Hedensted Church
Coordinates: 55°46′N 09°41′E / 55.767°N 9.683°E / 55.767; 9.683Coordinates: 55°46′N 09°41′E / 55.767°N 9.683°E / 55.767; 9.683
Country  Denmark
Region Central Denmark (Midtjylland)
Municipality Hedensted
  Mayor Kirsten Terkilsen
Population (2014)
  Total 11,355
Time zone Central Europe Time (UTC+1)

Hedensted is a Danish town in Region Midtjylland and the seat of Hedensted Municipality. Its population, including its northern neighbouring town Løsning, is 11,355. The municipality as a whole has a population of 45,715 (1 January 2014).[1]


The oldest and one of the most important buildings in the town is the local church (Hedensted Kirke), built around 1175. It is especially noted for its early murals showing Christ, St. Peter, and St. Paul.

Hedensted had the benefits of a railway station until it was closed down in the 1970s. However, in 2005 a new station was opened on roughly the same spot.

Like many other Danish towns, Hedensted was expanded with large residential areas around the original town centre. Later, industrial parks followed south and west of the town.


Hedensted is located midway between the larger towns of Horsens and Vejle. East of Hedensted, by the coast, lies the town of Juelsminde which in 2007 became a part of the municipality of Hedensted.


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