American Labor) 11.8%
New York 4 Thomas H. Cullen Democratic 1918 Re-elected Thomas H. Cullen (D) 63.3%
Frederick H. Gutkes (R) 29.7%
Matthew P. Coleman (American Labor) 7.0%
New York 5 James J. Heffernan Democratic 1940 Re-elected James J. Heffernan (D) 65.7%
Charles G. Jochum (R) 34.3%
New York 6 Andrew Lawrence Somers Democratic 1924 Re-elected Andrew Lawrence Somers (D) 72.2%
Theodore R. Studwell (R) 27.8%
New York 7 John J. Delaney Democratic 1931 Re-elected John J. Delaney (D) 72.8%
Harry Boyarsky (R) 27.2%
New York 8 Donald L. O'Toole Democratic 1936 Re-elected Donald L. O'Toole (D) 72.8%
George F. Picken (R) 27.2%
New York 9 Eugene James Keogh Democratic 1936 Re-elected Eugene James Keogh (D) 45.7%
William J. Drake (R) 43.0%
Albert Slade (American Labor) 11.4%
New York 10 Emanuel Celler Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 68.6%
Jerome Lewis (R) 31.4%
New York 11 James A. O'Leary Democratic 1934 Re-elected James A. O'Leary (D) 57.9%
Robert S. Woodward (R) 42.1%
New York 12 Samuel Dickstein Democratic 1922 Re-elected Samuel Dickstein (D) 87.0%
Hyman Hecht (R) 13.0%
New York 13 Louis Capozzoli Democratic 1940 Re-elected Louis Capozzoli (D) 74.0%
John Rosenberg (R) 26.0%
New York 14 Arthur George Klein Democratic 1941 Re-elected Arthur George Klein (D) 63.8%
Stuart Scheftel (R) 36.2%
New York 15 Michael J. Kennedy Democratic 1938 Retired
Democratic hold
Thomas F. Burchill (D) 58.7%
Walter A. Lockwood (R) 30.1%
John Rogan (American Labor) 11.1%
New York 16 William T. Pheiffer Republican 1940 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James H. Fay (D) 50.1%
William T. Pheiffer (R) 49.9%
New York 17 Joseph C. Baldwin Republican 1941 Re-elected Joseph C. Baldwin (R) 61.0%
Carl Sherman (D) 39.0%
New York 18 Martin J. Kennedy Democratic 1930 Re-elected Martin J. Kennedy (D) 52.8%
Garrow T. Geer, Jr. (R) 47.2%
New York 19 Sol Bloom Democratic 1923 Re-elected Sol Bloom (D) 67.5%
Clarence McMillan (R) 32.5%
New York 20 Vito Marcantonio Labor 1938 Re-elected Vito Marcantonio (American Labor) Unopposed
New York 21 Joseph A. Gavagan Democratic 1929 Re-elected Joseph A. Gavagan (D) 66.3%
Herbert Malkin (R) 33.7%
New York 22 Walter A. Lynch Democratic 1940 Re-elected Walter A. Lynch (D) 67.1%
Richard C. Califano (R) 32.9%
New York 23 Charles A. Buckley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles A. Buckley (D) 74.0%
William J. Waterman (R) 26.0%
New York 24 James M. Fitzpatrick Democratic 1926 Re-elected James M. Fitzpatrick (D) 57.5%
Ralph W. Gwinn (R) 42.5%
New York 25 Ralph A. Gamble Republican 1937 Re-elected Ralph A. Gamble (R) 69.7%
James J. Butterly (D) 27.1%
Dinah Lewis (American Labor) 3.2%
New York 26 Hamilton Fish III Republican 1920 Re-elected Hamilton Fish III (R) 52.2%
Ferdinand A. Hoyt (D) 47.8%
New York 27 Lewis K. Rockefeller Republican 1937 Retired
Republican hold
Jay Le Fevre (R) 63.1%
Sharon J. Mauhs (D) 36.9%
New York 28 William T. Byrne Democratic 1936 Re-elected William T. Byrne (D) 62.9%
Ernest B. Morris (R) 37.1%
New York 29 E. Harold Cluett Republican 1936 Retired
Republican hold
Dean P. Taylor (R) 68.8%
John T. Degnan (D) 31.2%
New York 30 Frank Crowther Republican 1918 Retired
Republican hold
Bernard W. Kearney (R) 62.6%
Burlin G. McKillip (D) 34.6%
Herbert M. Merrill (American Labor) 2.8%
New York 31 Clarence E. Kilburn Republican 1940 Re-elected Clarence E. Kilburn (R) 69.0%
