Malaysian Canadians

Malaysian Canadians
Total population
12,165 (2006)
Regions with significant populations
Ontario, British Columbia

Malaysian Canadians are Canadian citizens who are of Malaysian descent. The Canada 2006 Census recorded 12 165 people self-identifying as Malaysian Canadian, but only 1 820 of these self-identified as exclusively Malaysian Canadian.[1] The Canada 2001 Census recorded 20 420 first-generation Malaysian Canadians, 8 660 of whom were in Ontario.[2]


Evelyn Chew is a Malaysian-Canadian stage actor known for portraying Number 18 in Andrew Kooman's She Has a Name.[3] Joseph Hoh is a Malaysian-Canadian visual artist whose Malaysian heritage expresses itself in his art.[4] Steve Ng is a Malaysian-Canadian entrepreneur who worked in Canada for 25 years in the golf course and hospitality industry.[5] Chin Lee is a Malaysian-Canadian politician.[6]

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