Pampa Sarovar

Pampa Sarovar
ಪಂಪ ಸರೋವರ
Pampa Sarovar
Location Karnataka
Coordinates 15°21′13.55″N 76°28′38.55″E / 15.3537639°N 76.4773750°E / 15.3537639; 76.4773750Coordinates: 15°21′13.55″N 76°28′38.55″E / 15.3537639°N 76.4773750°E / 15.3537639; 76.4773750
Basin countries India

Pampa Sarovar is a lake in Koppal district near Hampi in Karnataka. To the south of the Tungabhadra River, it is considered sacred by Hindus and is one of the five sacred sarovars, or lakes in India. In Hindu mythology Pampa Sarovar is regarded as the place where Pampa, a form of Shiva's consort Parvati, performed penance to show her devotion to Shiva.[1] It is also one of the Sarovar's that finds a mention in the Hindu epic, Ramayana as the place where Shabari, a devotee of Rama waited for the arrival of Ram.


The Pampa Sarovar lake is located in a valley, hidden among the hills on the road to Anegundi from Hospet. It is about a kilometer from the foothills of the Hanuman Temple The lake is filled with lotuses, and is really picturesque when the flowers are in bloom. There is a Lakshmi temple, as well as a Shiva temple facing the pond. Next to the pond, under a mango tree stands a small Ganesh shrine.[2]

In the Ramayana, Pampa Sarovar is mentioned as the place where Shabari (also Shabri), a disciple of the Rishi Matunga, directed Rama as he journeyed southwards on his quest to redeem Sita, his wife, from the demon king Ravana. According to the story, Shabari, a pious devotee of Rama, prayed faithfully everyday to see Rama. She lived in the ashram of her guru, Matunga in the place know known as Matunga Parvat, in Hampi. Before her guru Matunga Rishi died he told her she would certainly see Rama. After his death, Shabari continued to live in the ashram awaiting Rama. Many years passed by and Shabari became an old woman, before Rama stopped at the ashram on his journey to Lanka. She proceeded to feed Rama and his brother Lakshmana. Touched by her piety Rama and Lakshmana bowed down at her feet. Then, they narrated to her the incident of Sita's kidnapping and Shabari suggested that they seek help from Hanuman and Sugriva of the monkey kingdom who lived further south near the Pampa lake. Pampa sarovar is also famous for the pushti marg vaishnavas, where in Srimad Vallabhacahrya had performed Srimad Bhawwad in the 16th century, in his many bharat darshan visits, also reaffirms the importance of the holy place.

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