List of cattle breeds

Over 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide, some of which adapted to the local climate, others which were bred by humans for specialized uses.[1]

Breeds fall into two main types, regarded as either two closely related species, or two subspecies of one species. Bos indicus (or Bos taurus indicus) cattle, also called zebu, are adapted to hot climates. Bos taurus (or Bos taurus taurus) are the typical cattle of Europe, north-eastern Asia, and parts of Africa they are referred to in this list as "taurine" cattle, and many are adapted to cooler climates. Taurus/indicus hybrids are widely bred in many warmer regions, combining characteristics of both the ancestral types (such as the Sanga cattle of Africa).

In some parts of the world further species of cattle are found (both as wild and domesticated animals), and some of these are related so closely to taurine and indicus cattle that interspecies hybrids have been bred. Examples include the Dwarf Lulu cattle of the mountains of Nepal with yak blood,[2] the Beefalo of North America with bison genes, the Selembu breed of India and Bhutan with gayal genes. The Madura breed of Indonesia may have banteng in its parentage.[3] In addition to these fertile hybrids, there are infertile crossings such as the male Dzo of Nepal, a cattle-yak crossing which is bred for agricultural work - like the mule they have to be continually bred from the parent species.



Alphabetical List - A
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Abigar TaurusEthiopiaDairy
Abondance (cattle) TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Abyssinian Shorthorned ZebuIndicusEthiopiaDraught
Achham IndicusNepalDairy
Adamawa (cattle) TaurusNigeriaMeatDairyDraught
Adaptaur Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Africangus Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Afrikaner IndicusSouth AfricaMeat
Agerolese TaurusItalyDairy
AkaushiJapanMeatone of the four Kobe breeds
Ala Tau TaurusKazakhstanMeatDairy
Alatau cattleTaurusKazakhstanMeatDairy
Albanian (cattle) TaurusAlbaniaDairyDraught
Albera cattle grazing
Alderney TaurusChannel IslandsDairy
Alentejana TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Aleutian wild cattleUnited States Feral
Aliab DinkaSouth Sudan
Allmogekor TaurusSwedenMeatDraught
AlurDemocratic Republic of the Congo
American Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
American AngusUnited States
American Beef FriesianUnited States
American Brown SwissUnited States
American Milking Devon TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairyDraught
American White Park TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairy
Amerifax TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairy
Amrit MahalIndicusIndiaDeveloped from Hallikar cattle for War purpose
Amsterdam Island cattleTaurusAmsterdam Island Feral
Anatolian Black TaurusTurkeyMeatDairyDraught
Andalusian BlackTaurusSpainMeatEndangered
Andalusian BlondSpain
Andalusian GreySpain
Angeln cattle TaurusGermanyDairy
Angus TaurusScotlandMeat
AnkinaUnited States
Ankole-Watusi Indicus East Africa MeatDairyDraughtShow
Aosta cattleTaurusItalyDraught
Apulian PodolianItaly
Argentine Criollo TaurusArgentinaMeatDairy
Argentine FriesianArgentine
Armorican (cattle) TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Arouquesa Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDairy
Asturian Mountain TaurusSpainMeatDairy
Asturian ValleyTaurusSpainMeatDairy
Aubrac cattle TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Aulie-Ata Taurus KazakhstanDairy
Aure et Saint-Girons TaurusFranceMeatDairyDraught
Australian Braford Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Australian Brangus Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Australian Charbray Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Australian Friesian SahiwalTaurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaDairy
Australian Milking ZebuTaurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaDairy
Australian ShorthornAustraliaMeat
Austrian SimmentalAustria
Austrian YellowAustria
Avileña TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Avilena-Black IberianSpain
Aweil DinkaSouth Sudan
Ayrshire TaurusScotlandDairy
Azaouak cattleMali
Azerbaijan ZebuAzerbaijan


