List of rice varieties

Worldwide there are 40,000 varieties of rice, species name Oryza sativa. There are also varieties of African rice, species name Oryza glaberrima, and Zizania spp., sometimes called Canada rice or wild rice. Here are some of the common and popular varieties.

Major categories

There are four major categories of rice worldwide: Indica, japonica, aromatic and glutinous.[1]

African varieties

Australian varieties

Bangladeshi varieties

Burmese varieties

Cambodian varieties

Canadian varieties

Chinese varieties

Dominican varieties

French varieties

Greek varieties

Indian varieties

Rice varieties of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Rice varieties of Karnataka

Traditional Kerala rice varieties

Assamese rice varieties

Tamil Nadu rice varieties

West Bengal

There were more than 82700 land races (folk rice) in India (NBPGR 2007-08- Annual Report, National Bureau of Plant genetic Resource, New Delhi) and West Bengal had more than 5000 varieties. Only 150 may be found in farmers' fields. These have not not been studied or evaluated, and many of them can compete with modern varieties with organic mode only. Thus it reduces the cost of production and giving a sustainable grain yield of 4.5-6 ton / ha. These are Kerala Sunadari (a selection from Purulia district of West Bengal), Bahurupi, Kesabsal Raban sal etc. The Agricultural Training Centre, Govt. of West Bengal, Fulia, Nadia, West Bengal, India has been conserving folk rice for the last 15 years through organic mode. It has now 415 folk varieties (2016) and is distributing them among the farmers who understand the intrinsic valve of folk seeds. These have been collected from VRIHI, Save Our Rice Campaign, Sahaja Samrudhua, Richharia Campaign, Swala, DRCSC, and farmers of the state and various parts of India. The center has more than 50 aromatic varieties, 50 red rice varieties, 45 fine rice, and 15 deep water paddy. These include:

Indonesian rice varieties/landraces

Rigg's Sundanese dictionary list 45 varieties of rice for wet field (sawah) and 150 varieties of rice for dry field.[15]

Iranian varieties

Many varieties of rice are cultivated in Iran. A few of them are listed below.

Italian varieties

Japanese varieties

Lao / Thai varieties

Pakistani varieties

Portuguese varieties

Philippine varieties

Sri Lankan varieties

Spanish varieties

Bomba Rice.

Taiwanese varieties

Thai varieties

United States varieties

California varieties

Carolina varieties

Louisiana varieties

Vietnamese varieties

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