Escape Theme Park

Escape Theme Park

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Slogan 360 degrees of fun
Location Downtown East, Pasir Ris, Singapore
Coordinates 1°22′47″N 103°57′19″E / 1.37972°N 103.95528°E / 1.37972; 103.95528Coordinates: 1°22′47″N 103°57′19″E / 1.37972°N 103.95528°E / 1.37972; 103.95528
Owner NTUC Club
Opened May 2000
Closed 26 November 2011
Operating season All Year Round
Total 12[1]
Roller coasters 1
Water rides 2
Website Official website

Escape Theme Park was an outdoor theme park located inside NTUC Downtown East, Pasir Ris in Singapore. It was opened in May 2000 and a water park named Wild Wild Wet located adjacent to it was opened in June 2004. Its slogan is "360 degrees of fun". The theme park operates on Saturdays, Sundays, gazetted school and public holidays. It had been a non-smoking park from 2005 until it ceased operations in November 2011 for redevelopment. In 2012, reports confirmed that the park would make way for an expansion of Wild Wild Wet.


The park featured an equal mix of thrill rides and family rides. Some thrill rides include a pirate ship, 2 go kart tracks, 1 of which is catered to younger riders, fairground style rides, a walk-through haunted house, as well as the highest log flume in Asia.[2] There used to be an indoor roller coaster, but was closed to the public after an incident in 2005.

There are also numerous family attractions such as bumper boats, a family coaster, a Ferris wheel and a central pavilion with many funfair-style games.

Operating from 2000 till 2011
Thrill Rides
Name Type Notes
Daytona Beginner's Track Go-Kart A primer course to the challenging Daytona Go-Kart, featuring a two-seater car.
Daytona Go-Kart Go-Kart A much more challenging course and somewhat faster than Daytona Beginners' Track.
Pirate Ship Pirate ship Consists of an open, seated gondola which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum.
Wet & Wild Log flume The highest log flume ride in Asia, with the second drop measuring up to 5-storey high. Consist of 2 drops.
Family Rides
Name Type Notes
Bumper Boats Bumper boats Guests climb aboard individual boats and maneuver them, while trying to splash water against their opponent with the water gun.
Central Pavilion Carnival games Carnival games that operated on a "pay per play" basis.
(Roller Derby, Water Vertical Game, Skatter Ball, Hook Me, Ring Toss, Hoops, Bull's Eye, Over Under Board and Spin 2 Win)
Choo Choo Train Miniature train ride A classic miniature train ride, with an engine boiler.
Family Coaster Steel-Junior
Roller Coaster
A Junior Coaster located near the entrance of the park. The only remaining roller coaster in the park.
Ferris Wheel Kiddy Ferris wheel A miniature Ferris wheel for the children. Located above the Haunted II ride, it gives the guest a panoramic view of the park.
Haunted II Haunted house An indoor dark ride. Guest enters a well-themed haunted house, with controlled lighting and sound effects.
Kite Flyer Cliffhanger Guests lie on their chest as the ride slowly rotates and ascend in height.
Red Baron Fly Around Ride Guests climb aboard these miniature planes, as it slowly rotates around its core.
Remote Control Boats Radio-controlled boat Guests get to control the boats on the water.
Name Type Notes
Panasonic/Alpha 8 Steel-Wild Mouse An indoor high-speed dark wild mouse coaster.
Inverter Top Spin (ride) From a central pivot, the Inverter swings through cycles of 360 degrees.
Rainbow Rainbow Swings to a height of 9 storeys before falling back down again.
Flipper Tilt-A-Whirl Sloped gondolas spin around a central axis while swinging back and forth.
Revolution Enterprise Gondolas spin individually, as the ride rotates and ascend around its own axis.


On November 25, 2005, two girls were critically injured after being thrown from the subsequently discontinued "Alpha 8" Roller Coaster and falling 3 meters. The cause of the incident is thought to be a faulty safety restraint.[3]


With effect of November 26, 2011, Escape Theme Park has ceased operations. NTUC Club, the parent company of Escape Theme Park said that the theme park will be redeveloped to meet the changing needs of guests. Details of the redevelopment plans, the first phase of a revamp for the entire Downtown East, will be announced later. This has been confirmed to be an expansion of the neighbouring theme park, Wild Wild Wet. Escape Theme Park had entertained more than four million people since it opened in 2000.[4]

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