Developer(s) Andy Jeffries, Anoop John
Preview release
0.9.91 / July 5, 2006 (2006-07-05)
Development status Discontinued; version 1.0 was never released
Available in English
Type Text editor
License GPL

gPHPedit is a UTF-8-compatible IDE for web development in PHP using the GNOME desktop environment. gPHPedit is built using Scintilla. It was originally written by Andy Jeffries, and is currently being maintained by Anoop John. It is similar to gedit with the difference that it is designed for PHP and HTML text editing. The current version is 0.9.91, released on July 5, 2006. It is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL),


Syntax highlighting

Coding assistance

Syntax checking/navigating code

Either click in the box or hit Ctrl+I to start typing some text to match. As type is entered the editor will find text that matches. If there are multiple matches, hit Enter each time to cycle through them. When finished searching, hit Escape to send the focus to the editor to make the changes at the last found position.

Integrated help


Version 0.9.91 is now in Debian Stable thanks to Lior Kaplan.[2]

gPHPedit is available as a stable Gentoo binary.[3]

It has also been ported to FreeBSD although not officially supported by[4]


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