Bangladeshi Canadians

Bangladeshi Canadians
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Ontario ~100,000 (2016)
 Quebec 7,270
 Alberta 2,740
Canadian English · Bengali · Quebec French
Islam · Hinduism · Buddhism · Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Bangladeshi diaspora, Indo-Canadians, Pakistani Canadians, Asian Canadians

Bangladeshi Canadians are Canadian citizens of Bangladeshi descent or a Bangladesh-born permanent resident who resides in Canada.


There is no recent official data for Bangladeshi origin Canadian, however according to the Statistics Canada (2011) [1] there are 34,000 Bangladeshi origin Canadians. Even some reference shows less number of Bangladesh origin in Canada. The unofficial number of Bangladeshi Canadians as of 2016 is anywhere from 50,000 - 100,000,.[2] Most of the Bangladeshi origin population concentrated in Grater Toronto area and Montreal. You will find Bangladesh students in every Big Canadian universities.

Prominent Bangladeshi-Canadians

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