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Screenshot of PIDA editing a Python file on Linux
Developer(s) PIDA developer community
Stable release
0.6.2 / August 4, 2010 (2010-08-04)
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform GTK+, Win32
Type Integrated development environment
License GPL

PIDA is an open source IDE[1] written in the Python language, which is designed to coalesce different software development tools to provide a seamless workflow for programmers. The authors describe this as "a framework for integrated development".[2] PIDA focuses entirely on reusing Gold Standard development tools, and aiming to never reinvent wheels.


PIDA was originally written in 2005 by Ali Afshar as a graphical environment and shell around the Vim text editor. This was subsequently extended to other embeddable editors as well, including Emacs and Mooedit.[2] The application provides facilities such as project management, parsing of files to access member lists, launching of debuggers and other external programs, such as source control or profilers, depending on the language and platform being used.


PIDA was succeeded by the Abominade IDE (a8) in 2012.[3]


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