Kumaradhara River

The Kumaradhara River is an Indian river, in the southwestern India state of Karnataka. One of the two major rivers of Sullia, it merges with the Netravati River at Uppinangadi before flowing to the Arabian Sea.[1] The merging of the rivers is a major event for the local villagers, as they crowd the river banks to watch what they call the "Sangam", which is a Sanskrit word for confluence.

Pilgrims going to the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple in Subrahmanya have to cross the Kumaradhara River, taking a holy bath in it before they go on to the temple to have darshan, a glance from a holy person.


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Coordinates: 13°50′00″N 76°05′00″E / 13.8333°N 76.0833°E / 13.8333; 76.0833

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