List of turkey breeds

Varieties are often confused with breeds. Only eight breed, turkey, is recognized by the APA in its breed standard, the American Standard of Perfection. Also there are eight domestic turkeys that are recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Many more exist as officially unrecognized variants or as recognized breeds in other countries.

APA varieties
Variety Year admitted
by APA[1]
Type Comments
Beltsville Small White 1951 Heritage breed Created by the USDA at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville Maryland,
Once very popular, it is now rare.[2]
Black 1874 Heritage breed Alternatively called Black Spanish Turkey or Black Norfolk Turkey.
Bourbon Red 1909 Heritage breed
Bronze 1874 Heritage breed The Broad Breasted Bronze, like the Broad Breasted White,
are nonstandardized commercial strains that do not qualify as a variety.
Narragansett 1874 Heritage breed
Royal Palm 1977 Heritage breed Largely ornamental, mostly white.
Slate 1874 Heritage breed Alternatively known as Blue Slate or Lavender.
White Holland turkey 1874

The only breed of turkey recognized by the EE in the European Standard of Perfection is the German Turkey. Currently, twelve varieties of domestic turkeys are recognized by the European Association of Poultry, Pigeon, Bird, Rabbit and Cavia Breeders (EE). Other varieties with Standards of Perfection of European national Associations are accepted.

EE varieties[3]
Variety (by National Standards) Variety (colour) country of origin Comments
American Blue ( slate turkey) gray/blue USA
American Bronze Brown/Black bass color with white near some of the turkey's feather tips. USA
American Black USA Alternatively called Black Spanish Turkey or Black Norfolk Turkey.
Beltsville Small White white USA
Dindon du Bourbonnais black F
Cambridge Bronze GB
Deutsche Pute D with EE-Standard of Perfection
Deutsche Pute blue D
Bourbon Red D
Bronze D
Cröllwitzer D ≈Royal Palm (USA)
Buff D
Bronce D
narragansett coloured D
Red D
Red Winged D
Black D
Black Winged Bronze D
British white D
French turkey (Dindon) porcelan coloured F
Dindon du Gers schwarz F
Tacchino castano d'Italia I
Tacchino nero d'Italia black I
Narragansett USA
Norfolk Black Turkey GB
Dindon de Ronquières fauve F
à épaulettes jaunes F Tricoloré du Colorado (F), ≈Sweetgrass (USA)
jaspé F ≈Royal Palm (USA), ≈Cröllwitzer (EE)
perdrix F Krefelder Pute (D)
White (blanc) F
Royal Palm black and white GB
Dindon rouge des Ardennes B/F a French breed, supposedly brought to Flanders in the 16th century from Mexico by the Spanish.
Dindon de Sologne black F
Czech turkey (Česká krůta) Czech Wild White-braided Turkey (Divocezbarvené bíle lemované) CZ
šedědivocezbarvene bíle lemované CZ
White Holland USA
English Turkey buff E

Other varieties or breeds not recognized by the APA or EE include the following:

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