Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station

Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station

Station entrance
Location Kōtō, Tokyo
Operated by Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway
Line(s) Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line, Toei Ōedo Line
Other information
Station code E-14 (Ōedo Line)
Z-11 (Hanzōmon Line)
Opened 2000

Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station (清澄白河駅 Kiyosumi-shirakawa-eki) is a subway station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line and the Toei Ōedo Line in Koto, Tokyo, Japan, jointly operated by the two Tokyo subway operators Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway.

Some trains on both lines terminate and originate at this station.

Hanzomon Line platforms
Ōedo Line platforms

Station layout

Toei platforms

1/2  Toei Ōedo Line for Ryōgoku, Iidabashi, and Tochōmae
3/4  Toei Ōedo Line for Daimon and Roppongi

Platforms 2 and 3 serve the same track, with some trains terminating and starting here.

Tokyo Metro platforms

1  Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line for Ōtemachi and Shibuya
Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line for Chūō-Rinkan
2  Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line for Kinshichō and Oshiage
Tobu Skytree Line for Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen
Tobu Isesaki Line for Kuki
Tōbu Nikkō Line for Minami-Kurihashi

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line (Z-11)
Suitengūmae (Z-10) - Sumiyoshi (Z-12)
Toei Ōedo Line (E-14)
Morishita (E-13) - Monzen-nakachō (E-15)


The Toei Ōedo Line station opened on December 12, 2000. The Hanzōmon Line station opened on March 19, 2003.

Passenger statistics

In fiscal 2013, the Tokyo Metro station was the least used on the Hanzōmon line and the 78th-busiest on the Tokyo Metro network as a whole with an average of 47,192 passengers daily.[1] Over the same fiscal year, the Toei station was used by an average of 17,430 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[2] The passenger statistics for the Tokyo Metro station in previous years are as shown below.

Fiscal year Daily average
2011 41,938[3]
2012 45,263[4]
2013 47,192[1]


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