Location in Denmark

Coordinates: 55°46′55″N 12°22′23″E / 55.78194°N 12.37306°E / 55.78194; 12.37306
Country Denmark
Region Capital (Hovedstaden)
Municipality Furesø
Population (2014)
  Total 13,083
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Værløse is a town in Furesø Municipality in the northwestern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. As of 2014, it has a population of 13,083. Situated on the west side of the Hillerød Motorway, between Farum Lake to the north and Søndersø Lake to the south, it is surrounded by forest on three sides. Modern Værløse emerged around Værløse station in the 1950s. The original centre of the parish was the village of Kirke Værløse, located three kilometres to the west. The two communities have now almost merged.


The environs of Værløse in 1736

Kirke Værløse is mentioned in 1321–23 as Vetherløsa maklæ. The meaning of the name is unclear but it may be an old name for the lake Søndersø. The suffix -løse means "area used for grazing in a clearing" ("græsgang i lysning"). The word maklæ (magle) means Freat (store).[1]

With the opening of the Slangerup Rail Line in 1906, Lille Værløse ("Little Værløse"), a smaller village three kilometres to the east, obtained a more favorable location. Its surroundings was redeveloped with summer houses in the 1940s. DSB took over the Slangerup Rail Line in 1945, shortening it with Farum as the new terminus in 1943.[2] The rapid growth of Copenhagen's suburbs in the 1950s and 1960s also affected Lille Værløse, whose population quintupled between 1950 and 1970.[3]

The civil parish of Værløse formed the basis of Værløse Municipality which existed until 2006. It was merged January 1, 2007 with the former Farum Municipality to form Furesø Municipality.


Værløse has a small town centre with apartment buildings and a retail center surrounding Værløse station. Furesø Town Hall is located just north of the station. The rest of the town mainly consists of single-family detached homes and terraced housing. Kirke Værløse and Værløse have now almost merged with the establishment of a business district in the western outskirts of Værløse.[3] [4]


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