Şirvani Mosque

Şirvani Camii, Şirvani Mehmet Efendi Camii or İki Şerefeli Camii is a Mosque in Gaziantep. It is located in the Seferpaşa neighborhood, southwest of the citadel.

The Mosque which is one of the oldest in the city, was undertaken by Şirvani Mehmet Effendi. Another name for it is the İki Şerefeli Camii (Double balcony Mosque) because its minaret has two balconies unlike conventional mosques which have only one. Also distinctively, the minbar is located in a special slot and is moved out for special services.[1]


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Coordinates: 37°03′57″N 37°22′54″E / 37.06583°N 37.38167°E / 37.06583; 37.38167

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