Biao Min language

Biao Min
Biao-Jiao Mien
Native to China
Native speakers
43,000 (1995)[1]
  • Biao Min
  • Jiaogong Mian
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bje
Glottolog biao1254[2]

Biao Min, or Biao-Jiao Mien, is a Hmong–Mien language of China. The two varieties, Biao Min and Jiaogong Mian, are evidently not mutually intelligible.


Ethnologue reports the Biao Min language to be spoken in the following counties in China.


Dialects of Biao Min are as follows, according to Mao Zongwu (2004). Only the Biao Min varieties of Dongshan Yao Ethnic Township, Quanzhou County (全州县东山瑶族乡) and Sanjiang Township, Gongcheng County (恭城县三江乡) have been described in any detail.

Strecker (1987) uses "Chao Kong Meng" for Shikou, and "Moxi" for Niuweizhai.[6]

Word lists for Biao Min dialects can be found in Mao Zongwu (2004).

Quanzhou County

Biao Min of Quanzhou County, Guangxi consists of the following five dialect areas (Quanzhou County Almanac 全州县志).[7]

Xieshui 斜水 is the most divergent dialect, and is unintelligible with the other four dialects. The Xieshui dialect also has more Chinese influence than the other Biao Min dialects do.[7]

Guanyang County

Biao Min of Guanyang County, Guangxi consists of the following two dialect areas (Guanyang County Almanac 灌阳县志).[8]


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