Pemba Bay

Pemba Bay
Baía de Pemba
Coordinates 12°56′56″S 40°27′42″E / 12.94889°S 40.46167°E / -12.94889; 40.46167Coordinates: 12°56′56″S 40°27′42″E / 12.94889°S 40.46167°E / -12.94889; 40.46167
River sources Lúrio River
Ocean/sea sources Indian Ocean
Basin countries Mozambique
Settlements Pemba[1]

Pemba Bay (Portuguese: Baia de Pemba) is a very large bay on the Indian Ocean of northeastern Mozambique.[2]


The Pemba Bay is east-facing and is located in the area of the city of Pemba.[3][4] It is hemmed in largely by the Pemba peninsula which contains the city and is accessed through a relatively narrow channel. The Lúrio River empties into the sea just to the south of Pemba Bay.[5] It is a notorious location for the illegal trade of ivory.[6] Operators such as Kakazini offer trips around the bay for about US$40 per person.[4] Several hotels overlook Pemba Bay including Londo Lodge, which has "beach-facing villas overlooking the bay, a restaurant and a range of water sports". [7]

Port development at Pemba Bay.
Local women fishing with mosquito nets.


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