European Regional Airlines Association

Founded in 1980, European Regions Airline Association (ERA) is a non-profit trade association representing almost 200 companies involved in European air transport, including airlines, airframe and engine manufacturers, airports, suppliers and service providers from all over Europe.

The Association promotes the interests of European airlines by lobbying the European Commission and other European regulatory bodies on policy matters, promoting the social and economic importance of air transport and its environmental commitments, holding an annual conference and other networking events, publishing a monthly journal and providing expert advice and guidance on all air transport regulatory matters.



ERA is governed by a Board, which is elected from and by the membership each year. The Board is responsible for overseeing the activities and strategy of the Association.

The ERA Directorate works on behalf of its members and the Board. The Directorate comprises the following departments:

Industry Affairs

This department handles all issues concerning air transport policy; airports and ground operations; environmental issues; airspace issues (e.g. SESAR); user charges and traffic statistics.

Technical Affairs

This department incorporates air safety and security, flight operations and maintenance.

Membership and Business Development

This department incorporates membership recruitment and retention and ERA conferences and events, including the annual General Assembly and the Regional Airline Conference.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications covers all electronic communications, including the ERA website and weekly Members' Update; media relations; the ERA Awards Programme; Crisis communications and all other press and PR activities.

ERA Communications Ltd

This is a separate arm of the Directorate which is responsible for producing ERA's monthly members magazine, Regional International, and the annual yearbook directory.

Annual Awards

Airport of the year

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