İzzet Pasha Mosque

İzzet Paia Mosque
Basic information
Location Turkey Elazığ, Turkey
Geographic coordinates 38°40′29″N 39°13′25″E / 38.67472°N 39.22361°E / 38.67472; 39.22361
Province Elazığ Province
Region Eastern Anatolia
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Ottoman
Completed 1886 (1972)
Capacity 5
Dome dia. (outer) 20 metres (66 ft)
Minaret(s) 2
Minaret height 55 metres (180 feet).

İzzet Paşa Mosque is a mosque in Elazığ, Turkey

At 38°40′29″N 39°13′25″E / 38.67472°N 39.22361°E / 38.67472; 39.22361 it is on Gazi Paşa bouleverd of Elazığ.[1] The commissioner of the mosque was Hacı Ahmet İzzet Pasha, the governor of Elazığ during the Ottoman Empire era. It was completed in 1866. It was an abode structure and it could barely withstand aging in a century. In 1967 it was demolished by a İzvak, a foundation established to renew the mosque.In 1972 the mosque was rebuilt and was opened to service. The other dimensions of the mosque are 44 x 28.5 m2 (144 x 94 ft2). It also has two porticos with dimensions 8 x 28.5 m2 and 4 x 27.15 m2. The diameter of its dome is 20 metres (66 ft) It has two 55 metres (180 ft) minarets. The mosque also houses 115 markets in the ground floor built to provide renevue to sustain the mosque.[2]


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