1991 Emperor's Cup

The 71st Emperor's Cup was held between December 14, 1991 and January 1, 1992. It was the last cup involving clubs from the old Japan Soccer League before it was reorganized into the J. League. The tournament was won by Nissan Motors, now known as Yokohama F. Marinos. The 12 JSL First Division clubs qualified automatically, while the other clubs qualified to the first round via regional qualifying cups.

First round

Tie no Home team Score Away team
1Yomiuri Club3 - 2Yanmar Diesel
2Nippon Steel1 - 4Fujita Industries
3East Japan JR Furukawa2 - 0Fukuoka University
4Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences1 - 4Yamaha Motors
5Toyota Motors3 - 0Keio University
6Nippon Denso1 - 6Hitachi
7Kyoto Shiko Club1 - 5Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
8Juntendo University0 - 4Toshiba
9Honda Giken2 - 1Fujitsu
10YKK0 - 1PJM Futures
11Mitsubishi Motors1 - 0Osaka University of Commerce
12Shin Nittetsu Muroran0 - 5Matsushita
13ANA0 - 1Kawasaki Steel
14Waseda University1 - 2Mazda
15Yamagata Nippon Denki3 - 3Kokushikan University
Kokushikan won 4 - 5 on penalties
16Mie Teachers0 - 9Nissan Motors

Second round

Tie no Home team Score Away team
1Yomiuri Club2 - 0Fujita Industries
2East Japan JR Furukawa1 - 0Yamaha Motors
3Toyota Motors1 - 2Hitachi
4Otsuka Pharmaceuticals0 - 1Toshiba
5Honda Giken2 - 1PJM Futures
6Mitsubishi Motors1 - 0Matsushita
7Kawasaki Steel1 - 1Mazda
Kawasaki Steel won 4 - 2 on penalties
8Kokushikan University1 - 5Nissan Motors


Tie no Home team Score Away team
1Yomiuri Club2 - 0East Japan JR Furukawa
3Hitachi0 - 2Toshiba
5Honda Giken2 - 2Mitsubishi Motors
Honda won 4 - 3 on penalties
7Kawasaki Steel1 - 2Nissan Motors


Tie no Home team Score Away team
1Yomiuri Club1 - 0Toshiba
5Honda Giken1 - 1Nissan Motors
Nissan won 2 - 4 on penalties



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