Alphabetical List - B
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Bachaur cattleIndicusIndiaDairyDraught
Baherie cattleIndicusEritreaMeatDairy
Bakosi cattle TaurusCameroonMeatRituals
Balancer cattle TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairyGelbvieh/Angus crossbreed
Baoule TaurusIvory Coast
Bargur Cattle IndicusIndiaDairyDraughtSemi wild, native to Bargur forest region, bred and grazed by the local Lingayat community;
Barrosã Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Barzona Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Bazadais TaurusFranceMeat
Beef Freisian TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairy
Beefalo Taurus/Bison hybridUnited StatesMeat
Beefmaker Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Beefmaster Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Belgian Blue TaurusBelgiumMeatDairy
Belgian Red TaurusBelgiumMeatDairyDraughtEndangered breed.
Belgian Red Pied TaurusBelgiumMeatDairy
Belgian White-and-red TaurusBelgiumMeatDairy
Belmont Red Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Belted Galloway TaurusScotlandMeat
Berrenda cattle TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraughtSport
Betizu TaurusSpain/FranceMeatDraught
Bianca Val Padana TaurusItalyMeatDairy
Blaarkop TaurusNetherlandsDairy
Black Angus TaurusScotlandMeatDairy
Black Baldy TaurusAustraliaMeat
Black Hereford TaurusEnglandMeat
Blanca Cacereña TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraught
Blanco Orejinegro BON TaurusColombiaMeatDairyDraught
Blonde d'Aquitaine TaurusFranceMeatDairyDraught
Blue Albion TaurusGreat BritainMeat
Blue Grey TaurusGreat BritainMeat
Bohus PolledSweden
Bonsmara Taurus/Indicus hybridSouth AfricaMeat
BoranIndicuseastern AfricaMeat
Boškarin TaurusCroatia, SloveniaMeatDairyDraught
Braford Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Brahman (cattle) IndicusIndiaMeatDairyDraught
Brahmousin Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeatDraught
Brangus Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Braunvieh TaurusSwitzerlandMeatDairy
British White TaurusGreat BritainMeatDairy
British Friesian TaurusGreat BritainDairy
Brown Carpathian Taurus Ukraine
Brown Swiss TaurusSwitzerlandDairy
Bue Lingo TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairy
Burlina TaurusItalyDairy
Buša cattle Taurus former Yugoslavia (Dinaric Alps)MeatDairyDraught
Butana IndicusSudanDairy


Alphabetical List - C
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Cachena Cattle TaurusPortugal/SpainMeatDairyDraught
Caldelana TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraught
Camargue TaurusFranceMeatDraughtSport
Campbell Island CattleTaurusNew Zealand Feral
Canadian Speckle Park TaurusCanadaMeat
Canadienne TaurusCanadaMeatDairy
Canaria TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Canchim Taurus/Indicus hybridBrazilMeat
Caracu TaurusBrazilMeatDairyDraught
Cárdena andaluza TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Carinthian Blondvieh TaurusAustriaMeatDairyDraught
Carora TaurusVenezuelanMeatDairyDraught
Chinese Central Plains YellowTaurus/Indicus hybridChina
Charbray Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Charolais TaurusFranceMeatDraught
Chiangus TaurusMeat
Chianina TaurusItalyMeatDraught
Chillingham CattleUnknownEngland Feral
Chinese black pied TaurusChinaDairy
Cholistani IndicusPakistanDairy
Coloursided White Back TaurusMeatDairy
Corriente cattle TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraughtSport
Corsican Cattle TaurusCorsicaMeatOften free-ranging
Costeño con Cuernos Taurus/Indicus hybridColombiaMeatDraught
Crioulo Lageano


Alphabetical List - D
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Dajal (cattle) Indicus MeatDairyDraught
Dangi cattle IndicusIndia Draught
Danish Black-Pied
Danish Jersey TaurusDenmarkDairy
Danish Red TaurusDenmarkMeatDairy
Deep Red Cattle TaurusMeatDairy
Deoni (cattle) IndicusIndia DairyDraught
Devon TaurusEnglandMeatDairy
Dexter TaurusIrelandMeatDairy
Dhanni (cattle) IndicusPakistanMeatDairyDraught
Doayo cattle TaurusCameroon
Dølafe TaurusNorwayMeatDairy
Droughtmaster Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Dulong' TaurusMeatDraught
Dutch Belted TaurusNetherlandsMeatDairy
Dutch Friesian TaurusNetherlandsMeatDairy
Dwarf LuluTaurus/Indicus/Yak hybrid


Alphabetical List - E
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
East Anatolian Red TaurusDairy
Eastern Finncattle TaurusFinlandMeatDairy
Eastern Red Polled
Enderby Island CattleUnknownNew Zealand Feral
English Longhorn TaurusEnglandMeatDairy
Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle TaurusAustriaMeatDraught
Estonian Holstein
Estonian Native
Estonian Red cattle TaurusMeatDairy
Évolène Cattle TaurusSwitzerlandDairy