Thomas Q. Ryan (D) 31.0%
New York 32 Francis D. Culkin Republican 1928 Re-elected Francis D. Culkin (R) 73.2%
Vanche F. Milligan (D) 25.3%
Raymond K. Bull (American Labor) 1.5%
New York 33 Fred J. Douglas Republican 1936 Re-elected Fred J. Douglas (R) 60.3%
Stanard Dow Butler (D) 39.7%
New York 34 Edwin Arthur Hall Republican 1939 Re-elected Edwin Arthur Hall (R) 60.8%
Arthur J. Ruland (D) 37.6%
Charles F. Doherty (American Labor) 1.6%
New York 35 Clarence E. Hancock Republican 1927 Re-elected Clarence E. Hancock (R) 64.5%
Arthur B. McGuire (D) 33.2%
Fred Sander (American Labor) 2.3%
New York 36 John Taber Republican 1922 Re-elected John Taber (R) 62.6%
Charles Osborne (D) 37.4%
New York 37 W. Sterling Cole Republican 1934 Re-elected W. Sterling Cole (R) 70.9%
Daniel Crowley (D) 29.1%
New York 38 Joseph J. O'Brien Republican 1938 Re-elected Joseph J. O'Brien (R) 59.1%
Walden Moore (D) 40.9%
New York 39 James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. Republican 1932 Re-elected James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. (R) Unopposed
New York 40 Walter Gresham Andrews Republican 1930 Re-elected Walter Gresham Andrews (R) 68.8%
Julian Park (D) 31.2%
New York 41 Alfred F. Beiter Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Joseph Mruk (R) 57.4%
Alfred F. Beiter (D) 42.6%
New York 42 John Cornelius Butler Republican 1941 Re-elected John Cornelius Butler (R) 53.7%
Frank J. Caffery (D) 46.3%
New York 43 Daniel A. Reed Republican 1918 Re-elected Daniel A. Reed (R) 64.2%
Clare Barnes (D) 30.7%
Nelson M. Fuller (American Labor) 5.1%
New York At-large Matthew J. Merritt Democratic 1934 Re-elected Winifred C. Stanley (R) 25.3%
Matthew J. Merritt (D) 24.5%
Charles Muzzicato (R) 24.3%
Flora D. Johnson (D) 24.1%
Benjamin J. Davis, Jr. (C) 0.7%
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (C) 0.6%
Layle Lane (S) 0.3%
Amicus Most (S) 0.2%
New York At-large Caroline O'Day Democratic 1934 Retired
Republican gain

North Carolina

North Carolina was reapportioned from 11 seats to 12, and reorganized the existing 10th and 11th districts (in the western of the state) into three districts.[4]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Herbert Covington Bonner Democratic 1940 Re-elected Herbert Covington Bonner (D) 92.6%
J. C. Meekins, Jr. (R) 7.4%
North Carolina 2 John H. Kerr Democratic 1923 Re-elected John H. Kerr (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 3 Graham Arthur Barden Democratic 1934 Re-elected Graham Arthur Barden (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 4 Harold D. Cooley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harold D. Cooley (D) 65.2%
Wiley L. Ward (R) 34.8%
North Carolina 5 John Hamlin Folger Democratic 1941 Re-elected John Hamlin Folger (D) 67.5%
S. Evan Hall (R) 32.5%
North Carolina 6 Carl T. Durham Democratic 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Durham (D) 74.5%
Hobart M. Patterson (I) 25.5%
North Carolina 7 J. Bayard Clark Democratic 1928 Re-elected J. Bayard Clark (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 8 William O. Burgin Democratic 1938 Re-elected William O. Burgin (D) 56.5%
A. D. Barber (R) 43.5%
North Carolina 9 Robert L. Doughton Democratic 1910 Re-elected Robert L. Doughton (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 10 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Cameron A. Morrison (D) 55.4%
