Brazilian Canadians

Brazilian Canadians
Total population
56,315 (total of the population)
25,395 (by ancestry, 2011 Census)[1]
22,920 (by birth, 2011 Census)[2]
Regions with significant populations
Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia
Canadian English, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese
Christianity (mainly Roman Catholic)
Related ethnic groups
Brazilian people, Portuguese Canadians, Brazilian Americans, Brazilian British, Brazilian Australians, Latins and other Latin Americans

Brazilian Canadians (Portuguese: canadense de extração brasileira, French: brésilien-canadien) are Canadians of Brazilian descent or Brazilians who have immigrated to Canada. The 1991 Canadian census reports 2,520 individuals of wholly Brazilian origin and another 2,325 who describe Brazilian as one of their ethnic origins (Brazilians themselves may be of varied European, African, Middle Eastern, East Asian and Amerindian ethnic origins), giving a total of 4,845. This figure can be taken as an official minimum and corresponds to Brazilian consular estimates.

However, in the 1980s and 1990s a large number of younger Brazilians established families in Toronto. The local newspaper Abacaxi Times estimated that the total number of Brazilians living in Toronto in the 1990s was about 9,000. Probably an equal number of legal immigrants entered Ontario to that date. The total for Canada was 14,976. When refugee claimants and illegal immigrants are added, the total in Ontario alone may approach 12,000, with a few thousand more in Quebec and British Columbia; there are smaller groups scattered across the country. New immigrants have continued to enter the country, but at a much slower pace than in the previous decade.

Like all Latin American Canadians, Brazilian Canadians are legally defined as a visible minority, irrespective of their ancestry or appearance.[3]


Number of Brazilian nationals granted permanent residence in Canada by year[4]
Year Number of Brazilian nationals admitted Total number of permanent residents admitted Proportion of permanent residents admitted
2002 759 229,048 0.3%
2003 865 221,349 0.4%
2004 934 235,823 0.4%
2005 976 262,242 0.4%
2006 1,209 251,640 0.5%
2007 1,759 236,753 0.7%
2008 2,127 247,246 0.9%
2009 2,480 252,174 1%
2010 2,597 280,691 0.9%
2011 1,519 248,748 0.6%

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