Alphabetical List - F
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Finnish AyrshireFinland
Finnish cattle TaurusFinlandMeatDairy
Finnish Holstein-Friesian
Fjäll TaurusSwedenMeatDairyAlso called Swedish mountain.;
Fleckvieh TaurusAustriaMeatDairy
Florida Cracker TaurusUnited StatesMeat
French Simmental TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Fribourg black and white
Friesian Red and White TaurusMeatDairy
Fulani Sudanese Indicus MeatDairyDraught


Alphabetical List - G
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Galician Blond TaurusSpainMeatDairy
Galloway cattle TaurusScotlandMeatDraught
Gangatiri cattle IndicusIndiaDairyDraught
Gaolao cattle IndicusIndiaDairyDraught
Garvonesa Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Gascon cattle TaurusFranceMeatDraught
Gelbvieh TaurusGermanyMeatDairyDraught
Georgian mountain cattle TaurusGeorgiaMeatDairyDraught
German Angus Cattle TaurusGermanyMeat
German Black Pied Cattle TaurusGermanyDairy
German Black Pied Dairy TaurusGermanyDairy
German Red Pied TaurusGermanyMeatDairy
Gir IndicusIndiaDairy
Glan cattle TaurusGermanyMeatDairyDraught
Gloucester TaurusEnglandMeatDairyDraught
Gobra Indicus MeatDraught
Greek Shorthorn TaurusGreeceMeatDairy
Greek Steppe cattle TaurusMeat
Greyman Cattle Taurus/Indicus hybridAustraliaMeat
Groningen TaurusNetherlandsDairy
Groningen White-Headed TaurusNetherlandsMeatDairy
Gudali Indicus DairyDraught
Guernsey TaurusChannel IslandsDairy
Guzerat IndicusIndiaMeatDraught


Alphabetical List - H
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Hallikar[4] IndicusIndia DraughtOrigin to Amrit Mahal cattle.
Hanwoo TaurusKoreaMeatDraught Cow fighting
Haryanvi cattle IndicusIndia DairyDraught
Hartón del Valle TaurusColombiaMeatDairyDraught
Harz Red mountain cattle TaurusGermanyMeatDairyDraught
Hays Converter TaurusCanadaMeat
Heck CattleTaurus Science
Hereford TaurusEnglandMeat
HerensTaurusSwitzerlandMeat Cow fighting
HhybridmasterTaurus/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Highland Cattle TaurusScotlandMeat
Hinterwald Cattle TaurusGermanyMeatDairy
Holando-Argentino TaurusArgentinaMeatDairy
Red Holstein TaurusDairy
Holstein TaurusDairy
Horro IndicusMeatDraught
Hungarian Grey TaurusHungaryMeatDraught


Alphabetical List - I
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Iberian cattle
Icelandic TaurusIcelandDairy
Illawarra cattle TaurusAustraliaMeatDairy
Improved Red and White TaurusMeat
Irish Moiled TaurusIrelandMeatDairy
Israeli Holstein TaurusDairy
Israeli Red Taurus/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Istoben cattle TaurusMeatDairy
Istrian cattle   see Boškarin


Alphabetical List - J
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Jamaica Black Taurus/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Jamaica HopeTaurus/Indicus hybridJamaicaDairy
Jamaica Red Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Jarmelista Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Javari Cattle IndicusIndiaDraught
Jersey TaurusChannel IslandsDairy
Jutland cattle TaurusDenmarkMeatDairy


Alphabetical List - K
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Kabin Buri cattleTaurus/Indicus hybridThailandMeatDairy
Kalmyk cattleTaurusMeatDairy
Kangayam IndicusIndiaDraught
Kankrej IndicusIndiaDraught
Kamphaeng Saen cattleTaurus/Indicus hybridThailandMeat
Karan Swiss Taurus/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Kasaragod Dwarf cattle IndicusIndiaDairyDraught
Kazakh Whiteheaded TaurusMeatDairy
Kenana IndicusSudanDairy
Kenkatha cattle IndicusIndiaDraught
Kerry cattle TaurusIrelandMeatDairy
Kherigarh cattle IndicusIndiaDraught
Khillari cattle IndicusIndiaDraught
Kholomogory TaurusRussiaMeatDairy
Korat WagyuTaurus/Indicus hybridThailandMeat
Kostroma Cattle TaurusMeatDairy
Krishna Valley cattle IndicusIndia DairyDraught
Kuri TaurusMeatDairyDraught
Kurgan TaurusMeatDairy