Charles A. Jonas (R) 44.6%
North Carolina 11 Alfred L. Bulwinkle
Redistricted from 10th
Democratic 1930 Re-elected Alfred L. Bulwinkle (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 12 Zebulon Weaver
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1930 Re-elected Zebulon Weaver (D) 65.3%
Gola P. Ferguson (R) 34.7%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota At-large Usher L. Burdick Republican 1934 Re-elected Usher L. Burdick (R) 30.7%
William Lemke (R) 23.6%
Charles R. Robertson (I) 17.3%
Halvor L. Halvorson (D) 17.1%
Adolph Michelson (D) 11.3%
North Dakota At-large Charles R. Robertson Republican 1940 Lost renomination
Defeated as Independent
Republican hold


Ohio was reapportioned from 24 seats to 23, and removed one of its two at-large seats while leaving the 22 geographical districts unchanged.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Charles H. Elston Republican 1938 Re-elected Charles H. Elston (R) 61.5%
William H. Hessler (D) 38.5%
Ohio 2 William E. Hess Republican 1938 Re-elected William E. Hess (R) 64.0%
Nicholas Bauer (D) 36.0%
Ohio 3 Greg J. Holbrock Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Harry P. Jeffrey (R) 51.6%
Greg J. Holbrock (D) 48.4%
Ohio 4 Robert Franklin Jones Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert Franklin Jones (R) 63.5%
Clarence C. Miller (D) 36.5%
Ohio 5 Cliff Clevenger Republican 1938 Re-elected Cliff Clevenger (R) 63.6%
Ferdinand E. Warren (D) 36.4%
Ohio 6 Jacob E. Davis Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Edward O. McCowen (R) 51.1%
Jacob E. Davis (D) 48.9%
Ohio 7 Clarence J. Brown Republican 1938 Re-elected Clarence J. Brown (R) 69.1%
George H. Smith (D) 30.9%
Ohio 8 Frederick C. Smith Republican 1938 Re-elected Frederick C. Smith (R) 59.8%
Thomas B. Fletcher (D) 40.2%
Ohio 9 John F. Hunter Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Homer A. Ramey (R) 51.8%
John F. Hunter (D) 48.2%
Ohio 10 Thomas A. Jenkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas A. Jenkins (R) 64.2%
Oral Daugherty (D) 35.8%
Ohio 11 Harold K. Claypool Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Walter E. Brehm (R) 61.3%
Harold K. Claypool (D) 38.7%
Ohio 12 John M. Vorys Republican 1938 Re-elected John M. Vorys (R) 58.4%
Arthur P. Lamneck (D) 41.6%
Ohio 13 Albert David Baumhart, Jr. Republican 1940 Resigned to serve in U. S. Navy
Republican hold
Alvin F. Weichel (R) 61.6%
E. C. Alexander (D) 38.4%
Ohio 14 Dow W. Harter Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Edmund Rowe (R) 51.3%
Dow W. Harter (D) 48.7%
Ohio 15 Robert T. Secrest Democratic 1932 Resigned to serve in U. S. Navy
Republican gain
Percy W. Griffiths (R) 60.2%
Charles W. Lynch (D) 39.8%
Ohio 16 William R. Thom Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Henderson H. Carson (R) 52.7%
William R. Thom (D) 47.3%
Ohio 17 J. Harry McGregor Republican 1940 Re-elected J. Harry McGregor (R) 62.8%
Samuel A. Anderson (D) 37.2%
Ohio 18 Lawrence E. Imhoff Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Earl R. Lewis (R) 53.3%
Lawrence E. Imhoff (D) 46.7%
Ohio 19 Michael J. Kirwan Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Kirwan (D) 56.4%
James T. Begg (R) 43.6%
Ohio 20 Martin L. Sweeney Democratic 1931 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Michael A. Feighan (D) 61.8%
Harry T. Marshall (R) 25.1%
Marie R. Sweeney (I) 13.1%
