Mang language

For the Miao language called Mang, see Mashan Miao.
Native to Vietnam, China
Ethnicity 4,900 (2007 – 2009 census)
Native speakers
3,200 (1999 census – 2007?)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 zng
Glottolog mang1378[2]

Mang (Chinese 莽语; autonym: [maŋ˧˥]) is an Austroasiatic language of Vietnam, China, and Laos. It is spoken mainly in Lai Châu Province, Vietnam and across the border in Jinping County, China. It was only recently discovered in 1974.

In China, the Mang people are also called Chaman 岔满, Abi 阿比, Mengga 孟嘎, Bageran 巴格然, and Mo 莫 (Gao 2003:1).


In Lai Châu Province, Vietnam, Mang is spoken by 2,200 people in the districts of Sìn Hồ, Mường Tè, Phong Thổ, and in other nearby areas (Gao 2003:1), including in Nậm Ban Township, Sìn Hồ District, Lai Châu Province.[3][4] In China, Mang speakers numbered 606 people in 1999. The Mang of China claim to have migrated from Vietnam in recent times. Gao's (2003) Mang data is from Xinzhai 新寨, Nanke Village 南科村, Jinshuihe Township 金水河镇.[5]

The Jinping County Almanac from the Republic of China period lists 12 Mang villages: Gongdaniu 公打牛,[6] Luowuzhai 落邬寨, Pinghe 坪河 (in Xiazhai 下寨,[7] Zhongzhai 中寨,[8] Shangzhai 上寨), Hetouzhai 河头寨, Guanmuzhai 管木寨, Naxizhai 纳西寨, Bianjiezhai 边界寨, Longshuzhai 龙树寨, Caoguoping 草果坪, Nanke 南科.[9]


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