Alphabetical List - L
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Latvian Blue
Latvian Brown TaurusLatviaMeatDairy
Lebedyn (cattle) TaurusUkraine
Levantina TaurusMeatDraught
Limia Cattle TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraught
Limousin TaurusFranceMeatDraught
Limpurger TaurusMeatDairy
Lincoln Red TaurusEnglandMeat
Lineback TaurusDairy
Lithuanian Black-and-White
Lithuanian Light Grey
Lithuanian RedLithuaniaMeat
Lithuanian White-backed
Lohani cattle Indicus MeatDraught
Lourdais TaurusFranceMeatDairyDraught
Australian Lowline TaurusAustraliaMeat
Luing TaurusScotlandMeat


Alphabetical List - M
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Madagascar Zebu Indicus MeatDairyDraught
Madura cattle Banteng/Indicus hybridIndonesiaMeatDairyDraughtRacing
Maine Anjou TaurusFranceMeatDairyDraught
Malnad Gidda IndicusIndiaDairyDraughtSemi dwarf breed
Malvi IndicusIndiaDraught
Mandalong Special Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Mantequera Leonesa TaurusMeatDairyDraught
Maramureş BrownRomania
Marchigiana TaurusItalyMeatDraught
Maremmana TaurusItalyMeatDairyDraught
Marinhoa Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDairyDraught
Maronesa TaurusPortugalMeatDairyDraught
Masai cattle Indicus MeatDraught
Mashona TaurusMeatDraught
Menorquina TaurusMeatDraught
Mertolenga Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Meuse-Rhine-Issel TaurusNetherlandsMeatDairy
Mewati cattle IndicusIndiaDairyDraught
Milking Shorthorn TaurusGreat BritainMeatDairy
Minhota Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDairyDraught
Mirandesa cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Mocăniţă (cattle)Romania
Mollie (cattle) TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Monchina (cattle) TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Mongolian cattle TaurusChinaMeatDraught
Montbeliard Cattle TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Morucha TaurusMeatDraughtFighting
Murboden Cattle TaurusAustriaMeatDairyDraught
Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle TaurusGermanyDairy
Murray Grey TaurusAustraliaMeat


Alphabetical List - N
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Nagori IndicusIndia Draught
N'Dama TaurusGuineaMeatDairy
Negra Andaluza TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Nelore cattle IndicusIndia Meat Draught
Nguni Taurus/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Nimari cattle IndicusIndia Draught
Normande Cattle TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Northern Finncattle TaurusFinlandMeatDairy
Northern Shorthorn TaurusGreat BritainDairy
Chinese Northern YellowChina
Norwegian Red TaurusNorwayMeatDairy


Alphabetical List - O
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Ongole Cattle Indicus IndiaMeatDraught


Alphabetical List - P
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Pajuna TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Palmera TaurusMeatDraughtSport
Pantaneiro cattleBrazil
Parda Alpina TaurusMeatDairy
Parthenais TaurusFranceMeatDraught
Pasiega TaurusSpainDairy
Pembroke cattle TaurusWalesMeatDairy
Philippine Native cattle TaurusDairyDraught
Pie Rouge des Plaines TaurusFranceDairy
Piedmontese TaurusItalyMeatDairy
Pineywoods TaurusMeatDairyDraught
Pinzgauer TaurusAustriaMeatDairy
Pirenaica TaurusMeatDraught
Podolica TaurusItalyMeatDairyDraught
Polish Black-and-White
Polish Red cattle TaurusPolandMeatDairyDraught
Polled Hereford TaurusEnglandMeat
Polled Shorthorn TaurusEnglandMeat
Ponwar cattleIndicusIndiaDraught
Pon Yang Kharm cattle TaurusThailandMeat
Preta Cattle TaurusPortugalMeatDraught
Punganur cattle Indicus India MeatDairyDraught
Pustertal Pied Cattle TaurusMeat


Alphabetical List - Q
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Qinchaun TaurusChinaMeatDraught
Queensland Miniature BoranTaurusMeat Pets


Alphabetical List - R
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Ramo Grande TaurusPortugalMeatDairyDraught
Randall TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairyDraught
Raramuri Criollo cattle
Taurus Andalusia, Spain Meat Dairy
Rathi cattle Indicus India [5] DairyDraughtDomestic
Rätische Grauvieh TaurusMeatDairyDraught
Red Angus TaurusScotlandMeatDairy
Red BrangusTaurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Red Fulani Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Red Kandhari cattle Indicus India DraughtDomestic
Red Poll TaurusEnglandMeatDairy
Red Polled Østland TaurusMeatDairy
Red Sindhi Indicus India/Pakistan MeatDairy
Reina TaurusMeatDairy
Retinta TaurusMeatDraught
Riggit Galloway TaurusMeat
Ringamåla Cattle TaurusDairy
Rohjan Indicus Meat Draught
Romagnola cattle TaurusItalyMeatDraught
Romanian BălţataRomania
Romanian Steppe GrayRomania
Russian Black Pied TaurusRussiaMeatDairyDraught
RX3 TaurusMeat


