Vasat Atik Ali Pasha Mosque

Not to be confused with Gazi Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, built by the same person and also located in Fatih.
Vasat Atik Ali Pasha Mosque
Basic information
Location Karagümrük, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
Geographic coordinates 41°01′30″N 28°56′30″E / 41.024969°N 28.941674°E / 41.024969; 28.941674
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman architecture
Groundbreaking 1502
Completed 1512
Dome(s) 6
Minaret(s) 1

Vasat Atik Ali Pasha Mosque (Turkish: Vasat Atik Ali Paşa Camii), also known as Zincirlikuyu Mosque (Turkish: Zincirlikuyu Camii) or Karagümrük Mosque, is an Ottoman mosque located in the Karagümrük neighbourhood of the Fatih district in Istanbul, Turkey, on Fevzipaşa Street. Sultan Bayezid II's grand vizier Hadım Atik Ali Pasha, after whom the mosque is named, ordered its construction in 1502, and it was completed in 1512, one year after the grand vizier's death.

The mosque is one of only two mosques in Istanbul with multiple domes, the other being Piyale Pasha Mosque, both having six domes. The mosque was known as Zincirlikuyu Mosque for a long time because of its location next to a well known as Zincirlikuyu (zincirli "chained", kuyu "well").

The minaret of the mosque collapsed in June 1648 after an earthquake.[1] In 2013, repairs began on the minaret at a cost of 2.2 million TL ($1.03 million), expected to be completed in 2014.[2]

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Coordinates: 41°01′30″N 28°56′30″E / 41.024969°N 28.941674°E / 41.024969; 28.941674

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