List of water buffalo breeds

This is a list of domestic water buffalo breeds and their uses.

The domestic buffalo, Bubalus bubalis, is descended from the wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee), now designated an endangered species. Buffalo have been bred, predominantly in Asia, for thousands of years for use by humans. Their main domestic uses are as draught animals and for the production of milk and meat. Two types are recognised, the river type and the swamp type. Note: except where otherwise indicated, the reference for all entries is DAD-IS.[1]

Name Picture Alternate name Origin Use Notes, references
Albinoid of the central part of the country Bangladesh
Albinoid of the western part of the country Bangladesh
Allamoose Iraq
Anadolu Mandası Turkey dairy, draught
Arna Nepal
Assam India
Australian Swamp Buffalo Australia
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Azi Kheli Pakistan
Banni India
Beheri Egypt
Bhadawari India dairy, draught
Binhu China
Borneo Buffalo Malaysia
Búfalo de Pantano Cuba
Búfalo de Rio Cuba
Buffalypso Trinidad and Tobago also Guyana
Bulgarian buffalo Bulgaria
Bulgarian Murrah Bulgaria dairy
Cambodian Philippines
Carabao Philippines dairy, meat, draught Swamp
Caucasian Georgia, Russian Federation dairy, meat
Chilika India
Congo Buffalo Republic of the Congo
De Vietnam
Dechang China
Dehong China
Domaci bivo Serbia
Dongliu China
Egypt Baladi Egypt
Egyptian Egypt dairy, draught
Enshi Mountainous China
Fuan China
Fuling China
Fuzhong China
Gaddi Nepal
Georgian buffalo Georgia
Ghab Syria
Gilani Iran
Godavari India
Greek Buffalo Greece
Guizhou China
Guizhou White China
Haizi China
Iranian Azari Ecotype Iran
Italiano Venezuela
Jafarabadi India dairy
Jerangi India
Jianghan China
Kalaban Brazil
Kalahandi India
Kalang Indonesia
Kebo Indonesia
Kerbau-Gunung Indonesia
Kerbau-Indonesia Indonesia
Kerbau-Kalang Indonesia
Kerbau Moa Indonesia
Kerbau-Murrah Indonesia
Kerbau-Sawah Malaysia
Kerbau-Sumatra-Barat Indonesia
Kerbau-Sumatra-Utara Indonesia
Khoozestani Iran
Khouay Laos
Krabue Thailand
Kundhi Pakistan dairy
Lanka Sri Lanka
Lime Nepal
Mahish Bangladesh
Manda India
Mannar Sri Lanka
Marathwada India
Masri Egypt
Mediterranea Italiana Italy River
Mediterranean Mediterranean
Mehsana India dairy
Mestizo Philippines
Minufi Egypt
Monouli Egypt
Mountain buffalo Cambodia
Mountainous China
Munding Indonesia
Murrah India, Pakistan dairy also Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam
Myanmar Swamp Buffalo Myanmar
Nagpuri India
Native buffaloes in the central part Bangladesh
Native buffaloes in the eastem part Bangladesh
Native buffaloes in the southern part Bangladesh
Native buffaloes in the western part Bangladesh
Nelore Argentina
Nepalese Hill Nepal
Nepalese Mountain Nepal
Ngo Vietnam
Nili India, Pakistan
Nili-Ravi India, Pakistan dairy also Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka
Nondescript Pakistan
Pampangan Indonesia
Pandharpuri India dairy
Papua New Guinea Buffalo Papua New Guinea
Parkote Nepal
Plain buffalo Cambodia
Ravi Pakistan
Riverine Buffalo Australia
Romanian Buffalo Romania dairy, meat, draught
Rosilho Brazil
Saidi Egypt
Sambalpur India
Selembu Malaysia
Shanghai China
Shan Kywe Myanmar
Shannan China
South-east Yunan China
South Kanara India
Sumbawa Indonesia
Surti India, Sri Lanka dairy, draught
Swamp buffalo Indonesia
Taiwan China
Tamankaduwa Sri Lanka
Tamarao Philippines
Tarai India, Nepal
Tedong Indonesia
Tipo Baio Brazil
Toda India
Toraya Indonesia dairy, meat, draught
Trau Noi Vietnam
Trinitario Venezuela
Wenzhou China
Xiajiang China
Xilin China
Xinfeng Mountainous China
Xinglong China
Xinyang China
Yanjin China
Yibin China

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