Alphabetical List - S
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Sahiwal IndicusIndia/PakistanDairy
Salers TaurusFranceMeatDraught
Salorn TaurusMeat
Sanga Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Sanhe Taurus/Mongolian hybridMeatDairyDraught
Santa Cruz cattle Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Santa Gertrudis cattle Taurus/Indicus hybridUnited StatesMeat
Sayaguesa TaurusSpainMeatDraught
Selembu Gaur/Indicus hybridMeatDairy
Senepol Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Serbian Pied Taurus Serbia Dairy
Serbian Steppe Taurus Serbia Draught
Shetland cattle TaurusScotlandMeatDraught
Shorthorn TaurusEnglandMeat
Siboney Taurus/Indicus hybridMeatDraught
Sided Trönder
Simbrah Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Simford TaurusMeat
Simmental TaurusSwitzerlandMeatDairyDraught
SiriZebu Bhutan DairyDraught
South Devon TaurusEnglandMeatDairy
BatangasTaurus/Indicus hybridDraught
Spanish Fighting Bull TaurusSpainMeatSport
Speckle Park cattle TaurusMeat
Square Meater TaurusMeat
Sussex cattle TaurusEnglandMeat
Swedish FriesianTaurusDairy
Swedish Red Cattle TaurusDairy
Swedish Red Poll TaurusMeatDairy
Swedish Red-and-White TaurusMeatDairy
Symons Type Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat


Alphabetical List - T
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Tabapuã (cattle) IndicusBrazilMeatDairyDraught
Tarentaise TaurusFranceMeatDairy
Tasmanian Grey TaurusMeat
Tauros Taurusgrazing projects, rewilding
Telemark cattle TaurusNorwayMeatDairy
Texas Longhorn TaurusUnited StatesMeatDairy
Texon TaurusMeat
Thai Black Taurus/Indicus hybridThailandMeat
Thai Fighting Bull IndicusThailandSport
Thai Friesian Taurus/Indicus hybridThailandDairy
Thai Milking Zebu Taurus/Indicus hybridThailandDairy
Tharparkar IndicusIndia[6]DairyDraught
Tswana cattle TaurusBotswanaMeatDairy
Tudanca TaurusSpainMeatDairyDraughtGrazing projects, rewilding
Tuli TaurusZimbabweMeatDairy
Tulim Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Turkish Grey Steppe cattle TaurusMeatDraught
Tux Cattle TaurusDairy
Tyrolese Grey Cattle TaurusAustriaMeatDairy


Alphabetical List - U
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Umblachery cattleIndicus India Draught
Ushuaia Wild Cattle Feral
Ukrainian Grey cattle Taurus Ukraine


Alphabetical List - V
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Vaca Toposa or Vaquilla TaurusSport
Vaynol cattle TaurusScotlandMeat
Vechur cow[7] IndicusIndiaDairy Milk and Ghee traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. The protein content of milk have anti-bacterial property[8][9][10]
Vestland Fjord TaurusNorwayMeatDairy
Vianesa Indicus MeatDairy
Volyn meat cattle UkraineMeat
Vorderwald Cattle TaurusGermanyMeatDairy
Vosges TaurusFranceMeatDairy


Alphabetical List - W
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Wagyu TaurusJapanMeatDraught
Waguli Taurus USA Meat
Wangus Taurus/Indicus hybridMeat
Welsh Black Taurus Wales Meat
Western Finncattle TaurusFinlandMeatDairy
Western Fjord
Western Red Polled TaurusMeatDairy
White Cáceres TaurusMeatDraught
White FulaniIndicusMeat
White LamphunIndicusThailandDraught
White Park TaurusGreat BritainMeatDairy
Whitebred Shorthorn TaurusGreat BritainMeat


Alphabetical List - X
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Xingjiang Brown Taurus/Mongolian hybridMeatDairyDraught


Alphabetical List - Y
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
Yakutian cattle TaurusRussiaMeatDairyDraught
Yanbian Taurus ChinaDraught
Yan Yellow
Yurino (cattle) Taurus Ukraine


Alphabetical List - Z
BreedImageSubspeciesCountry/region of originMeatDairyDraughtOther
ŻubrońTaurus/wisent hybrid PolandMeat Science

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