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A cappella Absolute pitch Accidental Accompaniment Ad libitum Adagio Added tone chord Additive rhythm Album Aleatoric music Allegro Alto Ambiguity American Music Awards Antiphon Arrangement Articulation Aspects of music Atonality Audio mixing Auditory illusion Authentic performance Augmentation Augmented chord


BACH motif Back beat Ballet Band (music) Bar (music) Baroque music Bass Bass run Bassline Basso Basso continuo Beat (music) Beatmatching Bel canto Binary form Blue note Blues Blues ballad Bohlen–Pierce scale Boogie woogie Braille music Break (music) Bridge (music) British opera


Cadence (music) Cadenza Call and response (music) Calypso music Canon (music) Cantillation Castrato Cent (music) Chaconne Chamber music Child singer Chicano punk Choir Chorale Chord (music) Chord progression Chromatic chord Chromatic fantasia Chromatic genus Chromatic scale Cimbasso Circle of fifths Clapping Clef Close harmony coda Combination tone Compound metre Composer Conductor (music) Concert band Conclusion (music) Consonance Counterpoint Cover version Cubase


Da capo Da capo aria Dance Dance and music of Latin America Definite pitch Definition of music Deutsch's scale illusion Diapason Diapente Diatessaron Diatonic functionality Diatonic scale Diesis Diminished scale Diminished seventh chord Diminished triad Diminution Dissonance DJ mix Dominant Drone DSCH Dubreq Stylophone Duet Duple Dynamics


Ear training Electronic music Equal temperament Enharmonic Ethnomusicology Exposition


Falsetto Feedback Fifth Filk music Finale notation program Figured bass Film score Flatted fifth Folk music Forte Fourth Frequency Fugue


Gamelan Gebrauchsmusik Genre Ghost note Glissando GNU LilyPond Grace note Groove


Harmonic Harmonic accompaniment Harmonic series (music) Harmony Hammond organ Hearing (sense) Hemiola Hexachord Hornbostel-Sachs Hymn Hip hop


Improvisation Indefinite pitch Indeterminacy in music Indian Classical Music Inharmonic Instrumentation (music) Interactive music Interval (music) Interval class Intonation Intuitive music Inversion (music) Irrational rhythm Isorhythm Industrial (music)


Jazz Jazz standards Just intonation


Key (music) Key signature


L'istesso tempo Largo Larghetto Leading-tone Learning music by ear Legato Leitmotif Ligature Limit (music) Linear List of major chord shapes for guitar List of music software List of popular music terms Lubbock Sound


Madrigal Major chord Major second Major scale Major seventh Major sixth Major third Maqam Mariachi Mathematics of the Western music scale Meantone temperament Measure Melody Metre (music) Metronome Mezzo-soprano Micropolyphony Microtonal music Microtone Minor chord Minor second Minor scale Minor seventh Minor sixth Minor third Missing fundamental Mix tape Mixing Modern musical symbols Modulation (music) Monophony Motet Motif (music) Mouthpiece (brass) Mouthpiece (woodwind) Music Music and politics Music critic Music genre Music history Music journalist Music school Music technology Music theory Musical acoustics Musical composition Musical ensemble Musical form Musical instrument Musical keyboard Musical mode Musical notation Musical note Musical ornament Musical piece Musical terminology Musical tuning Musician Musicology Mute (music)


New interfaces for musical expression Nonchord tone Novelty song Number Number opera Numerical sight-singing Neue Deutsche Härte


Octave Octave illusion Opera Operetta Oratorio Orchestra Orchestration Organ Organology Ornament Ostinato Overtone


Parallel minor/major Passacaglia Passion music Patriotic song Patter song Pensato Pentatonic scale Perfect fourth Perfect fifth Period (music) Phonograph Phrase (music) Physics of music Piano Picardy third Pipe band Piston valve Pitch (music) Pitch space Pizzicato Plainsong Polyphony Polyrhythm Polytonality Pop music Power chord Precompositional Presto Pro Tools Protest song Pseudo-octave Psychoacoustics Pulse Pythagorean comma Pythagorean tuning


Qanun (instrument) Quartal and quintal harmony Quodlibet


Rabindrasangeet Radio Luxembourg (English) Raga Raggamuffin music Range (music) Reason (program) Recitative Record label Recording industry Reggae Register (music) Relative minor/major Relative pitch Relaxation Remix Resolution (music) Resonance Rhapsody (music) Rhythm Rhythmic gesture Rhythmic unit Riddim Riff Rock music Roland Corporation Rosegarden Rotary valve Round (music)


Sampling (music) Sargam Scale (music) Scratching Second (music) Secondary dominant Secundal Segue (music) Serial music Sequence (music) Seventh Shape note Sheet music Shepard tone Sibelius notation program Singing school Single (music) Sight reading Simple meter Simultaneity Simultaneity succession Sixth Solo (music) Solfege Sonata form Sonata (music) Song Soprano Soul music Sound Sound quality Sound recording Sound sculpture Sound system Stab (music) Staccato Steps and skips Staff Step Stochastic Strähle's construction String resonance (music) Subdominant Substitute dominant Suite Suzuki method Suspension (music) Swung note Symmetry Sympathetic strings Symphony Syncopation Synthesizer Syntonic comma


Tablature Temperament Tempo Tenor Tension Ternary form Tertian Tertium major Tertium minor Tetrachord Theatre music Third Tie (music) Timbre Time signature Time unit box system Tone cluster Tone row Tonic (music) Tonicization Tonic Sol-fa Total chromatic Transposing instrument Transposition (music) Tremolo Triad (music) Trill Triplet Tritone Tuning Tuplet Tutti Twelve-tone technique




Verse Vertical Vibrato Video game music Vienna horn Vocal music Voice registers


Wah-wah Wolf interval





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