2008 AFC Champions League Final

2008 AFC Champions League Final
Event 2008 AFC Champions League
First leg
Date 5 November 2008
Venue Osaka Expo '70 Stadium, Suita, Osaka
Referee Malik Abdul Bashir
Attendance 20,639
Weather Clear
17 °C (63 °F)[1]
Second leg
Date 12 November 2008
Venue Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
Referee Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh
Attendance 17,000
Weather Clear
28 °C (82 °F)[2]

The 2008 AFC Champions League Final was a two-legged football tie to determine the 2008 champions of Asian club football. Gamba Osaka defeated Adelaide United 5-0 on aggregate to take the title. The first leg took place on 5 November 2008 at 19:00 local time (UTC+9) at Osaka Expo '70 Stadium in Osaka and the second leg took place on 12 November 2008 at 19:30 local time (UTC+10:30) at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide.

This was the first final to feature a club from Australia and the second season in a row that a Japanese club has made it this far. The winners, Gamba Osaka, received US$600,000 prize money and qualified to represent Asia in the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup where they were defeated at the semi final stage by the European champions. Despite losing this final, Adelaide United also qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup by replacing the host country berth, which was provisionally reserved for the J. League champions, and were defeated once again by Gamba Osaka at the Quarter Final stage.


The rules for the final were exactly the same as for the previous knockout rounds. The tie was contested over two legs with away goals deciding the winner if the two teams were level on goals after the second leg. If the teams could still not be separated at that stage then extra time would have been played with a penalty shootout taking place if the teams were still level after that.

Route to the final

For more details on this topic, see 2008 AFC Champions League.

Note: In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first (H: home; A: away).

Japan Gamba Osaka Round Australia Adelaide United
Opponent Result Group stage Opponent Result
Thailand Chonburi 1–1 (H) Matchday 1 South Korea Pohang Steelers 2–0 (A)
South Korea Chunnam Dragons 4–3 (A) Matchday 2 China Changchun Yatai 0–0 (H)
Australia Melbourne Victory 4–3 (A) Matchday 3 Vietnam Bình Dương 2–1 (A)
Australia Melbourne Victory 2–0 (H) Matchday 4 Vietnam Bình Dương 4–1 (H)
Thailand Chonburi 2–0 (A) Matchday 5 South Korea Pohang Steelers 1–0 (H)
South Korea Chunnam Dragons 1–1 (H) Matchday 6 China Changchun Yatai 0–0 (A)
Group G winner
Pos Team Pld Pts
1 Japan Gamba Osaka 614
2 Australia Melbourne Victory 67
3 South Korea Chunnam Dragons 66
4 Thailand Chonburi 65
Final standings Group E winner
Pos Team Pld Pts
1 Australia Adelaide United 614
2 China Changchun Yatai 612
3 South Korea Pohang Steelers 65
4 Vietnam Bình Dương 61
Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg Knock-out stage Opponent Agg. 1st leg 2nd leg
Syria Al-Karamah 4–1 2–1 (A) 2–0 (H) Quarter-finals Japan Kashima Antlers 2–1 1–1 (A) 1–0 (H)
Japan Urawa Red Diamonds 4–2 1–1 (H) 3–1 (A) Semi-finals Uzbekistan Bunyodkor 2–1 3–0 (H) 0–1 (A)

Pre-final buildup

Adelaide United considered applying for permission to play their home leg in a stadium larger than Hindmarsh such as Adelaide Oval or AAMI Stadium but the club eventually decided that it would not be right to play such a big match away from their traditional home despite its smaller capacity.[3]

Final summary

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Gamba Osaka Japan 50 Australia Adelaide United 30 20

First leg

5 November 2008
19:00 (UTC+9)
Gamba Osaka Japan 3 0 Australia Adelaide United
Lucas  37'
Endo  43'
Yasuda  68'
Gamba Osaka
Adelaide United
GK 22 Japan Yosuke Fujigaya
DF 2 Japan Sota Nakazawa
DF 5 Japan Satoshi Yamaguchi (c)
DF 21 Japan Akira Kaji
MF 7 Japan Yasuhito Endo
MF 10 Japan Takahiro Futagawa
MF 13 Japan Michihiro Yasuda  75'
MF 16 Japan Hayato Sasaki  69'
MF 17 Japan Tomokazu Myojin  64'
MF 27 Japan Hideo Hashimoto
FW 9 Brazil Lucas
GK 1 Japan Naoki Matsuyo
DF 3 Brazil Mineiro
DF 6 Japan Yohei Fukumoto
DF 19 Japan Takumi Shimohira  75'
FW 11 Japan Ryuji Bando
FW 18 Brazil Roni  69'
FW 30 Japan Masato Yamazaki  64'
Japan Akira Nishino
GK 30 Australia Eugene Galeković  90'
DF 4 Australia Angelo Costanzo  41'
DF 6 Brazil Cássio  84'
DF 14Australia Scott Jamieson
DF 18 Australia Robert Cornthwaite
DF 19 Australia Sasa Ognenovski
MF 7Australia Lucas Pantelis  73'
MF 8 Australia Kristian Sarkies  35' 
MF 13Australia Travis Dodd (c)
MF 22Brazil Diego Walsh
FW 10Brazil Cristiano
GK 20Australia Mark Birighitti
DF 5Australia Michael Valkanis
MF 21Australia Jason Spagnuolo  73'
MF 24Australia Paul Reid
MF 26Australia Fabian Barbiero
FW 25 Australia Robert Younis  84'
Australia Aurelio Vidmar

Second leg

12 November 2008
19:30 (UTC+10:30)
Adelaide United Australia 0 2 Japan Gamba Osaka
Lucas  4', 15'
Adelaide United
Gamba Osaka
GK 20Australia Mark Birighitti
DF 5Australia Michael Valkanis  41'
DF 6Brazil Cássio
DF 14Australia Scott Jamieson
DF 18Australia Robert Cornthwaite
DF 19Australia Sasa Ognenovski
MF 8Australia Kristian Sarkies   58'
MF 13Australia Travis Dodd (c)
MF 22Brazil Diego Walsh  69'
MF 24Australia Paul Reid
FW 10Brazil Cristiano  37'  69'
MF 7Australia Lucas Pantelis  69'
MF 21Australia Jason Spagnuolo  58'
MF 26Australia Fabian Barbiero
MF 27Australia Matthew Mullen
FW 25Australia Robert Younis  69'
Australia Aurelio Vidmar
GK 22Japan Yosuke Fujigaya
DF 2Japan Sota Nakazawa
DF 5Japan Satoshi Yamaguchi (c)
DF 21Japan Akira Kaji
MF 7Japan Yasuhito Endo  68'
MF 10Japan Takahiro Futagawa
MF 13Japan Michihiro Yasuda  64'
MF 16Japan Hayato Sasaki  58'
MF 17Japan Tomokazu Myojin  81'
MF 27Japan Hideo Hashimoto
FW 9Brazil Lucas
GK 1Japan Naoki Matsuyo
DF 3Brazil Mineiro
DF 6Japan Yohei Fukumoto
DF 19Japan Takumi Shimohira  83'  64'
FW 11Japan Ryuji Bando  81'
FW 18Brazil Roni
FW 30Japan Masato Yamazaki  58'
Japan Akira Nishino

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