Selimiye Mosque, Konya

Selimiye Mosque
Basic information
Location Turkey Konya, Turkey
Rite Sunni Islam
Province Konya Province
Region Central Anatolia
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Completed 1558
Minaret(s) 2

Selimiye Mosque (Selim II Mosque) is an Ottoman mosque in Konya, Turkey.


The mosque is in intracity district of Karatay in Konya at about 37°52′N 32°30′E / 37.867°N 32.500°E / 37.867; 32.500. It is situated in the business center of the city. Mevlana Museum is to the east and Aziziye Mosque is to the west of Selimiye Mosque.


The mosque had been commissioned in 1558 by Selim II while he was still a şehzade (prince) . Although not certain the architect was probably Mimar Sinan. The construction was completed in 1570 after Selim became the sultan. Later it was repaired three times; in 1685, 1816 and 1914.[1]


The double-minaret mosque is a typical 16th century Ottoman mosque and it resembles Fatih Mosque in İstanbul. The praying area is roofed by a big dome. There are seven small domes over the nartex. The mihrab is mede of blue marble and the minbar is made of white marble.[1]


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