Ohio 21 Robert Crosser Democratic 1922 Re-elected Robert Crosser (D) 63.8%
William J. Rogers (R) 34.8%
Arnold S. Johnson (R) 1.4%
Ohio 22 Frances P. Bolton Republican 1940 Re-elected Frances P. Bolton (R) 57.1%
James Metzenbaum (D) 42.9%
Ohio At-large George H. Bender Republican 1938 Re-elected George H. Bender (R) 56.9%
Stephen M. Young (D) 43.1%
Stephen M. Young Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Democratic loss


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 Wesley E. Disney Democratic 1930 Re-elected Wesley E. Disney (D) 54.2%
W. R. Boyd (R) 44.4%
George W. Ford (I) 1.1%
F. E. Pomeroy (Proh) 0.3%
Oklahoma 2 John Conover Nichols Democratic 1934 Re-elected John Conover Nichols (D) 50.5%
E. O. Clark (R) 49.5%
Oklahoma 3 Wilburn Cartwright Democratic 1926 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Paul Stewart (D) 78.6%
Frank D. McSherry (R) 21.4%
Oklahoma 4 Lyle Boren Democratic 1936 Re-elected Lyle Boren (D) 56.8%
Charles E. Wells (R) 43.2%
Oklahoma 5 A. S. Mike Monroney Democratic 1938 Re-elected A. S. Mike Monroney (D) 69.7%
George Wesley Colvert (R) 29.8%
Lizzie Varvil (Proh) 0.5%
Oklahoma 6 Jed Johnson Democratic 1926 Re-elected Jed Johnson (D) 57.9%
J. L. Hart, Jr. (R) 42.1%
Oklahoma 7 Victor Wickersham Democratic 1941 Re-elected Victor Wickersham (D) 70.0%
Roscoe C. Holt (R) 30.0%
Oklahoma 8 Ross Rizley Republican 1940 Re-elected Ross Rizley (R) 60.3%
Julius W. Cox (D) 39.0%
Don Klingensmith (Proh) 0.6%


Oregon redistricted from 3 districts to 4 by splitting the old 1st district (the western part of the state except Multnomah County) and putting the southern half (Linn and Lane counties and the counties to the south) into a 4th district.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 James W. Mott Republican 1932 Re-elected James W. Mott (R) 69.5%
Earl A. Nott (D) 30.5%
Oregon 2 Walter M. Pierce Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Lowell Stockman (R) 61.4%
Walter M. Pierce (D) 38.6%
Oregon 3 Homer D. Angell Republican 1938 Re-elected Homer D. Angell (R) 51.0%
Thomas R. Mahoney (D) 49.0%
Oregon 4 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Harris Ellsworth (R) 51.0%
Edward C. Kelly (D) 49.0%


Pennsylvania was reapportioned from 34 to 33 representatives, and redistricted from 34 to 32 geographical districts with one new at-large district. The Philadelphia-area districts were left pretty much unchanged, with the removal of one district in north-central Pennsylvania and another in Pittsburgh and compensating adjustments to nearby districts.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 Leon Sacks Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
James A. Gallagher (R) 53.5%
Leon Sacks (D) 46.5%
Pennsylvania 2 James P. McGranery Democratic 1936 Re-elected James P. McGranery (D) 50.5%
Augustus Trask Ashton (R) 49.5%
Pennsylvania 3 Michael J. Bradley Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Bradley (D) 51.4%
John R. K. Scott (R) 48.6%
Pennsylvania 4 John E. Sheridan Democratic 1939 Re-elected John E. Sheridan (D) 53.2%
Howard T. Scott (R) 45.1%
Harry J. Greene (Citizens Progressive) 1.6%
John A. Oebbecke (Social Reconstruction) 0.1%
Pennsylvania 5 Francis R. Smith Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
C. Frederick Pracht (R) 51.1%
Francis R. Smith (D) 48.9%
Pennsylvania 6 Francis J. Myers Democratic 1938 Re-elected Francis J. Myers (D) 55.3%
