Sadu language

For other uses, see Sadu.
Native to China
Region central Yunnan
Native speakers
1,500 (2010)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog sadu1234[2]

Sadu (autonym: sa˥du˦˨pʰo˧˩˧ (Bai 2012:9)) is a Loloish language of Yuxi, central Yunnan, China. Bai (2012) classifies Sadu as a Hani (Hanoish AKA Southern Loloish) language,[3] although the speakers are officially classified by the Chinese government as ethnic Bai.[4]


Sadu speakers live in 3 villages in Hongta District, Yuxi Prefecture, Yunnan (Bai 2012:3).

There are also Sadu people who have lost use of the Sadu language is the following locations (Bai 2012:5, 29).


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