Erramala Hills
The Erramalas

The Erramalas during Monsoon
Highest point
Coordinates 15°12′48″N 77°57′12″E / 15.21333°N 77.95333°E / 15.21333; 77.95333Coordinates: 15°12′48″N 77°57′12″E / 15.21333°N 77.95333°E / 15.21333; 77.95333
Country India
Provinces/States Andhra Pradesh
Age of rock Cambrian

The Erramala (Telugu: ఎఱ్ఱమల) are a range of low hills[1] in southern India, in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state. The Erramala hills lie on the Deccan plateau, running east-west and dividing the basin of the Penner River to the south from the basin of the Krishna River to the north. The Hill range may be extended along the Penner River basin in Kadapa district.
Some Important Visitor Attractions along the Erramala Hills are as follows

In the east lies the higher Nallamalla Hills.



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