Gulf of 'Agig

Gulf of 'Agig
Khalig ‘Agig
Coordinates 18°20′N 38°10′E / 18.333°N 38.167°E / 18.333; 38.167Coordinates: 18°20′N 38°10′E / 18.333°N 38.167°E / 18.333; 38.167
Ocean/sea sources Red Sea
Basin countries Sudan
Max. length 13 km (8.1 mi)
Max. width 20 km (12 mi)
Islands Numerous[1]

Gulf of ‘Agig or Khalig ‘Agig[2] is a body of water on the coastline of Sudan on the Red Sea.


The Gulf of ‘Agig is northeast-facing and is located 160 km to the southeast of Port Sudan.[1] It has small islands on its eastern side, The ‘Amarāt Islands close to its mouth, and the smaller Hayyis Wa Karai Islands on its southwestern part, close to the shore.[2]


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