List of donkey breeds

This list of breeds of domestic donkey is based on country reports to the international DAD-IS database.[1]


Breed name
(native language in DAD-IS) /Other names
Country Notes Image
Abkhazskaya Russian Federation
Abyssinian Donkey Ethiopia
Algerian Algeria Used as a draught or meat animal. Chestnut or grey in colour.[2]
American Mammoth Jack USA Also called "Mammoth Jackstock" or "Mammoth donkey"; developed from a blend of Poitou, Andalusian, Majorcan, and Catalan breeds[3]
Anatolian Turkey
Âne Africain Central African Republic, Chad
Provence donkey (Âne de Provence) France Provence
Pyrenean donkey (Âne des Pyrénées) France Aquitaine, Midi Pyrénées, Languedoc Roussillon; also called Gascon; similar to Catalan but smaller[4]
Bourbonnais Donkey (Âne du Bourbonnais) France
Cotentin Donkey (Âne du Cotentin) France
Âne du Gourma Mali
Âne du Miankala Mali
Âne du plateau Dogon Mali
Âne du Sahel Mall
Âne du Yatenga Mali
Âne locale Madagascar
Norman donkey (Âne Normand) France
Berry Grey (Âne Petit Gris du Berry) France extinct
Ânes Togo
Âne wallon Belgium
Anger Iran
Armyanskaya Armenia
Asin Niger
Asinara donkey (Asino dell’Asinara) Italy critically endangered; indigenous to the Isola dell'Asinara, Sardinia
Asino Argentato di Sologno Italy
Asino Baio Lucano Italy
Amiatina (Asino dell’Amiata) Italy Monte Amiata, province of Grosseto, Tuscany
Asino dell'Irpinia Italy extinct; provinces of Benevento and Avellino
Castel Morrone donkey (Asino di Castel Morrone) Italy probably extinct; around Castel Morrone in the Province of Caserta, Campania
Martina Franca donkey (Asino di Martina Franca) Italy Martina Franca and neighbouring areas in south-east Murgia, in the provinces of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi in Puglia
Asino di Sant'Alberto Italy extinct; provinces of Forlì and Cesena
Asino Emiliano Italy extinct
Grigio Siciliano (Asino Grigio Siciliano) Italy Sicily
Pantesco (Asino Pantesco or Asino di Pantelleria) Italy from the island of Pantelleria, Sicily
Asino Pugliese Italy Puglia; regional variants include the Asino delle Marche, Asino della Basilicata and Asino Leccese
Ragusano donkey (Asino Ragusano) Italy from Ragusa in Sicily, and neighbouring areas
Romagnolo donkey (Asino Romagnolo) Italy from Emilia–Romagna
Sardinian donkey (Asino Sardo) Italy from Sardinia
Asino Sardo Grigio Crociato Italy from Sardinia
Asnal Criolin' Cuba
Asno Chile
Asno Americana Cuba
Andalusian donkey (Asno Andaluz) Spain
Asno Balear Spain
Asno Criollo Venezuela
Asno de las Encartaciones Spain Basque Country
Sperki breed[5] Pakistan
Australian Donkey Australia
Barockesel/Austrian-Hungarian white Donkey Austria
Azerbaidzhanskaya Azerbaijan
Poitou donkey (Baudet de Poitou), Poitevin France the Poitou Donkey breed was developed for the sole purpose of producing mules. It is a large donkey breed with a very long shaggy coat and no dorsal stripe
Benderi Iran
Biyang China
Black Jordan
Bourik Haiti
Brasil Venezuela
Bulgaro Venezuela
Burro Mexico,
small donkey of Mexico and the USA seen in both domesticated and feral states; some feral burros in the western United States are protected by federal law[6]
Burro Criollo El Salvador
Dwarf donkey of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa) Portugal Endangered, 90 left; also called Burro anão da Graciosa[7]
Miranda donkey (Burro do Miranda) Portugal Endangered status; also called Burro do Planalto Mirandes, Mirandes, Raça asinina de Miranda, or Transmontano[7]
Burro Kentucky El Salvador, Honduras
Caninde Brazil
Cardao Brazil
Cariovilli Italy extinct; province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo
Catalan donkey (Catalana) Spain
Chigetai Kazakhstan
China North China
Comune Albania
Creole Guyana
Criollo Peru
Cyprus donkey Cyprus
Dagestanskaya Russian Federation
Damascus Israel, Syrian Arab Republic
Dezhou China
Balkan donkey (Domaci balkanski magarac) Serbia, Montenegro
Dongolawl Sudan
Donkey Afghanistan
Donkey Ireland
Donkey Saint Kitts and Nevis
Donkey Uganda
Egypt Baladi Egypt
Egyptian Egypt
English Donkey Australia
Etbai Sudan
Ezel Netherlands
Georgian Ass Georgia
Berry Black (Grand Noir du Berry) France former province of Berry; possibly derived from Catalan[8]
Green Barbados
Grey Suriname
Viterbese (Grigio Viterbese) Italy province of Viterbo in Lazio[1][7]
Guangling China
Guanzhong China
Hamadan Iran, Russian Federation
Hassawi Egypt
Maltese donkey (Hmar Malti) Malta
Huaibei China
Indian India
Iranian Iran
Irish Donkey Australia
Istarski magarac Croatia Istria
Italian Serbia
Jack Norteamericano Venezuela
Jiami China
Jirnrna Ethiopia
Jinnan China
Kakhetinskaya Russian Federation
Karakaçan Turkey
Kara-Kalpakskaya Uzbekistan
Kashan Iran
Kassala Eritrea
Kazakhskaya Kazakhstan
Kirgizskaya Kyrgyzstan
Kulun China
Liangzhou China
Libyan Libya
Linxian China
Magyar parlagi szamár Hungary
Majorera Spain
Mannar Sri Lanka
Maryisltaya Turkmenistan
Masai Kenya, Tanzania
Masri Egypt
Merzifon Turkey
Meskhet-Dzhavakhetskaya Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
Miniature USA see also Miniature Mediterranean Donkey
Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Italy Sardinia & Sicily[9]
Moldavian Local Moldova
Moroccan Morocco
Mula Venezuela
Muscat Tanzania
National Genatic Yemen
Native of North Africa Mali, Mauritania, Senegal
Nordestina Brazil
Ogaden Ethiopia
Paulista Brazil
Pega Brazil
Peruano Venezuela
Poitevin France see Poitou donkey or Baudet de Poitou
Ponui donkey New Zealand[10]
Primorsko dinarski magarac Croatia
Puttalam Buruwa Sri Lanka
Qinghai China
Qinqyang China
Qirmani Yemen
Qubressy Jordan
Riffawi Sudan
Romanian Donkey Romania
Saidi Egypt
Sennar Ethiopia
Shanbei China
Sibbianl Yemen
Sjeverno jadranski magarac Croatia
Somali Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen
South-west China
Spotted USA
Standard USA
Subei China
Sudanese Pack Sudan
Syrian Israel, Syrian Arab Republic
Tadzhikskaya Tajikistan
Taihang China
Tibetan China, Nepal
Toposa Sudan
Tswana Botswana
Tunisian Tunisia
Turkmenskaya Turkmenistan
Uzbekskaya Uzbekistan
Xinjiang China
Yangyuan China
Yunnan China
Zamorano-Leonés Spain


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