William H. Sylk (R) 44.7%
Pennsylvania 7 Hugh Scott Republican 1940 Re-elected Hugh Scott (R) 55.7%
Thomas Z. Minehart (D) 44.3%
Pennsylvania 8 James Wolfenden Republican 1928 Re-elected James Wolfenden (R) 58.5%
Vernon O'Rourke (D) 41.5%
Pennsylvania 9 Charles L. Gerlach Republican 1938 Re-elected Charles L. Gerlach (R) 62.0%
Francis L. Collum (D) 38.0%
Pennsylvania 10 J. Roland Kinzer Republican 1930 Re-elected J. Roland Kinzer (R) 68.8%
Daniel J. C. O'Donnell (D) 31.2%
Pennsylvania 11 Patrick J. Boland Democratic 1930 Died in office
Democratic hold
John W. Murphy (D) 55.8%
James K. Peck (R) 44.2%
Pennsylvania 12 Thomas B. Miller Republican 1942 Re-elected Thomas B. Miller (R) 54.5%
Daniel J. Flood (D) 45.5%
Pennsylvania 13 Ivor D. Fenton Republican 1938 Re-elected Ivor D. Fenton (R) 58.2%
J. Noble Hirsch (D) 41.8%
Pennsylvania 14 Guy L. Moser Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Daniel K. Hoch (D) 51.1%
John C. Griesemer (R) 42.8%
Raymond S. Hofses (S) 6.1%
Pennsylvania 15 Wilson D. Gillette Republican 1941 Re-elected Wilson D. Gillette (R) 65.7%
Michael E. Yurkovsky (D) 34.3%
Marion M. Heller (Proh) 0.01%
Robert F. Rich
Redistricted from 16th
Republican 1930 Retired
Republican loss
Pennsylvania 16 Thomas E. Scanlon
Redistricted from 30th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Thomas E. Scanlon (D) 51.3%
Robert Van Der Voort (R) 48.7%
Pennsylvania 17 J. William Ditter Republican 1932 Re-elected J. William Ditter (R) 69.2%
Charles W. Moyer (D) 30.8%
Pennsylvania 18 Richard M. Simpson Republican 1937 Re-elected Richard M. Simpson (R) 62.0%
John W. Mann (D) 38.0%
Pennsylvania 19 John C. Kunkel Republican 1938 Re-elected John C. Kunkel (R) 66.0%
Andrew S. Beshore (D) 34.0%
Pennsylvania 20 Benjamin Jarrett Republican 1936 Retired
Republican hold
Leon H. Gavin (R) 64.5%
John C. Brecht (D) 34.5%
Christian H. Diegal (Proh) 1.0%
Pennsylvania 21 Francis E. Walter Democratic 1932 Re-elected Francis E. Walter (D) 53.5%
William R. Coyle (R) 46.5%
Pennsylvania 22 Harry L. Haines Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Chester H. Gross (R) 50.1%
Harry L. Haines (D) 49.9%
Pennsylvania 23 James E. Van Zandt Republican 1938 Re-elected James E. Van Zandt (R) 61.0%
Harry E. Diehl (D) 39.0%
Pennsylvania 24 J. Buell Snyder Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. Buell Snyder (D) 51.1%
Carl H. Hoffman (R) 48.9%
Pennsylvania 25 Charles I. Faddis Democratic 1932 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Grant Furlong (D) 50.3%
M. B. Armstrong (R) 49.7%
Pennsylvania 26 Louis E. Graham Republican 1938 Re-elected Louis E. Graham (R) 58.5%
Peter P. Reising (D) 41.5%
Pennsylvania 27 Harve Tibbott Republican 1938 Re-elected Harve Tibbott (R) 55.6%
Eddie McCloskey (D) 44.4%
Pennsylvania 28 Augustine B. Kelley Democratic 1940 Re-elected Augustine B. Kelley (D) 53.5%
Edward R. Stirling (R) 46.5%
Pennsylvania 29 Robert L. Rodgers Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert L. Rodgers (R) 59.3%
James F. Lavery (D) 40.7%
Pennsylvania 30 Samuel A. Weiss
Redistricted from 31st
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Samuel A. Weiss (D) 56.4%
John McDowell (R) 43.6%
Pennsylvania 31 Herman P. Eberharter
Redistricted from 32nd
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Herman P. Eberharter (D) 58.1%
Robert Garland (R) 41.9%
Pennsylvania 32 James A. Wright
