List of chairpersons of the College Republicans

This is a list of the Chairpersons of the College Republican National Committee. This list includes those persons who served as national chairman of College Republican National Committee and its predecessor organizations, including the American Republican College League, and the Associated University Republican Clubs. The Chairperson of the College Republican National Committee is elected at the organization's bi-annual meeting. Unlike the organization's Democratic counterpart, the College Republican National Committee is entirely independent of both the Republican National Committee and the Young Republican National Federation.

Chairpersons of the College Republican National Committee




James F. BurkeAmerican Republican College League1892
Delmar HawkinsAmerican Republican College League1893
Theodore CoxAmerican Republican College League1894
L. Brand VaughanAmerican Republican College League1895
James Breck PerkinsAmerican Republican College League1896
Arnold DavisAmerican Republican College League1897–1900
Harry B. KirtlandAmerican Republican College League1900–04
Alfred E. LuntNational Republican College League1904–08
John HamlinAssociated University Republican Clubs1924
George H. OlmstedYoung Republican Organizations for Hoover1931–32
Charles CurtisRepublican National League1933
George H. OlmstedYoung Republican National Committee1934
J. Kenneth BradleyDivision of Young Republican Activities1935
George H. OlmstedYoung Republican National Federation1935
J. Kenneth BradleyYoung Republican National Federation1936
Henry A. BubbYoung Republican National F\ederation1936–38
Donald HornbeckYoung Republican National Federation1938–40
Gordon L. AllottYoung Republican National Federation1941–46
Ralph Elihu BeckerYoung Republican National Federation1946–47
Saralou MatherCollege and University Committee1947
John KingCollege and University Committee1947–49
Roger Allan MooreCollege Service Committee1949–53
John R. BeggCollege Service Committee1953–55
Marlin McDanielCollege Service Committee1955–57
Dan HofgrenCollege Service Committee1957–59
William A. SteigerCollege Service Committee1959–61
Jim HarffCollege Service Committee1961–63
Jerry DicksonCollege Service Committee1963–65
Tom PaukenCollege Republican National Committee1965–67
Gary FairchildCollege Republican National Committee1967–69
Robert PolackCollege Republican National Committee1969–70
Joe AbateCollege Republican National Committee1970–73
Karl C. RoveCollege Republican National Committee1973–77
John BradyCollege Republican National Committee1977–79
Steve GibbleCollege Republican National Committee1979–81
Jack AbramoffCollege Republican National Committee1981–85
Ted HigginsCollege Republican National Committee1985
David MinorCollege Republican National Committee1985–87
Stockton ReevesCollege Republican National Committee1987–89
Tony ZagottaCollege Republican National Committee1989–93
Bill SpadeaCollege Republican National Committee1993–95
Joe GalliCollege Republican National Committee1995–97
Adam BrohimerCollege Republican National Committee1997–99
Scott StewartCollege Republican National Committee1999–2003
Eric HoplinCollege Republican National Committee2003–05
Paul GourleyCollege Republican National Committee2005–07
Charlie SmithCollege Republican National Committee2007–09
Zach HowellCollege Republican National Committee2009–11
Alex SchriverCollege Republican National Committee2011–13
Alexandra C. SmithCollege Republican National Committee2013–

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