Developer(s) gPhoto team
Operating system Unix-like
Platform GTK+ 2
Type Digital camera importing
Licence GNU General Public License

gtkam is the official front-end to libgphoto2 based on GTK+ 2; it provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the user to import photos, and possibly other material such as video, from digital cameras.

Gtkam allows one to control some cameras remotely, depending on model and lens, liveview (computer remote viewfinder), fine-tuning and remote capturing. Most Nikon DSLRs allow for full control via Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP, via ptp2 gphoto2 camlib backend), some Canon DSLRs and some pocket/bridge cameras can also be controlled. A few other camera brands are also supported.[1]

It also includes a Gimp plugin (gtkam-gimp) that allows cameras to be controlled directly from Gimp.

It is designed for Unix-like operating systems such as Linux and BSD, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Its purpose is to provide a standard client for libgphoto2 aimed at GNOME users.


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