Redistricted from 34th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected James A. Wright (D) 51.6%
James G. Fulton (R) 48.4%
Elmer J. Holland
Redistricted from 33rd
Democratic 1942 Retired
Democratic loss
Pennsylvania At-large None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
William I. Troutman (R) 54.7%
Inez B. Peel (D) 44.4%
Robert G. Burnham (Proh) 0.9%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Aime Forand Democratic 1940 Re-elected Aime Forand (D) 59.0%
Charles H. Eden (R) 41.0%
Rhode Island 2 John E. Fogarty Democratic 1940 Re-elected John E. Fogarty (D) 57.4%
Harry Sandager (R) 42.6%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 L. Mendel Rivers Democratic 1940 Re-elected L. Mendel Rivers (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 2 Hampton P. Fulmer Democratic 1920 Re-elected Hampton P. Fulmer (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 3 Butler B. Hare Democratic 1938 Re-elected Butler B. Hare (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 4 Joseph R. Bryson Democratic 1938 Re-elected Joseph R. Bryson (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 5 James P. Richards Democratic 1932 Re-elected James P. Richards (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 6 John L. McMillan Democratic 1938 Re-elected John L. McMillan (D) Unopposed

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Karl E. Mundt Republican 1938 Re-elected Karl E. Mundt (R) 59.9%
Fred H. Hildebrandt (D) 40.1%
South Dakota 2 Francis H. Case Republican 1936 Re-elected Francis H. Case (R) 71.9%
George M. Bailey (D) 28.1%


Tennessee was reapportioned from 9 districts to 10, and added an additional district in the central part of the state, allowing Davidson County to have its own district.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 B. Carroll Reece Republican 1932 Re-elected B. Carroll Reece (R) 96.1%
H. T. D. Wills (I) 3.9%
Tennessee 2 John Jennings Republican 1939 Re-elected John Jennings (R) 53.6%
John T. O'Connor (D) 46.4%
Tennessee 3 Estes Kefauver Democratic 1939 Re-elected Estes Kefauver (D) 75.6%
Walter Higgins (R) 19.7%
Walter Harris (I) 4.6%
Tennessee 4 Albert Gore, Sr. Democratic 1938 Re-elected Albert Gore, Sr. (D) 68.9%
H. E. McLean (R) 31.1%
Tennessee 5 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Jim Nance McCord (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 6 Percy Priest
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Percy Priest (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 7 W. Wirt Courtney
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1939 Re-elected W. Wirt Courtney (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Herron C. Pearson
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1934 Retired
Democratic hold
Tom J. Murray (D) 61.2%
P. W. Maddox (R) 38.8%
Tennessee 9 Jere Cooper
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1928 Re-elected Jere Cooper (D) 89.3%
S. Homer Tatum (I) 10.7%
Tennessee 10 Clifford Davis
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Clifford Davis (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) Unopposed
Texas 2 Martin Dies, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected Martin Dies, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Texas 3 Lindley Beckworth Democratic 1938 Re-elected Lindley Beckworth (D) Unopposed
Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic 1912 Re-elected Sam Rayburn (D) Unopposed
Texas 5 Hatton W. Sumners Democratic 1914 Re-elected Hatton W. Sumners (D) Unopposed
Texas 6 Luther A. Johnson Democratic 1922 Re-elected Luther A. Johnson (D) Unopposed
Texas 7 Nat Patton Democratic 1934 Re-elected Nat Patton (D) 99.1%
A. W. Orr (R) 0.9%
Texas 8 Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 1936 Re-elected Albert Richard Thomas (D) 96.9%
M. N. S. Kjorlang (R) 1.9%
Vance Muse (W/I) 1.2%
Texas 9 Joseph J. Mansfield Democratic 1916 Re-elected Joseph J. Mansfield (D) Unopposed
Texas 10 Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic 1937 Re-elected Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Unopposed
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Re-elected William R. Poage (D) Unopposed
Texas 12 Fritz G. Lanham Democratic 1919 Re-elected Fritz G. Lanham (D) Unopposed
Texas 13 Ed Gossett Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ed Gossett (D) 98.1%
Louis N. Gould (R) 1.9%
Texas 14 Richard M. Kleberg Democratic 1931 Re-elected Richard M. Kleberg (D) Unopposed
Texas 15 Milton H. West Democratic 1933 Re-elected Milton H. West (D) Unopposed
Texas 16 R. Ewing Thomason Democratic 1930 Re-elected R. Ewing Thomason (D) Unopposed
Texas 17 Sam M. Russell Democratic 1940 Re-elected Sam M. Russell (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 Eugene Worley Democratic 1940 Re-elected Eugene Worley (D) Unopposed
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Re-elected George H. Mahon (D) Unopposed
Texas 20 Paul J. Kilday Democratic 1938 Re-elected Paul J. Kilday (D) 81.7%
William A. Turner (R) 18.3%
Texas 21 Charles L. South Democratic 1934 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
O. C. Fisher (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 Walter K. Granger Democratic 1940 Re-elected Walter K. Granger (D) 50.2%
J. Bracken Lee (R) 49.8%
Utah 2 J. W. Robinson Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. W. Robinson (D) 55.8%
Reed E. Vetterli (R) 44.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont At-large Charles Albert Plumley Republican 1934 Re-elected Charles Albert Plumley (R) 70.2%
John B. Candon (D) 29.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 S. Otis Bland Democratic 1918 Re-elected S. Otis Bland (D) Unopposed
Virginia 2 Winder R. Harris Democratic 1938 Re-elected Winder R. Harris (D) Unopposed
Virginia 3 Dave E. Satterfield, Jr. Democratic 1937 Re-elected Dave E. Satterfield, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Virginia 4 Patrick H. Drewry Democratic 1920 Re-elected Patrick H. Drewry (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5 Thomas G. Burch Democratic 1930 Re-elected Thomas G. Burch (D) 93.1%
Howard H. Carwile (S) 6.9%
Virginia 6 Clifton A. Woodrum Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clifton A. Woodrum (D) 93.6%
Stephen A. Moore (S) 6.4%
Virginia 7 Absalom Willis Robertson Democratic 1932 Re-elected Absalom Willis Robertson (D) Unopposed
Virginia 8 Howard W. Smith Democratic 1930 Re-elected Howard W. Smith (D) 86.6%
Harry Byrd Conlin (R) 11.4%
Clarke T. Robb (S) 2.0%
Virginia 9 John W. Flannagan, Jr. Democratic 1930 Re-elected John W. Flannagan, Jr. (D) 63.6%
Cary Ingram Crockett (R) 36.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 Warren Magnuson Democratic 1936 Re-elected Warren Magnuson (D) 65.5%
