Biao language

Native to China
Region Southwestern Huaiji County, Guangdong
Native speakers
80,000 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 byk
Glottolog biao1257[2]

The Biao language (Chinese: 标话; also known as Kang Bau or Kang Beu) is a Tai–Kadai language (or perhaps three languages)[2] spoken in southwestern Huaiji County and Fengkai County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Autonyms are kaːŋ˩ peu̯˥ and kaːŋ˩ paːu̯˥.


Like Lakkja, the genetic affiliation of the Biao language within the Tai–Kadai family is uncertain, although it could be coordinate with or within the Kam–Sui languages.


Variants of Biao include the Shidong 诗洞, Yonggu 永固, Qiaotou 桥头, and Dagang 大岗 dialects (Liang 2002:3). In Fengkai County, it is spoken in Chang'an 长安, Jinzhuang 金装, and Qixing 七星. The Fengshan County Almanac (1998) reports that in Fengkai County, (piau42) is spoken by 7,217 people in 48 natural villages in Chang'an 长安, Baoshan 宝山, and Dongshan 东山 townships. Fengkai Biao is reported by the Fengshan County Almanac (1998) to be a distinct dialect from Biao of Huaiji County. Yang (2011) reports that Biao is also spoken in Liandu 莲都 and He'erkou 河儿口镇 in Fengkai County, and Shatian 沙田镇, Hezhou, Guangxi.

Yang (2010)

According to Yang Biwan (2010), there are more than 160,000 speakers of Biao.[3]


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