Lower Anaicut

Fishing in the Lower Anaicut

The Lower Anaicut (Tamil: கீழணை) or Anaikkarai (Tamil: அணைக்கரை) is a dam and bridge built on the Kollidam (the northern tributary of Kaveri River) in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It was built in 1902 by the colonial administration of the Madras Presidency for irrigating the erstwhile South Arcot district. Stones from the ruins of Gangaikonda Cholapuram were used to construct the dam. It is situated about 70 miles below the Upper Anaicut and 20km from Kumbakonam.[1][2][3] It has a shutter and sluice system that distributes the Kollidam water into various waterways.[4] At Lower Anaicut, the Kollidam branches off into Manniar and Uppanai.[5]


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Coordinates: 11°8′20″N 79°27′6″E / 11.13889°N 79.45167°E / 11.13889; 79.45167 (Lower Anaicut)

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