Conception Bay (Namibia)

This article is about the bay in Namibia. For the bay in Newfoundland, see Conception Bay.
Conception Bay
Coordinates 23°55′S 14°30′E / 23.917°S 14.500°E / -23.917; 14.500Coordinates: 23°55′S 14°30′E / 23.917°S 14.500°E / -23.917; 14.500
Ocean/sea sources Atlantic Ocean
Basin countries Namibia
Settlements None[1]

Conception Bay (Afrikaans: Conceptionbaai, German: Empfängnisbucht)[2] is a bay on the coast of Namibia, Africa.[3] The bay is exposed, not providing a useful anchorage.


Conception Bay opens to the Atlantic Ocean in the northwest. There is a lagoon at the southern edge of its shoreline. The bay is located in a desolate area.[1] It is part of one of the coastal stretches of Namibia where diamonds are found.[4]


On 30 July 1926 the SS Cawdor Castle, a cargo ship under the flag of the United Kingdom, ran aground in Conception Bay.[5][6] She broke up over the following weeks and was a complete wreck by early September.[7]

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