Awards and decorations of the United States Air Force

Awards and decorations of the United States Air Force are military decorations which are issued by the Department of the Air Force to Air Force service members and members of other military branches serving under Air Force commands. Of all five branches of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Air Force currently maintains the highest number of active awards and decorations, including many without equivalent in any other service.

United States Air Force awards were first created in 1947. At that time, Air Force members were eligible to receive most U.S. Army decorations and Air Force veterans of World War II were entitled to continue displaying World War II campaign medals.

In 1962, following the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Air Force began a concentrated effort to create its own array of awards and Air Force members could no longer receive decorations of the United States Army as a matter of course. By the end of the Vietnam War, most of the modern day Air Force decorations had been established and Air Force members were also entitled to receive and wear all inter-service awards and decorations (see also the interservice Air Medal—which ranks above Aerial Achievement Medal).

By the start of the 21st century, the Air Force had created several new ribbons as well as an Air Force specific campaign medal known as the Air and Space Campaign Medal.

In February 2006, the United States Air Force ceased issuing new awards of the Good Conduct Medal, however, the medal was reinstated in February 2009. The AFGCM has also been back-awarded to those who were in service during the three-year break in new awards. By retro-actively awarding those who deserved the medal, it is as if the medal had never been taken away.[1]

Air Force members are also eligible to receive approved foreign awards and approved international decorations. The currently issued active Air Force decorations are as follows:[2]

Military awards

Air Force decorations

Air Force Cross Air Force Distinguished Service Medal Airman's Medal Aerial Achievement Medal Air Force Commendation Medal Air Force Achievement Medal

Air Force service medals

Air Force Combat Action Medal Combat Readiness Medal Air and Space Campaign Medal Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal

Air Force Good Conduct Medals

Air Force Good Conduct Medal Air Reserve Forces
Meritorious Service Medal

Air Force unit awards

Presidential Unit Citation Gallant Unit Citation Air Force Meritorious Unit Award Outstanding Unit Award Organizational Excellence Award

Air Force service ribbons

Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon Air Force Recognition Ribbon Air Force Overseas Short Tour Service Ribbon Air Force Overseas Long Tour Service Ribbon Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon
Air Force Longevity Service Award Air Force Special Duty Ribbon USAF NCO PME Graduate Ribbon USAF Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
Air Force Training Ribbon

Air Force Award Badges

U.S. Air Force Marksmanship Competition Awards/Badges President's Hundred Award/Tab U.S. Air Force Outstanding Airman Award/Badge

Civilian awards

Public service awards

Special awards and trophies

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