Arema Cronus F.C.

Arema Cronus
Full name Arema Cronus Football Club
Nickname(s) Singo Edan (The Crazy Lions)
Founded 11 August 1987 (1987-08-11)
Ground Kanjuruhan Stadium
Ground Capacity 42,449
Owner Arema Foundation
Chairman Iwan Budianto
Head coach Milomir Seslija
League Indonesia Soccer Championship A
Website Club home page

Arema Cronus commonly referred to as Arema (pronounced [ˈAːrema]), is an Indonesian professional football club based in Malang, East Java. The club plays in the Indonesia Soccer Championship. Arema's nickname is Singo Edan (The Crazy Lions).[1] The club is widely known for their fanatic supporters, Aremania, one of the most prominent and numerous groups of its kind in the country.



Arema was founded on 11 August 1987. Ovan Tobing, Acub Zaenal and Dirk Sutrisno was the founder of the club. During the early years, Arema was before known as Aremada and Arema`86. Their nickname Singo Edan, literally "The Crazy Lion" in English, originated from the horoscope sign of August which is Leo and represented by the lion (Singo).[2]

Galatama Era (1987–1994)

Their squad for the 1987–88 Galatama includes Dony Latuperisa, Maryanto, Jonathan, Kusnadi Kamaludin, Mahdi Haris, Jamrawi and Yohanes Geohera. Sinyo Aliandoe was their first coach. Arema achieved mid-table positions during their participation in Galatama. They finally won their first title in 1993 by winning the championship with players such as Aji Santoso, Mecky Tata, Singgih Pitono and Jamrawi, and M Basri as coach.[2]

Modern Era and Recent History (1994–present)

Since the merger of Galatama and Perserikatan, Arema's participation in the Liga Indonesia Premier Division was always haunted by financial problems every season. The problem culminates in the 2003 Liga Indonesia Premier Division, where they were relegated to the First Division despite change of ownership to PT Bentoel Internasional Tbk. 2004 saw the comeback of Arema with their new owner. Under the reign of Benny Dollo, they won the 2004 Liga Indonesia First Division, 2005 and 2006 Piala Indonesia, and 2007 Soeratin Cup.[2]

In 2009, again the ownership changed to a consortium. They manage to win the 2009–10 Indonesia Super League under coach Robert Alberts.[2]

Club Culture


Main article: Aremania

The supporters of Arema are called Aremania. The fans movement started in the late 1980s. They were awarded The Best Supporter Award in the 2006 Piala Indonesia.[3]


Nowadays, Arema have a rivalry with Persebaya Surabaya, which is more seen as a rivalry between supporters, specifically between Aremania and Bonek, and have turned into hostility between both clubs hard-line supporters.[4]

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Domestic Competitions

National Leagues

National Cups

International Competitions


For the reserve team, see Arema FC U-21.
As of 18 July 2016.[14]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Indonesia GK Kurnia Meiga
4 Indonesia DF Syaiful Cahya
6 Indonesia DF Ryuji Utomo
7 Indonesia DF Benny Wahyudi
8 Indonesia MF Raphael Maitimo
10 Indonesia FW Cristian Gonzáles
11 Argentina MF Esteban Vizcarra
12 Indonesia MF Hendro Siswanto
14 Indonesia MF Arif Suyono
15 Indonesia FW Sunarto
16 Republic of Macedonia DF Goran Gančev
20 Brazil MF Márcio Teruel
21 Indonesia GK I Made Wardana
No. Position Player
23 Indonesia DF Hamka Hamzah
25 Indonesia FW Febri Hamzah
28 Indonesia MF Oktovianus Maniani
31 Indonesia DF Junda Irawan
32 Australia MF Nick Kalmar
41 Indonesia FW Dendi Santoso
47 Indonesia GK Achmad Kurniawan
77 Indonesia MF Juan Revi
87 Indonesia DF Johan Alfarizi
89 Indonesia MF Oki Derry
93 Indonesia GK Utam Rusdiana
94 Indonesia MF Ferry Saragih
99 Indonesia FW Ahmad Nufiandani

Out On Loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Indonesia MF Ahmad Bustomi (at Madura United until -)[15]

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