Ambas Bay

Ambas Bay
Baie d'Ambas
Coordinates 4°00′N 9°11′E / 4.000°N 9.183°E / 4.000; 9.183Coordinates: 4°00′N 9°11′E / 4.000°N 9.183°E / 4.000; 9.183
Ocean/sea sources Gulf of Guinea
Atlantic Ocean
Basin countries Cameroon
Max. length 9 km (5.6 mi)
Max. width 3.8[1]

Ambas Bay is a bay of southwest Cameroon.


The bay opens towards the Gulf of Guinea. The port of Limbe lies on the shore of Ambas Bay.[2]


Alfred Saker founded a settlement of freed slaves on the bay in 1858, which was later renamed Victoria.[3] in 1884 Britain established the Ambas Bay Protectorate, of which Victoria was the capital. It was then ceded to Germany in 1887.[4]

Colonial governors of Ambas Bay

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Victoria Colony
1858Foundation of Victoria Colony by English Baptist Missionary Society
1858 to 1876Alfred Saker, Administrator 
1877 to 1878George Grenfell, Administrator 
1878 to 1879Q. W. Thomson, Administrator 
1879 to July 1884..., Administrator 
British Ambas Bay Protectorate
19 July 1884  
July 1884 to 21 April 1885Edward H. Hewitt, Administrator 
21 April 1885 to 28 March 1887..., Administrator 
28 March 1887Ambas Bay becomes part of German possessions


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