Harold H. Stewart (R) 34.1%
P. J. Alter (Soc-Lab) 0.4%
Washington 2 Henry M. Jackson Democratic 1940 Re-elected Henry M. Jackson (D) 59.9%
Payson Peterson (R) 40.1%
Washington 3 Martin F. Smith Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Fred B. Norman (R) 57.1%
Martin F. Smith (D) 42.9%
Washington 4 Knute Hill Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Hal Holmes (R) 63.6%
Knute Hill (D) 36.4%
Washington 5 Charles H. Leavy Democratic 1936 Resigned when appointed judge
Republican gain
Walt Horan (R) 62.7%
C. C. Dill (D) 37.3%
Washington 6 John M. Coffee Democratic 1936 Re-elected John M. Coffee (D) 64.0%
Ralph Woods (R) 35.5%
Selmer Skreen (Soc-Lab) 0.6%

West Virginia

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Robert L. Ramsay Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
A. C. Schiffler (R) 54.7%
Robert L. Ramsay (D) 45.3%
West Virginia 2 Jennings Randolph Democratic 1932 Re-elected Jennings Randolph (D) 50.2%
Charles G. Baker (R) 49.8%
West Virginia 3 Andrew Edmiston, Jr. Democratic 1933 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Edward G. Rohrbough (R) 53.2%
Andrew Edmiston, Jr. (D) 46.8%
West Virginia 4 George William Johnson Democratic 1932 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Hubert S. Ellis (R) 52.2%
George William Johnson (D) 47.8%
West Virginia 5 John Kee Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Kee (D) 57.2%
B. F. Howard (R) 42.8%
West Virginia 6 Joe L. Smith Democratic 1928 Re-elected Joe L. Smith (D) 51.8%
Houston G. Young (R) 48.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Lawrence H. Smith Republican 1941 Re-elected Lawrence H. Smith (R) 71.9%
Bernard F. Magruder (D) 26.1%
Walter G. Benson (S) 2.0%
Wisconsin 2 Harry Sauthoff Progressive 1940 Re-elected Harry Sauthoff (Prog) 50.2%
Charles Hawks, Jr. (R) 39.6%
Thomas R. Brooks (D) 9.6%
Fred A. Hale (S) 0.6%
Wisconsin 3 William H. Stevenson Republican 1940 Re-elected William H. Stevenson (R) 46.9%
Gardner R. Withrow (Prog) 42.6%
William D. Carroll (D) 10.1%
Henry A. Ochsner (S) 0.4%
Wisconsin 4 Thaddeus Wasielewski Democratic 1940 Re-elected Thaddeus Wasielewski (D) 48.8%
John C. Schafer (R) 30.3%
John C. Brophy (Prog) 18.2%
Robert Buech (S) 2.6%
Wisconsin 5 Lewis D. Thill Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Howard J. McMurray (D) 43.2%
Lewis D. Thill (R) 37.4%
Roy A. Roush (Prog) 16.0%
Edwin W. Knappe (S) 3.5%
Wisconsin 6 Frank B. Keefe Republican 1938 Re-elected Frank B. Keefe (R) 62.2%
Eugene Schallern (D) 20.1%
Adam F. Poltl (Prog) 16.0%
John C. Boll (S) 1.7%
Wisconsin 7 Reid F. Murray Republican 1938 Re-elected Reid F. Murray (R) 71.9%
John A. Kennedy (D) 28.1%
Wisconsin 8 Joshua L. Johns Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
LaVern Dilweg (D) 54.5%
Joshua L. Johns (R) 45.5%
Wisconsin 9 Merlin Hull Progressive 1934 Re-elected Merlin Hull (Prog) 61.8%
George H. Hipke (R) 32.6%
Jack E. Joyce (D) 5.6%
Wisconsin 10 Bernard J. Gehrmann Progressive 1934 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Alvin E. O'Konski (R) 48.4%
Bernard J. Gehrmann (Prog) 41.1%
John G. Green (D) 10.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large John J. McIntyre Democratic 1940 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Frank A. Barrett (R) 50.7%
John J. McIntyre (D) 49.3%

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