Bay of Hawakil

Bay of Hawakil
Howakil Bay
Coordinates 15°0′N 40°13′E / 15.000°N 40.217°E / 15.000; 40.217Coordinates: 15°0′N 40°13′E / 15.000°N 40.217°E / 15.000; 40.217
Ocean/sea sources Red Sea
Basin countries Eritrea
Max. length 26 km (16 mi)
Max. width 57 km (35 mi)
Islands Hawakil Islands[1]
Settlements Fiok, Akilo and Boholo

Bay of Hawakil[2] or Howakil Bay[3] is a bay on the Red Sea, on the coast of Eritrea. The bay is full of islands.[1]


The Bay of Hawakil is located about 120 km east of Asmara. It is open towards the northeast and the Hawakil Islands fill the bay. The easternmost headland is Ras Herbe and the northernmost Ras Lamma Tacaito. The settlements of Fiok, Akilo and Boholo lie on the western shore of the bay.[2]


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