Tibetan Canadians

Tibetan Canadians
Total population
5,820 (by ancestry, 2011 Census)
Regions with significant populations
Ontario (mainly Toronto), Quebec, British Columbia
Tibetan, English, French
Related ethnic groups
Tibetans, Asian Canadians, Bhutanese and South Asians

Although Tibetan Canadians, or Canadians of Tibetan ancestry, comprise a small portion of Asian Canadians, Canada holds one of the largest concentrations of Tibetans outside Asia. Tibetans began immigrating to Canada as early as the early 1970s.[1]


By 2006, the Tibetan population in Canada was estimated at 4,275[1] and continued growing.

The majority of Tibetan-Canadians live in the Toronto metropolitan area (estimated 3,475).[1] In 2011, there were 4,245 Tibetan-Canadians living in the city of Toronto.[2] There is a sizable Tibetan community with Tibetan businesses and restaurants, known as Little Tibet, in the Parkdale neighborhood in Toronto, in the area bound by Queen St. W. to the north, the Gardiner Expressway to the west and south, and Atlantic Ave. to the east. There is also a growing Tibetan community in South Etobicoke. [3]

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