Teen Age Republicans

National Teen Age Republicans
Chairperson Barby Wells
Founded 1960 (1960)
Headquarters Manassas, Virginia, U.S. 20108
Ideology Conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Social conservatism

National Teen Age Republicans (TARs) is the youth wing of the United States Republican Party. Its aim is to provide support to the party and its candidates. Members work to perform community service, and learn about the political processes at local, state and national level.

The group claims to have a presence in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, with membership in the tens of thousands. The oldest recorded TAR group is in South Dakota, which was formed in 1960.[1]

TARs are organizationally independent of the Young Republican National Federation and the Republican National Committee.


TAR is organized in chapters across United States. There are federations in most states, and clubs in counties and high schools. The National TAR office provides information on existing clubs, and provides resources and advice on starting a club in areas that do not already have one. It also organizes the annual national Teenage Republican Leadership Conference (TLC) and awards ceremony. It is not affiliated with certain teenage outreach programs through state chapters of the Young Republicans Federation.

Similar to the Republican Party, the majority of TAR activity takes place on the State level. State and Regional TAR federations sometimes receive some financial support from their state Party. Most have an elected executive board with its own constitution, and organize statewide events such as summer camps, and mock legislative sessions.

County and Local Clubs are subordinate to state organizations, and are formed at county, city or school level, with similar structure and activities to state federations.

Teenage Republican Leadership Conference

Since the 1970s, National TARs has hosted an annual Teen Age Republican Leader Conference (TLC) where TAR members can meet members of the United States Congress, learn club and federation development, and meet members from other states. During TLC, National TARs also hosts an annual awards ceremony where members can win awards such as "Outstanding TAR In the Nation", "Outstanding TAR Club in the Nation".

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