List of University of Michigan alumni

Academic unit key
Symbol Academic unit

ARCH Taubman College
BUS Ross School of Business
COE College of Engineering
DENT School of Dentistry
GFSPP Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
HHRS Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies
LAW Law School
LSA College of LS&A
MED Medical School
SMTD School of Music, Theatre and Dance
PHARM School of Pharmacy
SOE School of Education
SNRE School of Natural Resources
SOAD The Stamps School of Art & Design
SOI School of Information
SON School of Nursing
SOK School of Kinesiology
SOSW School of Social Work
SPH School of Public Health
TCAUP Architecture and Urban Planning
MDNG Matriculated, did not graduate

There are more than 500,000 living alumni of the University of Michigan. Notable alumni include the "father of the iPod", the founders of Sun Microsystems and Google, the "father of information theory", the voice of Darth Vader, the 38th President of the United States and the first American to walk in space.


Nobel laureates

The Nobel Prize
A golden medallion with an embossed image of Alfred Nobel facing left in profile. To the left of the man is the text "ALFR•" then "NOBEL", and on the right, the text (smaller) "NAT•" then "MDCCCXXXIII" above, followed by (smaller) "OB•" then "MDCCCXCVI" below.
Awarded for Outstanding contributions in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physiology or Medicine, and Economic Sciences
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In 2014, the College of Engineering celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Art, architecture, and design

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Arts and entertainment

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A campus plaza was named for McDivitt and White in 1965 to honor their accomplishments on the Gemini IV spacewalk. (At the time of its dedication, the plaza was near the engineering program's facilities, but the College of Engineering has since been moved. The campus plaza honoring them remains.) Two NASA space flights have been crewed entirely by University of Michigan degree-holders: Gemini IV by James McDivitt and Edward White in 1965 and Apollo 15 by Alfred Worden, David Scott (honorary degree) and James Irwin in 1971. The Apollo 15 astronauts left a 45-word plaque on the moon establishing its own chapter of the University of Michigan Alumni Association.[2]

Belles lettres

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Churchill Scholarship or Marshall Scholarship

Churchill Scholarships are annual scholarships offered to graduates of participating universities in the United States and Australia, to pursue studies in engineering, mathematics, or other sciences for one year at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.

2011–2012 David Montague, Pure Mathematics

2009–2010 Eszter Zavodszky, Medical Genetics

2007–2008 Lyric Chen, BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of Michigan, Marshall Scholar 2007

2006–2007 Charles Crissman, Pure Mathematics

2005–2006 Christopher Hayward, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

2005–2006 Jacob Bourjaily, graduated with honors, degree in Mathematics, Physics Marshall Scholar 2005

1996–1997 Amy S. Faranski, Engineering

1993–1994 Ariel K. Smits Neis, Clinical Biochemistry

1990–1991 David J. Schwartz, Chemistry

1989–1990 Eric J. Hooper, Physics

1987–1988 Michael K. Rosen, Chemistry

1985–1986 Laird Bloom, Molecular Biology

1984–1985 Julia M. Carter, Chemistry

1979–1980 David W. Mead, Engineering, Chemical

Computers, engineering, and technology

Turing and Grace Murray Hopper Award winners

ACM Turing Award

Awarded for Outstanding contributions in computer science
Country United States
Presented by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Reward(s) US $1,000,000[4]
First awarded 1966
Last awarded 2015
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University presidents

Fiction, nonfiction

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Fictional Wolverines


Journalism, publishing, and broadcasting

Law, government, and public policy

MacArthur Foundation award winners

As of 2016, 25 Michigan alumni— sixteen undergraduate students and 9 graduate students — have been awarded a MacArthur fellowship.





Infamous newsmakers


Pulitzer Prize winners

As of 2016, Michigan's Pulitzer matriculants numbered 34 in total.

Pulitzer Prize, U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition.

Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes House in Oxford, designed by Sir Herbert Baker


National Medal of Science Laureates/National Medal of Technology and Innovation


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