Phola language

Native to China
Native speakers
25,000 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
ypg  Phola
ypa  Phala
ypo  Alo Phola
Glottolog upri1239[2]

Phola, or Upriver Phula, is a dialect cluster of the Loloish languages spoken by the Phula people of China. Phola proper is spoken by 13,000 people. Alo Phola is spoken by 500 people in the village of Tuguozhai 土锅寨,[3] Dashuiping Community 大水平村, Lijiang Township 澧江镇, Yuanjiang County, Yunnan, where they are surrounded by Dai speakers. Phala spoken by 12,000 people out of an ethnic population of 13,000.

The representative Phola dialect studied in Pelkey (2011) is that of Luodie 罗垤, Wadie Township 洼垤乡, Yuanjiang County.


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