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Rosensgadder - Odder's pedestrianised high street.

Coat of arms

Location in Denmark

Coordinates: 55°58′36″N 10°08′59″E / 55.97667°N 10.14972°E / 55.97667; 10.14972
Country Denmark
Region Central Denmark (Midtjylland)
Municipality Odder
  Municipal 225 km2 (87 sq mi)
Population (2014)[1][2]
  Urban 11,404
  Municipal 21.773
  Municipal density 96.51/km2 (250.0/sq mi)
Time zone Central Europe Time (UTC+1)
Website www.odder.dk
Odder parish church
Odder's pedestrianised High Street one evening in May 2007

Odder is a town in the Odder municipality, just south of Aarhus, and in Region Midtjylland. As of 1 January 2014 Odder had a population of 11,404.[2] The town is located in the middle of Denmark, just south of the city of Aarhus and is often affectionately described by its inhabitants as "the heart of Denmark". The 26.5-kilometre (16.5 mi) Odderbanen train line connects the town and other towns in the municipality to Aarhus. The railway line is known as Oddergrisen ("The Odder Pig"). The original A/S Hads-Ning Herreders Jernbane train line was established in 1884.

Odder and the surrounding areas have for centuries been amongst the richest farmlands in Denmark, and still today, the area is home to a great selection of Manors and Castles of the noblemen who used to rule the area and its rich farmlands. Gyllingnæs, Åkjær, Rathlousdal and Rodstenseje are some of the most beautiful of these, and can still be visited and seen in operation.

The municipality is in the East Jutland metropolitan area, with 1.2 million inhabitants.[3]

Since 2014, the mayor of Odder is Uffe Jensen of the political party Venstre.[4]

Notable people

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Resident in Odder:

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Coordinates: 55°58′N 10°10′E / 55.967°N 10.167°E / 55.967; 10.167

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